Linux Foundation parsing echo man CentOS runlevel PS1 screen commands

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CentOS Upgrades the default python2.6 to Python2.7

#安装Python2.7yum install zlib zlib-develwget tar XF Python-2.7.12.tgz CD Python-2.7.12./configure--enable-shared--enable-loadable-sqlite-extensions--with-zlibvi./ Modules/setup Remove

Windows 7 system boot issues under CentOS

Today, the notebook's Windows 7 boot was finally made, and there were some problems, so write a document to record.There was a problem that Windows 7 could not start because CentOS was installed first. The solution to the problem has been found on

Several methods of CentOS entering different terminals

In the CENTOS5Ctrl +alt+ (F1-F6) switch to character interface, CTRL+ALT+F7 switch to graphical interfaceIn the Centos6,centos7ctrl+alt+ (F2-F6) switch to character interface, CTRL+ALT+F1 switch to graphical interfaceYou can also use the CHVT

CentOS removes its own openjdk and installs SUNJDK

[Email protected] local]# Java-Versionjava version"1.6.0"OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build1.6.0-b09) OpenJDK --bit Server VM (build1.6.0-b09, Mixed mode) [Email protected] local]# rpm-qa |grepJavajava-1.6.0-openjdk-

How to use the screen in CentOS

System administrators often need to telnet to a Linux server and sometimes need to run a long time to complete tasks that must wait until the task is complete to disconnect, but there are times when unexpected disconnects occur. So when you run some

UNIX Environment Advanced Programming CentOS Configuration APUE compilation environment

First make sure that GCC is already installed in the operating system.Unzip the apue.2e into the Linux operating system and enter[[Email protected] apue.2e]# CD LibEnter the Lib folder of the apue.2e.[Email protected] lib]# make-f linux.mkThen find

Implementation of the CentOS 6.5 network server function ①: Using bind to build a basic DNS server

What is a DNS service? In short, the DNS service can implement domain name resolution in the Internet (converting a domain name into an IP address that the network can recognize).Noun explanation ①: Forward parsing: Domain name resolution IP address,

Whether your VPS is OpenVZ or Xen under CentOS


Original:, execution: ls/proc/command, General Xen Vps,/proc directory below will have Xen directory, OpenVZ will have vz directory.2, execution: free-m command to see the memory,

Installing the CentOS 7.2 operating system

Tools:VMware WorkstationHttp:// 7.2 be The CentOS 7.2 system image CD is loaded into the CD-ROM drive and can be

Multi-virtual Machine trust under Centos 7

Assuming three virtual machines a (, B (, C (, you need to ensure the connectivity of the network between the three virtual machines.Operation Steps:First, the configuration on a machine① log in as root to change

Centos scheduled backup data

Tag: CentOS regularly backs up data through scheduled tasksCentos regularly backs up data with scheduled tasksThis year the company bought a set of OA products, for the function is still in the development and configuration phase, as an

CentOS Configuration Domestic Yum source

[[email protected] yum.repos.d]# pwd/etc/yum.repos.d[[email  Protected] yum.repos.d]# Lscentos-base.repo Centos-fasttrack.repo Centos-vault.repocentos-debuginfo.repo CentOS-Me Dia.repo[[email protected] yum.repos.d]# mv Centos-base.repo

Powerful drawing tools under CentOS Pinta

[email protected] ~]# Yum search pintaloaded plugins:fastestmirror, refresh-packagekit, securityloading Mirror speeds fr Om Cached Hostfile * * * * nux-dextop : li.nux.

Centos configuration eth0 Prompt device does not seem to be present

Centos configuration eth0 prompt device does not seem to be presentI. failure Phenomena:[Email protected] ~]# service network restart S Hutting down loopback insterface:                                                          [   ok ] Bringing

CENTOS 7 How to modify the IP address for static!

Beginner Linux, encountered a problem, is to configure the network card IP address, the collection of relevant data configuration success, for the convenience of memory, is now recorded in this.First use the CD command to jump to the appropriate

CentOS prompts users not to resolve in the sudoers file using sudo

1 Switch to root user[[email protected] ~]$ su rootPassword:[Email protected] ~]#2 View/etc/sudoers file permissions, if read-only permission, modify to writable permission[Email protected] ~]# ll/etc/sudoers-r--r-----. 1 root root 4030 December 09:5

Hadoop self-paced collection (ii)----installing JDK under CentOS

In the previous article we talked about how to install the CentOS system using VMware, and then we'll look at how to install the JDK we're most familiar with! Before installing the system to see if there is no JDK installed, input java-version, if

"Centos 7"------Saltstack First Contact

recently studied Saltstack, first contact, found him good strong, how strong? Well, I've only touched the tip of the iceberg, but it's enough for me to drink a pot. Next, will explore the world of saltstack, can discover how many new continent, see

Centos 7.2 Configure network card remote connection

Recently, start using the CentOS 7.2 system and share my basic NIC operation here. After the installation of the system, the system is simple configuration, connection Xshell, easy to use. Here are my steps to do this:1. The network settings for the

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