CentOS 7.0 uses Yum to install MariaDB and MariaDB simple configuration

Long-standing space environment configuration forget almost, today Hollow finishing, reset the disk to rebuild the environment, first install the MARIADB database, here to record the installation process for later review.1, installation

CentOS set fixed IP in VMware virtual machines

Virtual machine IP restarts often change, causing some unnecessary trouble, the following is the fixed virtual machine IP method:1. First access to your gatewayConvenient to use the Select menu bar in the cento system configuration: edit->virtual

Linux CentOS-7.0 Environment Building

This article as a beginner to install centos-7 graphics tutorial.   A. PrefaceRecently, brother to build a laboratory structure, need to learn Docker. And Docker is completely dependent on Linux systems. So, with this article.Linux has many

How to view port usage and kill process under CentOS (Linux)

Use this command: NETSTAT-NAP[Email protected] sphinx]# Netstat-napActive Internet connections (servers and established)Proto recv-q send-q Local address Foreign address State Pid/program NameKill processTo end a process with the KILL command: Kill

CentOS 7.0 Common Scripts

1. Initialize the system#!/bin/bashmkdir/mnt/cdromecho "/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom iso9660 defaults 0 0" >>/ETC/FSTABM Ount-arm/etc/yum.repos.d/*echo ' [base]name=baseenabled=1baseurl=file:///mnt/cdromgpgcheck=0 ' >/etc/ Yum.repos.d/base.repoyum install-y

CentOS under Tomcat installation

1. Download Jdk8wget--no-cookies--no-check-certificate--header "cookie:gpw_e24=http%3a%2f%2fwww.oracle.com%2f;oraclelicense= Accept-securebackup-cookie "http://download.oracle.com/otn-pub/java/jdk/8u73-b02/jdk-8u73-linux-x64.rpmRPM-IVH jdk*.rpm2.

CentOS Installation Docker Basics Tutorial

Upgrading CentOSPreparatory work:1: Install the Development Platform tool      yum groupinstall "Development tools"2: Install the dependent components required for kernel upgrade      yum install ncurses-develqt-develhmaccalc zlib-devel

Uninstall RPM package under CentOS

Rpm-qa|grep SphinxRpm-e sphinx .....Safely unloadedRPM Uninstalls the package, does not simply remove the original installed files one by one, if you do so, there may be problems such as this or that. For example, a package relies on the B package

Installing rabbitmq3.6.x on CentOS

RabbitMQ3.6.1 installation method is a bit different from the previous version, I found a lot of information on the Internet, the basic is about 3.1 of the version, and the installation process is very cumbersome, so I spent an afternoon to study

Centos 7 Network configuration

Centos 7 starts replacing the previous ifconfig with the IP commandIP [Options] Action object {Link|addr|route ...}# IP Link Show # Displays network interface information# IP Link set eth0 UPI # Open Nic# IP Link set eth0 down # close NIC# IP Link

CentOS Next RPM Package Sphinx installation directory

Sphinx:/etc/sphinx/usr/share/sphinxSphinx installed!Now create a Full-text index, start the search daemon, and your ' re all set.To manage indexes:Editor/etc/sphinx/sphinx.confTo rebuild all disk indexes:Sudo-u Sphinx Indexer--all--rotateTo

CentOS 7.x write boot start service

CentOS 7 above is initialized with SYSTEMD system, SYSTEMD is the latest initialization system (INIT) in Linux system, its main design goal is to overcome the inherent shortcomings of sysvinit, and improve the system startup speed. Details about the

Open and close the CentOS graphical interface

1.1 Shell runs init 3 into text mode and closes the associated service (Xserver definitely off)1.2 Alt+ctrl+f1~f6 to character interface, root login, PS aux|grep/usr/x11r6/bin/x, get X process number,Kill-9 process number, in fact, it has been to

CentOS System Yum Installation iftop real-time traffic monitoring tool

OneDon't talk about other useless topics, just look at the steps:1, to install a tool, you must first know that the tool needs to rely on the package.Eg:iftop relies on these dependencies (it is unclear what the tool relies on "Google,

Installing hadoop2.2 in CentOS 6.5

1. Configure SSH password-free login between cluster machines (1)ssh-keygen-t dsa-p "-F ~/.SSH/ID_DSAAdd the Id_dsa.pub public key to the authorized key the function of this command is to add the public key to the public key file for authentication,

CentOS iSCSI Configuration

The first is the settings for the server:[[Email protected] Desktop]# yum install scsi-target-*-y installation Service The Yum method is too simple, I won't write it.[[Email protected] Desktop]#/ETC/INIT.D/TGTD restart Restart Service[[email

CentOS yum/rpm Error Signature Key ID Bad


Phenomenon When executing the yum commandError:rpmts_HdrFromFdno:Header V3 rsa/sha1 Signature, key ID C105b9de:badquestion: This is mainly on the CENTOS6. Nss-softokn There are bugsHow to resolve:#把key删掉rpm-qa|grep gpg rpm-e

CentOS System Download and installation

Download:https://www.centos.org/download/Download Instructions: (version differences, download location, etc.)Http://jingyan.baidu.com/article/ea24bc399e6db8da62b3311e.htmlCentos-7.0-1406-x86_64-dvd.iso Standard installation version, general

Problems with CentOS compiler Caffe

Follow the online tutorials to configure the Caffe environmentMake All-j8Finally appearedNon-virtual thunk to caffe::baseprefetchingdatalayer internalthreadentry ()Finally a variety of search, Google, unexpectedly in

Centos 6.7 Installation JDK

Summary: The JDK installed in general is OPENJDK, but OpenJDK is obviously missing part of the source code, so download the JDK installation, this article installs the JDK version is: jdk-7u79. 1. First download JDK version to Oracle

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