Linux (CentOS) set static IP

Linux set static IP when the error has been: Job for Network.service failed. See ' systemctl status Network.service ' and ' journalctl-xn ' for details. Hang me for hours, write an essay here, and hope that friends who meet this problem don't waste

Centos7 Restart prompt after installation initial setup of the CentOS Linux 7 (CORE) workaround

Problem:CENTOS7 installation is complete, restart boot after the display:Initial setup of CentOS Linux 7 (CORE)1) [x] creat user 2) [!] License Information(no user would be created) (License not accepted)Your choice from above [' Q ' to quit | ' C '

Solutions that are not supported by the installation of the CentOS prompt hard drive under VMware workstation

Recently in the CentOS, meet some of the problems, recordThe first is the installation problemInstallation process Reference confirms that it will remain stuck on the CentOS

MacOS uses a CentOS remote server

Recently re-entered the overseas server, want to toss something, has not used the server for almost a year, forget a lot of things, this time to do the side of the memory while learningFirst of all, you have to log in.# SSH [Email protected]Enter

How CentOS can see which application/process is consuming the port

Today found that their Apache can not start, asked on the site said it may be 80 port to other application process occupied, let's take a look at the CentOS how to see how the port is used by which application/process to take up the process of the

Bird Cloud Server CentOS installation graphical interface and remote connection

1. Install the following components# yum groupinstall-y "desktop" "Desktop Platform" "Desktop Platform Development" "Fonts" "General Purpose Desktop" "Gr Aphical Administration Tools "Graphics Creation Tools" "Input Methods" "X Window System"

Network settings for virtual machine Centos-mini after installation is complete

System environment: Virtual machine, centos-mini,x86-64,1. Host name settingsDocuments involved:/etc/hostname; /etc/sysconfig/network1.1 Write your own hostname in/etc/hostname, write it with your liking1.2 Add or change the hostname field in

Centos 6.7 Text Explain rescue mode repair Fstab process

Environment Construction :Vim/etc/fstab Filling/sdb/mnt ext4 Delault 0 1Description : SDB can be non-existent, only to implement impersonation changes Fstab file, boot unsuccessful case1. shutdown, Mount CD-ROM 2.       boot f2 boot

The CentOS boot system does not show the progress bar setting method

[[email protected] desktop]# vi/boot/grub/grub.conf# grub.conf generated by anaconda## Rerun grub after making changes to this file# notice:you has a/boot partition. This means that# all kernel and initrd paths is relative to/boot/, eg.# root (hd0,0

SVN build under CentOS

1. Install SVNYum-y Install Subversion2. Code base CreationMkdir-p/ALIDISK/OPT/SVN/REPO1SVN admin CREATE/ALIDISK/OPT/SVN/REPO13. Edit the configuration fileCd/alidisk/opt/svn/repo1/confVI passwdAdd Account test=123456VI Authz[/]Test=rwVI

Configure local users to access VSFTPD and give write permissions under CentOS 6

Installation and testing of availability1. Installation commandYum Install vsftpd2, configure the firewall, add a row-A input-p tcp-m tcp--dport 21-j ACCEPTTest Telnet 21 on other machines3. Start-Up serviceChkconfig--level 2345 vsftpd

The CentOS configuration cost to the Yum

The default yum is installed on the network, it is very painful to install the software through Yum without a network or poor speed. In fact, for the CentOS DVD, the software provided is sufficient to meet our needs, and the software version of the

CentOS Configuration Vncserver

One. Installation Run the following command to install Vncserver as root user;Yum Install Tigervnc-server Also run the following command to install the vncviewer;Yum Install VNC Stop and disable the firewall;Systemctl Stop Firewalld.

CentOS 6.x offline installation Cloudera 5.7.x-not completed

Because development requires a Hadoop/spark cluster to be built locally, the company it policy does not allow local clusters to access the Internet, so you can only install a variety of components offline.The installation process is documented below

Change the CentOS source

Yum is generally used in CentOS but the CentOS itself comes with yum a bit slow, at this time, need to use domestic source, I am using NetEase source1, enter the Yum source configuration directoryCd/etc/yum.repos.d2, the backup system comes with the

Installing Gitblit services on CentOS

Simple IntroductionIn the previous article, it was easy to describe how to build a git server on a CentOS server. But this kind of way realizes the server function is weak, the operation is also more cumbersome. Search on the Internet a lap, feel

Under CentOS Decompression

1 #gz2 //compressed GZ format Files3 gzip AA4 //unzip the GZ format file5Gunzip-D aa.gz6 //View7Gunzip-L aa.gz8 9 #bzTen //Compress bz2 Files One bzip2 aa.bz2 A //unzip the bz2. zip file -BUNZIP2-D aa.bz2 - the #tar - //compress AA files to Aa.tar -

CentOS-6 system Change Password and system repair

when the root password is accidentally forgotten, we can change the root password by entering single-user mode, in order to prevent others from entering the single-user mode to change the password, we can also encrypt the grub file, improve security,

When the CentOS boot is stuck in the progress bar is not going to F5 (is the key)

This does not see the boot boot card where, had to restart press and hold the "E" key, enter the boot menu: Then move to the second kernel ... Then press E into the editor to remove the rhgb quiet words press ENTER to save back to the selection

CentOS re-install Yum

1 , problem description sometimes Yum is not available, and you can uninstall and reload it first.2 , operating Procedures(1), download python-iniparse-0.4-9.el7.noarch.rpm(2), download yum-3.4.3-132.el7.centos.0.1.noarch.rpm(3), download

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