Solutions that are not supported by the installation of the CentOS prompt hard drive under VMware workstation

Recently in the CentOS, meet some of the problems, recordThe first is the installation problemInstallation process Reference confirms that it will remain stuck on the CentOS

How CentOS can see which application/process is consuming the port

Today found that their Apache can not start, asked on the site said it may be 80 port to other application process occupied, let's take a look at the CentOS how to see how the port is used by which application/process to take up the process of the

SVN environment building based on Linux (CentOS)


1. Install SVNYum Intall Subversion2. View the installation locationRPM-QL Subversion3. Verify that SVN is installed successfully and see HelpSVN--help, see the expression success.4. Create the SVN repository directoryMkdir–p/var/svn/svnrepos5.

Two network cards configured for CentOS 6.5 based on VMware

Configure two NICs for CentOS 6.5, one for eth0, one for eth1, and the Master for example1. Select "Master" and "Edit virtual machine settings" as shown below2, click "Add", as follows3. Select "Network Adapter" and click "Next", as follows4. the

CentOS 6 Installation Python3.5

The installation steps are as follows: 1 prepare the compilation environment (environment if not, you may encounter various problems, such as wget cannot download https linked files) Yum Groupinstall development Toolsyum Install Zlib-devel

Iptables logs are logged separately under CentOS 6

1. First, add a new chain with a reasonable name:Iptables-n LOGGING2. Next, insert a rule at the appropriate point (hence me using --line-numbers above). You could replace the existing at line 5 with its entirety as its functionality'll be REJECT

CentOS configuration NetEase 163 Yum Source

Instructions for useBackup/etc/yum.repos.d/centos-base.repo FirstMv/etc/yum.repos.d/centos-base.repo/etc/yum.repos.d/centos-base.repo.backupDownload the corresponding version of the repo file, put in the/etc/yum.repos.d/(please do the appropriate

Installing Gitblit services on CentOS

Simple IntroductionIn the previous article, it was easy to describe how to build a git server on a CentOS server. But this kind of way realizes the server function is weak, the operation is also more cumbersome. Search on the Internet a lap, feel

Under CentOS Decompression

1 #gz2 //compressed GZ format Files3 gzip AA4 //unzip the GZ format file5Gunzip-D aa.gz6 //View7Gunzip-L aa.gz8 9 #bzTen //Compress bz2 Files One bzip2 aa.bz2 A //unzip the bz2. zip file -BUNZIP2-D aa.bz2 - the #tar - //compress AA files to Aa.tar -

CentOS-6 system Change Password and system repair

when the root password is accidentally forgotten, we can change the root password by entering single-user mode, in order to prevent others from entering the single-user mode to change the password, we can also encrypt the grub file, improve security,

When the CentOS boot is stuck in the progress bar is not going to F5 (is the key)

This does not see the boot boot card where, had to restart press and hold the "E" key, enter the boot menu: Then move to the second kernel ... Then press E into the editor to remove the rhgb quiet words press ENTER to save back to the selection

CentOS re-install Yum

1 , problem description sometimes Yum is not available, and you can uninstall and reload it first.2 , operating Procedures(1), download python-iniparse-0.4-9.el7.noarch.rpm(2), download yum-3.4.3-132.el7.centos.0.1.noarch.rpm(3), download

CentOS Installation Machine Learning Package

I. OverviewWriting the machine learning code in Python is fairly straightforward, because there are a lot of machine learning libraries under Python. The following three library numpy,scipy,matplotlib,scikit-learn are commonly used combinations,

A brief discussion on CentOS network configuration

First of all why to connect the net, very simple, because we have to use Yum to install a variety of sources, it is not difficult to put together, said simple is not easy.Words not much to say, into the subject.The two network connection modes that

Several minor problems with CentOS compiler HelloWorld


1.GCC UseWhen using GCC to compile a program, the compilation process can be subdivided into four phases:Pretreatment (pre-processing)Compilation (compiling) compilation (assembling)Link (linking).For example:#includeint main (void){printf ("Hello

Chinese file name garbled in the CentOS system

Originally from: file name garbled in the CentOS system2014/09/01Linux op centos, Linux BearFiles or directories uploaded from Windows to Linux are displayed as garbled in the Linux system. Although the

Centos 7 Installation Visual stdio Code

Recently, Microsoft officially released. NET code and ASP. Tried to use under Linux. NET Code and ASP.Specifically, how to use. NET code and ASP. Read "How to feel. NET core's new development experience through a few Hello World" written by old A.

CentOS 7 Operations Management notes (one)----resolve the issue of configuring static IP or dynamic IP addresses

On-line collection CentOS7 configuration static IP method, basically is said in the/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 file to do the following configurationType=ethernethwaddr=xx: Xx:xx:xx:xx:xx#only:none, BOOTP, or Dhcpbootproto=Nonedefroute=

CentOS 6.5 Install Vncserver and turn on Remote Desktop

VNC is a wide range of server management software, you can achieve graphical management, the following is a brief introduction to how to install VNC under centos6.5.1. Download VncserverYum Install Tigervnc tigervnc-server-y2, Configuration

CentOS 6 installation maven and system configuration

Blog Category: CentOS 6 MavenFirst download the latest version of Maven from official web I'm using a apache-maven-3.0.4-bin.tar.gz. Copy the downloaded file to the/usr/local/directory.1. Execute TAR-ZXVF

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