Linux (Centos) quickly builds SVN

ObjectiveThe source code or documentation in the project needs to be managed and versioned, with a lot of version control systems, such as VSS, CVS, SVN, Git, and so on. SVN is still very common now, take notes summary to carry on the blog, SVN this

Online expansion of the CentOS hard drive based on system Center 2012–VMM (virtral Machine Manager).

Plan to use Zabbix monitoring to manage the basic hardware information for a whole unit of PC, because the start of the planned hard drive is relatively small, worrying about insufficient disk when monitoring. In some of the first consider the

CentOS 6.7 Configuration Yum installation Nginx

The first step is to /etc/yum.repos.d/ create a source configuration file under the directory nginx.repo :cd/etc/Yumrepos.d/vim Nginx.repoFill in the following content:[Nginx]name=nginx repobaseurl=$basearch/

CentOS Configuration Domestic Yum source

NetEase (163) Yum Source is one of the best yum sources in the country, both speed and software version is very good, the Yum source is set to 163yum, can increase the speed of package installation and update, while avoiding some common software

A tangle of MV commands under CentOS

Today in the practice of Apache source installation, downloaded with the MV command to drag the package to/USR/LOCAL/SRC, according to the video operation error, around a bend before returning to the right track.First I got the MV wrong catalogue.Cd/

Samba sharing printer under CentOS

First of all, the company has a model for the HP LaserJet m1120 MFP printer, because not the network printer is very inconvenient to use, the company boss asked to connect this printer on the company's intranet Linux server (CentOS), and then

Cobbler for automatic installation of CentOS

Cobbler for automatic installation of CentOSOutline Objective Cobbler Introduction Experimental topology Experimental steps Test Summarize Objective In the production environment we may need to install the

CentOS system version and kernel version view

How to view the system version and kernel version in CentOS? Here's a CentOS 6.3 example to illustrate: Log in to the CentOS operating system and open the terminal650) this.width=650; "src="

CentOS Upgrade Reference

?CentOS Production system upgrade strategy:1) Pre-upgrade assessmentA) Confirm kernel or package bug.b) Use of evaluation toolsc) Test validation?2) Confirm the upgrade contentA) upgrade kernel separatelyb) Upgrade Packages individuallyc) All

Splunk on CentOS 6 related system parameter adjustment

Ulimit-nVi/etc/security/limits.conf* Soft Nofile 65535* Hard Nofile 65535Ulimit-uVi/etc/security/limits.d/90-nproc.conf* Soft Nproc 65535* Hard Nproc 65535Root Soft Nproc 65535Root Hard Nproc 65535Disable Transparent Huge Pageecho "Echo never

CentOS command line connection Wireless card

Ifconfig wlan0 up 1 ifconfigwlan0 Iwlist wlan0 ScanWpa_passphrase Naizhongnai Naizhong >>/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.confStrangely, the Wpa_supplicant configuration file will be wpa_supplicant.conf in the

CentOS 6.4 Server Edition installation tutorial (Super detailed illustration)

Attached: CentOS 6.432-bit:, the CentOS 6.4 system image has

CentOS Installation Sublime

Download on official website, tarball download link HTTP://WWW.SUBLIMETEXT.COM/3Hint information: Ubuntu bit-also available as a tarball for other Linux distributions. Be sure to download tarballTar jxvf

Cobbler remotely install a CentOS server kickstart file with images

No problem with the test. The following are the contents of the file:# System Bootloader ConfigurationBootloader--LOCATION=MBR# Partition Clearing InformationClearpart--all--initlabel# Run The Setup Agent on first bootFirstboot--disable# Activate

CentOS Hard Soft Links

Hard Soft Link DescriptionSoft Links:?1. Soft links, in the form of a path exists. Similar to shortcuts in the Windows operating system?2. Soft links can cross file system, hard links can not?3. Soft links can link to a nonexistent file name?4. Soft

IPMI setup under CentOS

1. Load the IPMI-enabled system moduleModprobe Ipmi_msghandlerModprobe ipmi_devintfModprobe Ipmi_poweroffModprobe Ipmi_siModprobe Ipmi_watchdog??Write the above command to/etc/rc.local to load the module automatically?????2. View IPMI Device

How to install the CentOS 7 graphical interface (Gnome GUI) locally from CD


In this example, the Gnome GUI is installed directly from the CD or ISO image file by modifying the repo file in CentOS 7 to avoid time-consuming downloading from the official website or image.1. First make sure that the CD or ISO image file is

CentOS configuration LNMP Environment detailed and related issues

Install the system, configure the environment first step: Enter the system用工具putty进入centos系统,输入账号密码。Step two: Remote terminal port-S lnmpIf you are prompted Screen:command not found, you need to install screeninstall screenStep three: Install the

Update gcc version to GCC 6.1.0 under CentOS

recently, the GCC version of Linux has been updated to GCC 6.1.0 version, I checked the GCC version on my machine ....-------------gcc 4.4.7 I go, this is too low, and we know that GCC 4.4.7 is not support c++11, my temper is more irritable,

Quick setup of Samba services in centos

Preparations:First, eliminate System Security Mechanism interference and disable iptables and SELinux.Service iptables stopSetenforce 0++1. Install Samba (centos Linux ):Yum install Samba system-config-samba-client samba-common2. Create a system

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