Configuring CentOS 7 static IP in VMware

The virtual machine is configured as a static IP to ensure that the virtual machine's IP remains intact each time the host machine restarts, which is useful for learning about software in a clustered environment, such as a Hadoop cluster, a DB

Linux:centos 7 Installing Nginx

Nginx is a lightweight, high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server, also a IMAP/POP3/SMTP server. In the case of high concurrency, as a substitute for Apache, the effect is very good.CentOS 7 Installation Nginx:First, install the need for Nginx

Linux (CentOS) builds SVN server

The installation steps are as follows:1. Yum Install Subversion2. Enter RPM-QL subversion to view the installation location, such as: we know that SVN generated several binaries in the bin directory.  Enter SVN--help to see how SVN is used, such as.

Y450 notebook XP Replacement Linux CentOs 6.5 record

09 Buy Small white Y450, now idle, the system is installed XP, and there is no use, simply change to Linux directly, become simple point. Anyway, the question is how to replace XP with Linux, to install dual system please bypass! 1. Make USB disk

ZABBIXCPU Temperature Monitoring-centos

ZABBIXCPU Temperature Monitoring1, lm_sensors Installation#yum Install Lm_sensors...#sensors-detectAll options are selected YesRestarting the server2, lm_sensors output result adjustmentCommand sensors can display the component temperature

Fix RHEL 7/centos 7/fedora appears unit Iptables.service failed to load

has been used in CentOS 6 habit, a bit did not adapt to come over. Firewall configuration after performing service iptables save appears "Failed to restart Iptables.service:Unit iptables.service Failed to load:no such file or Directory. " Error, the

How to resolve CentOS boot directly into the Grub command interface

· The Linux host may only have a "grub>" prompt after booting and cannot complete the further system boot process. Generally there are two kinds of clear conditions:1. GRUB configuration file is missing or configuration error occurred2. the

CENTOS 7.0 Change hostname

In Centos/rhel 7, there is a command-line tool called Hostnamectl, which allows you to view or modify the configuration associated with a host name.To view the host name-related settings:$ HOSTNAMECTL StatusView only static, transient, or flexible

Centos 6 System Installation

[1] Insert an installation DVD and restart computer. Next, the following is shown and then Push Enter key. [2] The section to check for the installation DVD, Select to check or skip

Centos 5 System Installation

[1] Insert an installation DVD and restart computer. Next, the following is shown and then Push Enter key. [2] The section to check for the installation DVD, Select to check or skip

Hard disk partitioning recommendations for CentOS installation system

Hard disk partitioning recommendations for CentOS installation systemI use CentOS for a long time, but there is always a time after the use of the system partition is not very reasonable, here is to summarize for themselves, but also to share with

Centos Installation Docker Error

Error message:  installation Error : Transaction Check Error:File/usr/lib/systemd/system/blk-availability.service from Install of device-mapper-7:1.02.107-5.el7_2.1.x86_64 Conflicts with file from the package

CentOS Installation Sphinx

Official website Download: SphinxExtractTar zxvf sphinx-2.1. 4-release.tar.gzcd Sphinx-2.1. 4-release.

CentOS 7 Space Expansion notes

A CentOS 7 machine root partition in a VMware virtual machine does not have enough space to expand. Modify the size of the hard disk by editing the virtual machine settings first Df-h Viewing partition space650) this.width=650; "src="

Start/stop/restart service in CentOS 7

One of the major changes in Rhel/centos 7.0 is the switch to SYSTEMD. It is used to replace SYSV and upstart in previous versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and to manage systems and services. SYSTEMD is compatible with startup scripts for SYSV and

CentOS Operating system Boot process

1, Hardware boot bootPower on, BIOS power-on self-test, find boot media, found in boot media mbr.mbr is the first sector of the first partition of the boot media (such as a hard disk), with a size of 512 bytes. The first 446 bytes are bootloader

CentOS run level and boot process

One, the Linux operating level1) 0: Shutdown2) 1: Single User3) 2: Multi-user status No NETWORK service4) 3: Network Service with multi-user status5) 4: The system is not used reserved to the user6) 5: Graphical interface7) 6: System restartNote:

Schematic installation of CentOS 6.6

The following is the process of installing CentOS 6.6 on a virtual machine.First, installation files: Centos-6.6-x86_64-bin-dvd.isoSecond, installation steps# Virtual machine configuration is omitted here, there are many posts on Baidu can be

CentOS Start SendMail Service long time Problem solving method

The host name is not set up to cause the following 2 issues:1, CentOS start time sendmail, sm-client wait long.2, SendMail ErrorWorkaround: Correct the hostname and restart it.two places need to be modified : One is/etc/sysconfig/network and the

Re-install Yum under CentOS

1, download the latest yum-3.2.28.tar.gz and unzip#wget XVF yum-3.2.28.tar.gz2, go to the directory, run the installation#cd yum-3.2.28#./ Install YumIf you are prompted with an

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