Introduction to User Rights delegation configuration under Centos (Linux)

Introduction to User Rights delegation configuration under Centos (Linux)When it comes to delegation of authority, it is very important for a service to run normally, and the bigger the right, the greater the responsibility, the greater the

[Linux Kernel] View the CentOS version method

View the CentOS version method with the following commands to view: # lsb_release -a lsb version :     : core - 3.1 - ia32 : core - 3.1 - noarch : graphics - 3.1 - ia32 : graphics - 3.1 - noarch Distributor ID:

Linux (CentOS) builds SVN server

The installation steps are as follows:1. Yum Install Subversion2. Enter RPM-QL subversion to view the installation location, such as:You can see that SVN generated a few binaries in the bin directory. Re -Enter/usr/bin/svnversion--version to see the

CentOS Install the SCP command package openssh-clients

Today, the newly installed machine uses the SCP command, the result hints:-bash:scp:command not foundTake it for granted with the Yum Install SCP command, the result is:No Package SCP available.Solve:Packages provided by the above must not be called

Installing zookeeper under CentOS

Install zookeeper cluster steps under Linux(1) Download Zookeeper installation packageAddress: Unzip the installation package and place it under the corresponding

CentOS Quick Build FTP (beginner-Four steps)

Deployment of FTP, if not previously set up, just start looking for information on the Internet when a variety of complex parameter configuration, look at the dizziness, here the most important part of the show out. 1. Installing VSFTPDYum

[CentOS 7] Installing Nginx

Briefly describe how to install the Nginx server in CentOS 7Method/Step Download the Nginx bundle (package) corresponding to the current system version# wget

VPS CentOS 6 Installation graphical interface


In some cases, we use Linux to choose to install the desktop environment, so here's how to install desktop environment for a system that does not have a desktop environment installed. Take CentOS 6.5 As an example to demonstrate how to install the

CentOS Yum Installation Issue

Yum [Errno] No more mirrors to try WorkaroundYou can resolve the issue by entering the following command: Yum Clean All Yum Makecache Causes CentOS installation software Error:cannot Find a valid baseurl for

CentOS 7 Configuration FTP (VSFTPD)

CentOS 7 Configuration FTP (VSFTPD)1-First switch to root user$ su# Enter root password2-Create FTP folder, current location is/ftp, can be customized# CD/# mkdir FTP3-Installing VSFTPD with Yum# yum-y Install FTP vsftpd4-View the path to the

Add custom system services with Systemctl on CentOS 7

CentOS 7 inherits the new features of Rhel 7, such as the powerful systemctl, while the use of SYSTEMCTL has changed the way in which the previous system services/ETC/INIT.D startup scripts, and greatly improves the efficiency of system services.

CentOS iptables Settings

# #save As/etc/sysconfig/iptables,then/etc/init.d/iptables Restart |start# Firewall configuration written by Redhat-config-securitylevel*filter: INPUT DROP [0:0]: FORWARD ACCEPT [0:0]: OUTPUT ACCEPT [0:0]: Rh-firewall-1-input-[0:0]-A input-j

Centos 7 Add Users

Before using CentOS more is Ubuntu, so in Useradd and adduser two command ambiguity, on Ubuntu system This is two commands, and on Centos is the same command, AddUser is the form of links exist# ll/usr/sbin/| grep user lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root

JDK and Tomcat configuration in CentOS

1. Querying the system default JDKThe CentOS system installs OPENJDK by default, and the general recommendation is to install the Sun Company's JDK. We first check to see if the system has a JDK and a openjdk version, and if so, uninstall it and

CentOS 6.7 Installation Configuration Ansible

1. Prepare for the CentOS environmentYum Yum Upgrade2. Control server and managed server requirementsMaster:python 2.6+Slave:python 2.4+, preferably also 2.6+ (CentOS 6.7 comes with)3, configure SSH automatic loginConfigure Master to login to each

CentOS Development Environment Lamp construction

Build the CentOS development environment-------------------------------------------------------------------------Ready to work-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------1. Configure the firewall to turn on 80

CentOS 6.5 Technical Notes

1. Installing the CentOS 6.5 operating system with Windows Hyper-V virtual machinesThe system disk is650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" QQ picture 20160120091206.png "alt="

Centos 7 Modify SSH port number

Watch out! The CentOS version here is 7 step1 modified/etc/ssh/sshd_configvi/etc/ssh/sshd_config#port 22//This line minus # Port 20000// Add this line below Step2 Modify SELinux Use the following command to view the current SELinux allowed SSH port:

Installing Vertica and configuration on the CentOS-7

Recently doing an integrated Vertica project requires Vertica to be mirrored, running on OpenStack and hos, so, installing its own configuration on CentOS VerticaI. First install the configuration Centos7CENTOS7 partitions must be in ext3 or

Configure multiple NICs and multiple IP addresses in CentOS in VMware

Configure multiple NICs and multiple IP addresses in CentOS in VMware1, configure the second Nic 1) CentOS6.5 network configuration ( );How to configure eth0. This article explains how to

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