Questions about installing Linux-centos for the first time

1, the new virtual machine instance is poured into the CentOS mirror boot error. Tip does not support 64-bit ....Re-download the virtual machine installation package and reinstall it.2. Install to the next step of checking the disc image, VM is nor

How to set Chinese mode for Linux CentOS system

First, you need to install the Linux desktop program. The general system has its own desktop, then we open the system to enter the system login screen 2We enter our account first and then enter the password, then you will find the bottom border

Installing the CentOS system under VMware installation and VMware

1. Download and install VMware, I am installing VMware 12. VMware no longer supports 32-bit systems starting from 11, and 32-bit systems install VMWARE10.Introduction to the official features of VMware

Time synchronization using NTP in CentOS 7

1. Confirm NTP Package:  # yum install ntp  2, configure time source  # vi /etc/ntp.conf  server  #可选择其他优先服务器server #  allows the upper-level time server to

Rhel,centos How to configure using 163 yum Repo

Transfer from for useBackup/etc/yum.repos.d/centos-base.repo FirstMv/etc/yum.repos.d/centos-base.repo/etc/yum.repos.d/centos-base.repo.backupDownload the corresponding version of the repo file,

Time synchronization using NTP in CentOS 7

Tag:centos    time synchronization     1. Confirm NTP Package:  # yum install ntp  2, configure time source  # vi /etc/ntp.conf  server  #可选择其他优先服务器server # 

CentOS Yum Source Configuration Tips


First, configure the Yum sourceNetEase (163) Yum Source is one of the best yum sources in the country, both speed and software version is very good, the Yum source is set to 163yum, can increase the speed of package installation and update, while

CentOS 7 Installation Gnome GUI graphical interface

Before installing the GNOME package, we need to check that the installation source is working properly because we want to install the GNOME package through the Yum command, and the Yum command downloads the installation package through the Yum

Getting Started with CentOS learn notes-network and firewalls

First, configure the network, firewall, etc.Setup commandSecond, view the networkThe ifconfig, route, and IP commands of the CentOS application Network/ect/init.d/network restartor Ifup

CentOS Basic Command Daquan


1. Commands for shutdown (System shutdown, restart, and logout)SHUTDOWN-H now shut down system (1)Init 0 Shutdown System (2)Telinit 0 Shutdown System (3)Shutdown-h Hours:minutes & Shutdown system at scheduled timesShutdown-c Cancel the system at a

USB Universal PE Installation CentOS

Reprint Source: the CentOS system in WinPE using a USB flash drive, simply record it and make some minor changes to the original.Personal experience: General U disk PE tools will generally choose

Centos 7 Firewall Firewalld Open 80 port

Turn on port 801.Firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=/tcp --permanent Success appears to indicate added successCommand meaning:--zone #作用域--add-port=80/tcp #添加端口 in the format: Port/Communication protocol--permanent #永久生效, fail after reboot

The network card eth0 is not activated when CentOS starts

BrieflyAfter installing the CentOS operating system, found no network at boot, and finally found that the system does not activate the network card when booting-because only in the active state of the network card to connect to networks, network

Installing the FPM Packaging tool under CentOS 6.5

The FPM function is simply to convert one type of package into another type.FPM's GITHUB:HTTPS://GITHUB.COM/JORDANSISSEL/FPM1. Supported source-type packages:Dir: Package the directory into the required type, which can be used for source code

CentOS 6.5 Configuration SVN server

1.Yum Install subversion mysql-server httpd mod_dav_svn mod_perl sendmail wget gcc-c++ make unzip perl* NTSYSV VI m-enhanced2.mkdir/home/svn//Create a new directory to store all SVN files3.svnadmin create/home/svn/project//Create a new

Screenshot of CentOS 6.5 using command line screenshot and set shortcut key

using the command line and setting shortcut keys under CentOS 6.51. Using the command modeCapture the entire screen : $ gnome-screenshotAfter the screen is finished, we can set the custom picture storage location,Capture Current Terminal terminal : $

Installing KVM under CentOS 6.5-x86-64

1. Installing a KVM virtual machine# yum install-y KVM virt-* libvirts bridge-utils qemu-imgPackage Name Description:KVM: The package contains a KVM kernel module that provides the KVM hypervisor in the default Linux kernelLibvirts: Installing

CentOS Rm-rf Recover deleted files

First, install the dependency packageYum Install gcc gcc-c++ gcc-g77Yum-y Install e2fsprogs e2fsprogs-libs e2fsprogs-develSecond, installation    wget    

CentOS 7 firewall setting example

CentOS 7 firewall setting exampleCentOS 7 firewall setting example Assume that the firewall ports of postgres, pcsd, and corosync (which are components of a PostgreSQL HA cluster) need to be opened on CentOS 7. The following is the execution process.

Centos 6.5 compiling Lilo 22.8

Centos 6.5 compiling Lilo 22.8A bug is being investigated recently. The detailed investigation result of this bug is described in the next blog. During this bug investigation, compilation of bootloader-LILO is involved.LILO's HomePage:

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