Introduction to User Rights delegation configuration under Centos (Linux)

Introduction to User Rights delegation configuration under Centos (Linux)When it comes to delegation of authority, it is very important for a service to run normally, and the bigger the right, the greater the responsibility, the greater the

Configure the python3.4 environment on CentOS (alas, a painful day!) )

The default Python on the CentOS and Linux versions of the system is version 2.7, but I need to python3 the above environment, why not say it.Openssl-devel, OpenSSL, Ncurses-devel, Zlib-devel, zlib are installed first.Then there will be a lot of

VirtualBox Installing CentOS fullscreen

Installing the CentOS system in VirtualBox, you will encounter the "enhanced tool" does not install properly, the main reason is not found in the kernel library.The error prompts are as follows:By viewing the log file:

Install and test Kafka under CentOS

System Centos6.5Tool SECURECRT1. First download the Kafka compression packKafka_2.9.2- kafka_2.9.2- Modify the configuration fileFirst to have zookeeper, install zookeeper step in another essay

CentOS Quick Build Subversion server

Environment: CentOS x86_64Description: Use Daemon's way to run SVN without using ApacheFirst to: the latest Subversion source codeI'm down:

Operations | CentOS 7 Installation Vsftpd

Since CentOS 7 is much different than CentOS 6, it is necessary to write down the memo.Installing vsftpd:yum-y Install VSFTPDEdit Profile: vim/etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf (Prohibit anonymous logons, log on with local users, restrict directories, and so

Build Docker private Warehouse under CentOS

Now that Docker Registry has been upgraded to V2, the latest version of Docker no longer supports V1. Registry v2 uses the Go language to make a lot of optimizations in terms of performance and security, and re-engineered the image storage format.

Installation and erection of zookeeper under CentOS

Pick up Linux again, first of all, zookeeper installation.System: Centos6.5Tool SECURECRTVirtual machines: Oracle VMS1. Use SFTP to zookeeper-3.4.5.tar.gz,put the Linux systemRight-click the connection session, then click the Connect sftp tab, then

Troubleshooting CentOS 6.6 Replacing Yum 163 source Error

General replacement of 163yum Source, are the following operations:Mv/etc/yum.repos.d/centos-base.repo/etc/yum.repos.d/centos-base.repo.oldcd/etc/yum.repos.d/wget wget Spacer.gif

CentOS Disk Mount

Transferred from: The mount operation will erase the data, please make sure the mounting disk is not data or unused.mount the disk to add a new hard disk device, do not directly modify the

Settings for Yum using proxy under CentOS

Does it seem useless after export?Problem Description: centos yum " Could not retrieve mirrorlist Release=5&arch=i386&repo=addons error  "error: [Plain]View Plaincopyprint? [[email protected] mysql-5.0.56]# Yum

CentOS 6.7 Installs Hadoop 2.6.3 cluster environment

Build the Hadoop 2.6.3 fully distributed environment on the CentOS 6.7 x64 and test successfully on the Digitalocean.This article assumes:Master node (NameNode) domain name (hostname): child node (DataNode) domain name (hostname):

CentOS boot boot card in progress bar prompt NFS Quotas:cannot register SERVICE:RPC

CentOS6 boot card in the progress bar, press ESC to display the boot details, the following error:Starting NFS services: [OK]Starting NFS Quotas:cannot register service:RPC:Unable to receive; errno = Connection refusedRpc.rquotad:unable to register (

CentOS Install the SCP command package openssh-clients

Today, the newly installed machine uses the SCP command, the result hints:-bash:scp:command not foundTake it for granted with the Yum Install SCP command, the result is:No Package SCP available.Solve:Packages provided by the above must not be called

Elasticsearch Data migration and backup under CentOS

############## Share Create ES official website just a word ########1. download file sharing.Rpm-i 2, installation yum-y install sshfs# If you install the same

Installing LVS in CentOS

Introduction to a LVSLVS has a similar point to other application-based or IP-based load balancing applications: One and more load schedulers and even hundreds of thousands of real servers.Two LVS installation2.1 Check if the Load Balancer server

Installing zookeeper under CentOS

Install zookeeper cluster steps under Linux(1) Download Zookeeper installation packageAddress: Unzip the installation package and place it under the corresponding

CentOS Quick Build FTP (beginner-Four steps)

Deployment of FTP, if not previously set up, just start looking for information on the Internet when a variety of complex parameter configuration, look at the dizziness, here the most important part of the show out. 1. Installing VSFTPDYum

[CentOS 7] Installing Nginx

Briefly describe how to install the Nginx server in CentOS 7Method/Step Download the Nginx bundle (package) corresponding to the current system version# wget

Configure multiple NICs and multiple IP addresses in CentOS in VMware

Configure multiple NICs and multiple IP addresses in CentOS in VMware1, configure the second Nic 1) CentOS6.5 network configuration ( );How to configure eth0. This article explains how to

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