Linux version selection (CentOS)

Centos : Release Notes:   DVD version : This is a common version, is the normal installation version, recommend everyone to install. It contains a large number of commonly used software, most of the time

Linux Learning CentOS (i)--CENTOS7 environment construction

First, prefaceRecently to engage in GRAILS+GROOVY+MONGODB software development, using the CentOS system, because it has been developed under Windows, some tools and materials are under the WINDWOS, so decided to use a virtual machine to install the

CentOS Install git

Method #1 » Install with Yum source :[[email protected] ~]# sudo yum install gitTo view the version number of the installed git:[[email protected] ~]# git--versiongit version the GIT version installed in the Yum source is, too

VirtualBox Installing CentOS Networking issues

Recently playing Hadoop requires several virtual institutions into a cluster, on the VirtualBox installed CentOS, networking problems arose, specifically, two: Connectivity between the host and the virtual machine The problem of

Automatic installation of the CentOS system using centos6.6 deployment cobbler--

Cobbler is an open source project for deploying and installing systems. Cobbler is more than just a PXE server, he can also manage DNS and DHCP. DHCP is not allowed in the General data center or production environment, but PXE requires DHCP, so we

Nginx+gunicorn+supervisor+flask @ CentOS

/etc/nginx/conf.d/default.confserver {listen default_server;server_name; #charset koi8-r; #access_log logs/host.access.log main;# Load Configuration files for the default server

CentOS 7.0 close FIREWALLD Firewall directive and replace Iptables firewall

CentOS 7.0 close FIREWALLD Firewall directive and replace Iptables firewall time: 2014-10-13 19:03:48 ah ya ya source: Ah ya Ya Digital Network view:11761 Comments:2 Service Firewalld Stop1. Disable Firewalld

Centos 7 Firewall Firewalld Open 80 port

Centos 7 Firewall Firewalld Open 80 port Chocolate release time: -- One- , -: -: 14 Categories: Linux browse:1943go back to the previous page open port 801Firewall-cmd--zone= Public--add-port= the/TCP--permanent appears success indicates the

CentOS Mount 20T Array

Mount Storage to the centos serverYum install–y iscsi-initiator-utils*// installing iSCSI Services/ETC/INIT.D/ISCSI Start/ start serviceChkconfig iSCSI on; Let the service boot up1,iscsiadm-mdiscovery-t sendtargets-p

Rhel/centos Automatic login in plain text mode

Linux system startup logon processThe entire process from boot to login for a Linux system is roughly as follows: 1> Loading BIOS information: Includes hardware information such as cpu/graphics/memory/hard disk/NIC, device boot sequence, clock

CentOS Virtual machine Enable NIC

After the installation of the CentOS virtual machine is successful, the gateway is not enabled by default, and the network adapter is enabled by modifying the configuration file After editing the system configuration file, the virtual machine

Configuration of the CentOS IP

1. Open the Command window and switch to the root account: Su-root2. Enter directory:/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts, open File VI ifcfg-eth03. Modify the Parameters:# # NAME device=eth0# The physical address of the network card hwaddr=00:0c:29:6a:91:

CentOS 7 Set Local Update source


#yum-config-manager--disable \*--Screen for all update sources#mkdir/r7iso# cd/run/media/{User name}/centos\ 7\ x86_64/#cp-RF */r7iso/--Copy all of the disc's packages to the local#createrepo--database/mnt/local_repo--Create a

Installation of CentOS, commissioning of the network

As a business need, I try to install CentOS for the company server today, the selected version is 6.7First step, download: chose the biggest one, according to the online version of the DVD1 can be,

CentOS 7 Installation Configuration FTP

Installing VSFTPD install -y vsftpd Edit the FTP configuration file vi

CentOS Build NTP server

Environment:1. NTP server: ip: NTP Client: ip: Server System version 6.7 (service side) and 6.4Installation:1, after the new server set up the network,/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/network card location in this

CentOS 7.x Setup Custom boot, add custom system service

Centos System Services Script directory: /usr/lib/systemd/ System and users (user),If you need to boot the program can be run without logging in, there is system services (systems), that is: /lib/systemd/system/  

CentOS Configuration IP and Telnet

Installing CentOS on a virtual machine does not have to say, install Linux first is to surf the internet, just like windows, have the Internet is king.First of all, the network mode of the virtual machine is bridge mode; Enter the Linux terminalRun:

CentOS under Storm 1.0.0 Cluster Installation Detailed

The environment of this article is as follows:Operating system: CentOS 6 32-bitZookeeper version: 3.4.8Storm version: 1.0.0JDK version: 1.8.0_77 32-bitPython version: 2.6.6Cluster situation: One master node (master) and two working nodes

CentOS Configuration IP Address How to add multiple IP addresses

To do this, log in to SSH:Vi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:0The second IP is aVi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:1A third IP is theIfcfg-eth0:2 (from this analogy)Device=eth0:0 NIC device name Onboot=YES random start Bootproto=

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