Automatic collection of server information (Ubuntu CentOS Pro Test)

  See annex for details.  #!/bin/bash#created by hashlinuxline= ' =========== ' #linux发行版名称if  [[ -f /usr/bin/ lsb_release ]]; then os=$ (/usr/bin/lsb_release -a |grep description |awk  -F :  ' {print $2} '  |sed  ' s/^[ \t]*//g ') else os=$

Installing a KVM virtual machine on a Linux system CentOS 6

First, KVM IntroductionKVM is open source software, the full name of kernel-based virtual machine (kernel-based VM), is an open source system virtualization module, hardware-based complete virtualization, but requires hardware support (such as Intel

Linux Operations Essentials Linux (Centos) system installation

1 , virtual machine preparationa . The first step650) this.width=650; "Width=" 718 "height=" 618 "title=" Vm1.png "style=" width:691px;height:601px; "alt=" wKiom1cbP_ Qcfr9raabmjmzot6y255.png "src="

VMware Workstation installs minimal CentOS 6.5

VMware Workstation installation Minimized CentOS-6.5 Email (QQ): [Email protected] Directory outline Files that need to be prepared installing VMware Workstation 12 VMware Workstation 12 pre-use settings

The perfect combination of WINDOWS10 and CentOS

The perfect combination of WINDOWS10 and CentOSBecause Linux has recently been learning Linux, it is very useful, but because the system was previously installed WINDOWS10, it had to re-partition the disk so that Linux and Windows systems can

Mount command mount Windows7 shared directory in CentOS

1) Create a new user on the ip: Windows machine. Here new user name: MyShare, Password: myshare123.Select "Computer" right-click "Manage", local Users and groups, user = "Right", create new user.3) View the MyShare domain. In order:

CentOS find mounted disk is formatted and mounted

View current Linux Server partitionsDF -HTo view the current Linux server hard disk:Fdisk-l/DEV/SDA First Hard Drive/dev/sdb Second Hard driveAnd so onTake/dev/sdb as a new hard drive, for example, you need to do the following to normal use1.

Add a network card to the CentOS system

After we have added the hardware, we can view the specific network in the configuration file/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rulesCard serial Number The rest of the network adapter configuration steps are not changed, can refer to the

Centos log Processing

Today check the system log found that the log is in the following format:APR 09:26:26JSMAPP4 xinetd[3158]: Exit:nrpe status=0 pid=14006 duration=0 (sec)APR 09:26:27JSMAPP4 xinetd[3158]: Exit:nrpe status=0 pid=14316 duration=1 (sec)APR 09:26:27JSMAPP4

CentOS System Usage Tips

=============================== Network Configuration ===============================1 eth0 interface

CentOS Rm-rf Recover deleted files

Linux sometimes executes the RM-RF and other operations mistakenly deleted the file is absolutely a terrible thing, fortunately there are some solutions to temporary emergency. We are going to use a tool called Extundelete. Catalog [-] Rely on

CentOS Install SVN server

STEP1: Installing the SVN serverYum Install SubversionStep2: Create SVN repository Directorymkdir /workplace/svnreposStep3: Creating a version Library$ svnadmin Create/workplace/svnreposAfter executing this command, the following files will be

CentOS Yum Source problem

When configuring Centos-6.0-x86_64-bin-dvd2.iso as the local Yum source, there are quite a few problems:-----------------------------------------Question one------------------------------------------Mount the Centos-6.0-x86_64-bin-dvd2.iso on

CentOS 7, lamp

CentOS 7, LAMPBrief introduction:Lamp refers to the first letter of the Linux (operating system), Apachehttp Server, MySQL (sometimes also referred to as MARIADB, database software) and PHP (sometimes referred to as Perl or Python), which is

View the CPU, memory, and operating system version information for the CentOS server

Often to see the Linux server CPU, memory, operating system version and other information, summarize the commonly used commands1. View CPU model (32 logical CPUs)[Email protected] ~]# cat/proc/cpuinfo |grep "name" |cut-f2-d: |uniq-cIntel (R) Xeon (r)

CentOS Landing is not in.

The machine is slow to install the CentOS x86_64 bit system on the virtual machine. To speed up the startup, I started the graphical interface by character mode. It was found that it was unable to log in after startup. Check the cause. It turns out

Installation and configuration of CentOS tftp and Samba

The TFTP server is installed in the configuration1 Installation: command: #yum –y install TFTP2 after the installation is complete, set the TFTP server to boot, by: (command) #setup → Select the TFTP option in System server→.3 Input command

CentOS Install Nexus

1, Nexus downloadNexus official Download, latest version download: nexus-2.4.0-09-bundle.tar.gzNexus War Download: Nexus-2.4.0-09.warNexus has two kinds of installation implementation, one is the way of war package, put it directly in such as Tomcat

Rhel/centos PXE diskless Workstation

• Introduction to PXE diskless workstation systemsPXE diskless workstation system refers to a LAN system consisting of one or more " system Servers" and multiple "PXE clients (diskless workstations)" that are connected by switches.(Figure 1: The

CentOS 6.5 Installation redis3.0.6

1. Download the Redis installation packageAddress: Unzip the installation packageCommand: Tar zvxf redis-3.0.6.tar.gz3. Go to the folder and installCommand: CD redis-3.0.6.tar.gzCommand: Make4.

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