Three general naming of CSS naming normalization

Camel-style nomenclature: , as its name implies, refers to the combination of uppercase and lowercase letters to form variables and function names. For example, the following is the same function named after the camel-style and underline method:

10 How to influence the rendering speed of CSS

1, *{} #zishu *{} As far as possible to avoidBecause there are differences in the interpretation of HTML tags by different browsers, so the final web page effect in different browsers may not be the same, in order to eliminate this risk, the

reset.css:163 mailbox CSS Reset, save standby

/* CSS Reset * * * Body{color: #000; background: #fff; font-size:12px;line-height:166.6%;text-align:center;} Body,input,select,button{font-family:verdana} h1,h2,h3,select,input,button{font-size:100%} body,h1,h2,h3,ul,li,form,p,img{margin:0;padding:0;

Old CSS Flexbox syntax case and new CSS Flexbox syntax case

Article Introduction: Richard Shepherd wrote an essay in in 2011. The article comes with a 2011-year version of the syntax, but focuses more on the syntax of the older version of 2009. It is well known that the

CSS code fragment: CSS Reset reset CSS

Article Introduction: This CSS reset reference to NORMALIZE.CSS, Bootstrap and so on, and then based on their years of experience to do some simple collation and modification to better suit their current use and some of the use of large-scale

Learn CSS Preprocessor: compare sass and less

Article Introduction: The only thing that you really need to learn with CSS preprocessor is the syntax, Sass is written in Ruby, but the syntax of both is not related. Do not know Ruby, still can use. All you need is an application like Cudekit to

Object-oriented CSS: Team collaboration Development specification and modular division by structure

Article Introduction: Object-oriented CSS has two main principles: separate the structure from the skin,separate of the container from the content. The first principle embodied in the modular thinking is that the design of the module and the layout

HTML+CSS Tutorial: Tables table elements Web page making tips

Article Introduction: The table element is used in HTML to render tabular data. You can use it as a way to describe and present data that can be used in spreadsheets. element is used in HTML to render tabular data. You can use it as a

A brief analysis of CSS:CSS

The cascading style sheet (cascading style Sheet), referred to as "CSS", is often referred to as "style style sheet (StyleSheet)", which is designed for web styling. The basic understanding is to encapsulate the style into a class that has different

The use of div+css layout of the good

Css   1. Brief introduction: Why is it unwise to use table typesetting? The table exists in HTML only for one purpose: display tabular data. However, since then the border= "0" allows designers to put pictures and text in the invisible grid. So far,

Zhengchun CSS Notes (6)-on the development of CSS framework

The individual summed up a bit of experience in developing CSS frameworks, shortcoming. I hope everyone's discussion can make us progress together. :) 1. CSS Framework China's internet industry has been developed for 10 years, the browser

CSS Instance Tutorial: CSS to make a good page table


If the data tables are difficult for users to read, imagine how complex and confusing they are with assistive technology (handheld devices). Fortunately, the HTML specification provides a number of properties and attributes to improve the

The main instruction of applying CSS control text in Web page making

css| Control | Web page the main role of CSS in this chapter This chapter is about text-related CSS directives. Usually a Web site is the most content is text, through these text-related CSS directives, you can make your Web page content

Learn Web page technology by example Pseudo class of CSS (pseudo-classes)

css| Web page CSS pseudo classes are used to add special effects to certain selectors. CSS Pseudo Class (pseudo-classes) instance: Hyperlinks This example shows how to add a different color to a hyperlink in a document.

In-depth study of web technology CSS, and then talk about Div, span confusion!

css| Web page Use Div to layout, the proposed div should be used to organize the code structure, now we go a little deeper, Div has semantics? The question was hotly debated in the study group some time ago, when Rice was asked: "What is semantic

Web page making instance css using a picture to achieve rounded corners

css| Page | rounded corner This code is recommended to me for a section of the Udsky with the picture version of the fillet code, so the analysis code to write a tutorial, this code the greatest advantage is: only a picture, code simple, very easy

The Gospel of non-front-end developers---CSS preprocessing language less&sass

write in front:It is well known that CSS is a non-procedural language, no variables, functions, scope (scope), in the previous interface style design, the need to write a large number of seemingly illogical code, inconvenient maintenance and

A detailed description of CSS property value syntax

The World Wide Web Consortium uses a special set of syntax to define CSS property values that can be used for all CSS properties. If you've ever seen a CSS specification, you've probably already seen this syntax. Just like Border-image-slice Syntax,

How is queries used? Summarize queries Instance usage

This article mainly introduces the MySQL log settings and viewing methods, the need for friends can refer to the following MySQL logs: error log:-log-err query log:-log slow query log:-log-slow-queries update log:- Log-update binary log:-log-bin by

CSS to introduce the method of word wrapping in English words

CSS lets word wrap in English In the process of making Web pages, CSS style writing, you may encounter text wrapping problems, in which the English line-wrapping may be bothering a lot of beginners, and today I have the corresponding elaboration of

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