Nginx Turn on gzip compression (pictures, files, CSS)

1, VIM open nginx configuration file Vim/usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf 2, to find the following paragraph, to modify gzip on; Gzip_min_length 1k; Gzip_buffers 4 16k; #gzip_http_version 1.0; Gzip_comp_level 2; Gzip_types text/plain application/

Reasons for IIS enabling gzip compression CSS file invalidation and resolution

IIS enabled gzip compression, the original thought you can compress all the files, including HTML, CSS, JS, pictures of these files, but when I check, I found that is not the case, compressed only HTML files, and CSS, JS and not compression.

Let the browser not load cached CSS and JS methods

Most browsers now cache pictures, CSS, and JS files on the site to increase load speed. When your site changes CSS and JS, often because caching reasons can not immediately take effect. Such old CSS and new Html may lead to errors, here is a small

JS asynchronous dynamic loading JS and CSS file code

jquery Dynamic Loading Css,js file method is simple, Cases Method 1: The code is as follows Copy Code $.getscript ("Test.js"); Method 2: The code is as follows Copy Code function

JS or CSS to identify IE version of several methods

JS or CSS tutorials to identify the IE version of several methods Today, I have collected several kinds of code for the identification of IE version, the need for a friend to refer to. var isie=!! Window. ActiveXObject;var Isie6=isie&&!window.

JS CSS Imitation QQ website skin-changing effect code

js CSS Imitation QQ website skin-changing effect code Grey li> Green li> Yellow li> Blue li> Pink li> Purple li>

Examples of clearing floating in CSS

The right text form of the left, this is a mobile phone page often encountered a situation, remember the first time to write, good entanglements, because not, when typesetting, always cannot write and the effect of the same effect, recently found

CSS Fast navigation pull-down menu animation effect

This is a special effect of the Pull-down navigation menu with deformable animation effects. When the navigation menu switches between menu items, the Drop-down menu quickly changes dynamically depending on the size of the menu's contents,

4 ways to align elements horizontally vertically in CSS

Table-cell easy to set text picture horizontally vertically centered The idea of getting an element to be centered vertically is to set the container of this element to Table-cell, that is, the feature with the table cell, and then use the Vertical-

CSS compatibility for Firefox and IE: about display

In general, you can control the object's hide/display by setting the object's Display=none/block, but many HTML elements are not able to achieve the desired effect under Firefox. For example, for table elements, to control TD's hiding and display,

The absolute positioning and relative positioning of CSS style sheet of

Positioning attributes will be the key to the door of happiness that the web bugs open:Absolute positioning The code is as follows Copy Code H4 {position:absolute; left:100px; top:43px} This CSS rule allows the

CSS floating and clearing floating (overflow) examples

Float out of the text stream, but why the text will have the effect of wrapping, this is really magical, and then went to ask the craftsman: The Normal flow is the way this elements are displayed in a Web page in most circumstances. All elements in

Pure CSS Pull-down Menu implementation code

Tip: You can modify some of the code before running horizontal drop-down CSS menu more script and CSS St Home services webdesign ">Webdesign developement" >d evelopment Illustration ">Illustration

CSS Progress bar Column chart

Tip: You can modify some of the code before running css progress bar Chart simple progress bar & Lt;strong class= "Bar" >54% 8% Complex progress bar &L t;/h3> Favorite Blog Park 25% very much like 55% Super

Deep analysis and application of float property in CSS

I. The characteristics of float 1. Apply to text around picture 2. Create a block-level box 3. Multi-column floating layout 4. The width and height of the floating element are adaptive, but the values can be set. Second, the core solution to

Css after hover not pseudo class selection

I. x: after. Clearfix: after {Content: "";Display: block;Clear: both;Visibility: hidden;Font-size: 0;Height: 0;} . Clearfix {* Display: inline-block;_ Height: 1%;}I think the above code, many of my friends are very familiar with it. It is often used

CSS background image background-position positioning

The default value is 0% 0%. In this case, the background image is located in the upper left corner of the content area of the object that does not include the patch.If only one value is specified, the value is used for abscissa. The default ordinate

Advantages of css + div layout and css advantages

Advantages of css + div layout and css advantages. Currently, css + div layout must be understood when designing webpages. This is an important highlight for front-end designers. Let's take a look at the advantages of css layout today.I,Fast page

Css achieves the effect of placing images in div

Use the margin attribute of the image to center the image horizontally, and use the padding attribute of the div to center the image vertically.The structure code is the same as above;The css code is as follows:Div {width: 300px; height: 150px;

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