Linux-centos Resetting the root password

In the process of using Linux sometimes lost the root user password, then we can enter the single user mode to reset the root user password, the following explains the way to reset the root password, but also to crack the root password method.1,

CentOS Soft raid5+ hot standby under VMware environment

The first step:First, add the same disk on the CentOS virtual machine setup in VMware, with a number greater than 3. This is the condition of doing RAID5. Add a hard drive, handle the rest of the full tube outside the capacity to ensure the same

A workaround for installing both 32-bit and 64-bit packages on CentOS 5 using Yum

When using the Yum Online installation package on CentOS, sometimes 32-bit and 64-bit packages are installed at the same time. It also updates the two copies at the time of update.In fact, let Yum install only 64-bit packages, just add a exclude

Centos 6 Server do Bond mode=6

Generally I have seen the company has to do mode=4, next I want to practice is to do mode=6 a mode (Bonding mode:adaptive load Balancing)System environment:$ Cat/etc/issuecentos Release 6.7 (Final) Kernel \ r on an \mNeed a bond port custom created$

Docker installation (CentOS 7.2)

Using Docker for a long time, from CENTOS6 to 7, 6 is annoying the need to upgrade the kernel, Docker is not added to the System package by default.This is the main record of the installation configuration steps in the 7.2 environment.Installation

CentOS Configuration Iptables

Eliminate default rules before first configuration#这个一定要先做, or it might be tragic after emptying iptables-p INPUT accept# Empty The default all rules iptables-f# Erase all custom rules iptables-x# counter 0 iptables-zConfiguration rules#如果没有此规则, you

DHCP server setup under CentOS 6.5

The previous article wrote about using CentOS as a router, and now I want the other VMS under ESXi to get the IP address of the route assignment by DHCP, then we need to build the DHCP service on the router machine:Second, install DHCP1. Yum install-

CentOS 7.1 Cloud Server configuration FTP server vsftpd

Under root privileges, install vsftp with the following command:Yum Install vsftpdUse the RPM command to see if VSFTPD is already installed:rpm-qa| grep vsftpdBefore starting the VSFTPD service, you need to log in to the cloud server to modify the

Theano installation and GPU acceleration under CentOS 6

System version: Red Hat 4.4.6-4A. If not networked, select Local installation.Install Theano's dependent libraries first, including:scipy-0.16.1numpy-1.9.2nose-1.3.7 (optional)lapack-3.5.0atlas-3.10.2sklearn-0.16.1 (optional)1. Installation of Blas,

CentOS 6 Learning Yum Usage Chapter

CentOS installed in the virtual machine follow the old boy's tutorial install CentOS 6 pick the necessary components, the next step will need to install a few of the Yum tools for operations, But the default installation of CentOS repo source is

Iptables Basic Setup after CentOS installation

First, shut down the firewall.#service iptables StopTwo. Check status, confirm close#service iptables StatusThree. Remove firewall rules#iptables-F#iptables-XThree. Receive all output and forward#iptables-P OUTPUT ACCEPT#iptables-P FORWARD

CentOS 7 Installation Deployment Docker

1.centos 7Installing CentOS 7 from a VM virtual machine under Windows:vmware-workstation-full-10.0.3-1895310CentOS 72. RequirementsThe kernel version of the operating system cannot be less than 3.10To view the kernel version:uname -R3. Installation 3

CentOS 7 Installation Network tool

The installation of CentOS 7 is minimized by default, so there are many commands that cannot be used (as seen from other sources on the web). Usually the book or tutorial will let you use the Ifconfig command to see the network IP configuration, but

Redhat Configuring the CentOS network Yum source

Programme one:Configuring the network Yum SourceRPM-IVH vsftpd-2.2.2-6.el6_0.1.x86_64Service VSFTPD RestartChkconfig--level vsftpd oncd/var/ftp/pub/mkdir YumChange the mount point above

CentOS Configuration Tengine

1. Install the Pcre-devel library required by NginxYum install-y gcc gcc-c++wget zxvf pcre-8.33.tar.gzCD pcre-8.33./configure--prefix=/usr/local/pcreMakeMake install2,

Centos Command mode Download Jenkins

Reference official website: Http:// Http:// Install

CentOS Network configuration in VirtualBox

The VirtualBox graphical interface has four types of network access, namely:1. NAT Network Address Translation mode (Nat,network addressing translation)2, bridged Adapter bridge mode3. Internal Internal network mode4. Host-only Adapter Host ModeIn

LAMP (1)--centos-7 two host module model

LAMP (1)--centos-7 two host module model requirements: (1) The three are separated from two host computers; (2) A virtual host is used to provide phpmyadmin; Another virtual host is used to provide WordPress; (3) XCache

Centos 7 turn on network card to get IP automatically

Centos7 default installation is not enabled to configure network card information, unable to access the extranet.The bottom configuration opens the network to get the IP address automatically1. View network card informationExecutive Ifconfigeno167777

CentOS installation configuration amoeba and testing

I. Amoeba Introductionwebsite: Installing Java se1.5three. Installing amoeba2.2.01.:, download amoeba-mysql-binary-2.2.0.tar.gz2. Insert/usr/local/amoeba directly after

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