HTML and CSS Basic courses (ix) CSS selectors

All HTML elements are selectors (all HTML elements are HTML) The previous course defines the elements of ,,, as CSS selector, in fact, any HTML element can be defined as selector, can be ,, even For example, set the background color for the

Write a flexible tab page with HTML+CSS

Recently in the study of CSS, just combined with the project made a flexible tab, using pure HTML+CSS implementation, just summed up. First look at the preview interface: Sample HTML can be accessed:

The difference between Firefox and IE in CSS style sheets

A summary of some of the CSS in FF and IE under the difference! may not be complete, will be supplemented in the future. Firefox:div set Margin-left, Margin-right is already centered when auto, IE not Firefox:body set Text-align, Div needs to set

Getting Started with jquery (17) reading and writing CSS properties for HTML elements

JQuery's CSS () method is used to set or read CSS properties for HTML elements. The CSS syntax syntax for reading elements is as follows: CSS ("PropertyName"); For example, the following code gets the background color of the first element. $ ("

9 Tips for streamlining and optimizing CSS files

Because the CSS file is loaded on the head of the Web page, each visitor downloads the files. We will optimize PHP files, pictures, and often ignore the CSS file. Today we should think about the problem and do something about it. CSS optimizers can

A few tips for CSS to design Web forms that conform to the standards

This article summarizes the use of Div CSS Web page form layout Five tips to help you more flexible control of the form, so that the page more satisfied. 1, form text input mobile selection: In the text entry field, if prompted, visitors often use

HTML structured design in CSS page layouts

Are you learning the Web standard CSS page layout? Are you still unable to fully master the pure CSS layout? There are usually two types of special attention you need to be aware of: The first possibility is that you have not yet understood the CSS

CSS properties transparent implementing various triangles examples

as follows Sample code *{margin:0; padding:0; }. box{margin:40px Auto; width:60px; Background-color: #f0ac6b; }. t1{margin:40px Auto; width:0px; height:0px;

float Property in CSS

I. Characteristics of float 1. Apply to text around the picture 2. Create a block-level box 3. Multi-column floating layout 4. The width and height of the floating element are adaptive, but the value can be set. Second, the core solution of the

CSS3 Click the button to achieve the background gradient animation effect

As follows: The instance code is as follows: css3 Add a background gradient animation to the button Buttons Summary Above is the use of CSS3 click the button, the effect of the background gradient animation, interested friends can run their

Make a stereoscopic effect navigation menu based on CSS3

This article mainly introduces the CSS3-based production of three-dimensional effect navigation menu related materials, the need for friends can refer to the first to show you, the effect is as follows: Source: CSS Code copy content to clipboard

Pure CSS Multilevel Menu

This part of the final results of the finished product is amazing, that is, the legendary pure CSS level six menu. The most powerful part of this thing is compatible with all major browsers (IE6,IE8,MAXTHON2.5,FIREFOX3.5,OPERA10,SAFARI4 and Chrome2),

float in a detailed CSS

This article mainly introduces the usage of float in CSS, and several kinds of layout methods commonly used in Web pages. Have a certain reference value, follow the small series below to see it float and margin Two adjacent floating elements, when

In-depth parsing of dynamically loaded CSS implementation methods

Because the company project needs to use lazy loading to improve the loading speed of the site, the non-first screen rendering necessary CSS files for dynamic loading operations. Next through this article to share the implementation code, the need

CSS preprocessor vs.-sass, less, and stylus

It is a very challenging thing to play the role of CSS in the pre-office. CSS presets are available in different languages, with different syntax and functionality. In this article, we'll cover the--sass, features, and their benefits of three

CSS3 UI Retouching--review

The property adds one or more shadows to the box. Syntax: Box-shadow:h-shadow v-shadow blur spread color inset H-shadow must, horizontal shadow position, allow negative values. V-shadow must, vertical shadow position, allow negative

CSS3 making a material-design-style login Interface instance

This article mainly introduces the use of CSS3 to make a material-design style login interface example, with a certain reference value, there is a need to understand. Whim, want to learn material design style, on the attempt to complete a login

The impact of CSS3 transform on HTML document flow

HTML is always so amazing From "Hardware Acceleration" A note at the beginning of the year, sorted out at leisure. Many online articles say that it is recommended to open the hardware acceleration of the browser, so that the page rendering speed,

CSS Selector collation

A lot of people think CSSEspecially simple, but actually really write well CSSNot easy, CSSEach point is actually a lot of content, take the selector, CSSSelectors can be divided into five categories: Element Selector Relationship Selector

CSS Margin Full understanding

One, margin can be negative In the box model, the Width/height, padding, and border of the content area cannot be negative, but the margin exception, which can be negative. With regard to the use of negative margin, not much to understand, there

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