Linux (CentOS) builds SVN server

The installation steps are as follows: 1, yum install Subversion 2, enter RPM-QL subversion to view the installation location, such as: we know that SVN generated a few binaries in the bin directory.  Enter SVN--help to see how SVN is used, such as.


BrieflyThere are many ways to install Linux, below, we mainly take the image installation as an example, the installation process of CentOS and related parameter settings, the detailed steps are as follows. Briefly CentOS Installation

CentOS Upgrade kernel failed back to rescue

Use on upgrade centos6.3, yum-y update ... There was a disaster!!!Workaround:1. When the machine starts, press F1, the selection of the kernel will appear, choose a original.2. vim/etc/grub.conf defaulut=0, changed to 1. ()3. Reboot.Conclusion:1.

Centos&rhel 6 Installation Graphical

Linux is a multi-tasking, multi-user operating system, and a common problem when installing Linux-no graphical desktop. In the previous section we demonstrated the graphical installation of the RHEL7 installation, which we demonstrated in the CENTOS6

Install FTP under CentOS and configure the virtual user access mode

1. Install the required package for certification[[email protected]] #yum install pam*[[email protected]] #yum install db4*First install the PAM (for user authentication) and DB4 (the db file used to generate the user name password for the virtual

CentOS YUM Installation TOMCAT6

Installing TOMCAT6 1 Yum Install Tomcat6 Tomcat6-webapps Tomcat6-admin-webapps Start Tomcat6 1 Service Tomcat6 Start Stop Tomcat6 1 Service Tomcat6 Stop

CentOS Optimization One

The following is the optimization section, the premise of optimization is that the kernel version requires more than 3.7, view the kernel version, execute the commandUname-awill return your kernel information.Then we have to do some optimizations,

CentOS recommends using Epel source


Note: I have not found this source has any advantages!!!![email protected] yum.repos.d]# Lscentos-base.repo Centos-fasttrack.repo centos-Vault.repocentos-debuginfo.repo centos-Media.repo[[email protected] yum.repos.d]# rpm-IVH

CentOS SVN Server Setup

1. Install SVNYum Install SubversionView the installation directoryRPM-QL subversion to see where Yum installs Subversion2. Create a warehouseCreate a repository directoryMkdir-p/var/svnreposTo create a version librarySvnadmin Create/var/svnrepos3.

CentOS Learning Handbook--Forced password reset

---restore content starts---CentOS Learning Manual by Ruffianfish; Ruffian FishRecently idle boring, and recently in the CentOS decided to write a detailed study manual centos, so that they do not touch CentOS for a long time can see again. and very

Rookie growth Notes-centos network configuration can not access the external network (ii)

today in the configuration of the new system, because there are two network cards, a eth0 ( External Services, eth1 ( internal services. after the system is installed, the IP is automatically acquired using the

CentOS set permanent static routes

# Add a permanent routeVi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-eth0 #如果没有route-eth0 This file to create both, eth0 this is my current use of the network card, according to the actual situation filled. via Dev eth0

Centos 7 Kickstart Script

It's mostly about formatting.# Install OS instead of upgradeInstall# Keyboard LayoutsKeyboard ' US ' # Reboot after installationReboot# Root PasswordROOTPW dhgate123# System TimeZoneTimeZone Africa/abidjan# Use Network InstallationURL--url=http://172

Turn: Compile and install gcc under CentOS


Ext.: and install GCC under CentOSTechnology Autumn Sui Yibing Released: 2015-09-02 Updated: 2015-09-02 6,519 times Onlookers 14 times spit Groove We know that for GCC to install the default version number with

CentOS Production machine Disable root remote SSH login

Method OneMany owners have a Linux host, whether it is a virtual machine or physical machine, generally we connect remotely, are used SSH (Secureshell based on the application layer and the transport layer on the basis of the security protocol).It

View the CentOS version method

View Kernel versionThis command applies to all Linux, including Redhat, SuSE, Debian, CentOS, and other distributions.# uname # uname-r2.6.18-164~]# uname-a#1 SMP Fri APR 2 14:58:35 EDT i686 i686 i386 gnu/linuxView System version number The

CentOS OS version information view and hide

Work needs to look at the operating system version, or the source code to compile the installation, to download the corresponding source package, you need to obtain the operating system version information in advance. However, the operating system

Personal Growth Log-centos network configuration cannot access the extranet

Phenomenon:Ping Network NormalPing the External network IP, the domain name is not normal, returnerror prompt:connect:network is unreachableRun the command route display, found that there is no gateway information. Then check the NIC configuration

Install GAMIT10.5 under CentOS OS

There are a lot of installation blogs for GAMIT/GLOBK software under Ubuntu, but there are not many installation processes under CentOS. Here is a description of my installation process. The environment used is CENTOS6.5,GAMIT version 10.5.Tip:

CentOS removes its own openjdk and installs SUNJDK

[Email protected] local]# Java-Versionjava version"1.6.0"OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build1.6.0-b09) OpenJDK --bit Server VM (build1.6.0-b09, Mixed mode) [Email protected] local]# rpm-qa |grepJavajava-1.6.0-openjdk-

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