Excellent website design is based on standardized and standard processes

  A good website design is based on a standard and standard process. Website design is not a simple task. Although some online companies now advertise that they can design a website in just a few hundred yuan, however, the hundreds of dollars of

Ultimate optimization and improved WordPress performance set

  1. Upgrade Wordpress to the latest version.2. delete unused plug-ins and upgrade the plug-ins in useMany people like WordPress only because they like the power of WordPress plug-ins, but many of them are flashy. If there are a large number of plug-

Let's talk about the three-step learning strategy of basic HTML code: first glance, second note, and three exercises

Although it is easy to build a website, you only need three steps: registering a domain name, renting a space, and uploading a program. However, after a website is established, many steps are required until the website is officially launched. The

New wordpress Tutorial: 10 classic Wordpress plug-ins recommended

I have been playing wordpress for more than half a year, and there are many plug-ins and templates in the middle. Today I will share with you ten classic wordpress plug-ins, it is very helpful for SEO, security, and speed of the website. At the same

Solutions for Internet Explorer 6 to 8 compatibility JS

After the website is built, it can be normally displayed on IE6, but it is completely messy on IE8. What should I do?  In fact, you only need to use a small piece of simple JS Code to easily solve this problem.   The JS Code of the IE7 website is:  

Wordpress website fixed permalink URL Method

1. First, you must check whether your host's server supports the mod_rewrite mode (currently supported by many php hosts) and the main directory is writable, you can set it in Options> Permalinks (this does not have to worry, but almost all virtual

Share seven fashion design elements of foreign e-commerce websites

Recently I have been trying to write a story about e-commerce website design. I have never wanted materials from domestic e-commerce websites. I have to collect some design elements of foreign e-commerce websites. I personally think that, that is

How to add a Q & A module to your wordpress

Some wordpress Q & A plug-ins are basically in the English version, and there are few useful ones. That is, the Q & A plug-in is relatively easy to use, but it is A pity to pay, the price is $19. Like Quora, Yahoo Q & A, and StackOverflow, Q & A

How to build a Banner for website design to make the text on a Noisy Background conspicuous

 1. Should I continue to design webpages? (Yi) I almost graduated for a year now. My major is software engineering. I didn't like this major very much, so I didn't select this major at the time. But I like design very much and I like beautiful

How to automatically generate XML and object classes from XSD

Sometimes XML is used as the data source in the project. Therefore, you need to define the XML file and corresponding classes. The best way is to define XSD first, then automatically generate the entity class, and finally generate XML and fill data;

A free set of responsive HTML5 & amp; CSS3 website templates

HTML5 Up!I shared a group of responsive website templates. These websites are all clean, simple, and responsive websites based on HTML5 & CSS3. Each website provides an online demonstration and can be downloaded for free. Note that you need to

Complete tutorial on CSS small image removal from a large image (background-position Application)

I believe that many children's shoes who like to study the webpage interface have encountered a wonderful phenomenon: many pictures and materials on the webpage are merged into one picture. At first, when I imitated the website, I often encountered

"Fashion Design": 40 novel big picture backgrounds webpage works "Next episode"

Using a large image as the background of a webpage is the quickest way to attract visitors. High-quality exquisite photos and abstract design Images can bring a profound impact to the appearance of the website. When using a large background image,

Download PSD source files from 50 free business card design templates

Business cards may be the first step to give a positive impression to your customers. On the other hand, business cards are one of the most important and cost-effective marketing tools of an enterprise, especially for start-up enterprises. 50 free

Exquisite & Creative WordPress new theme set

Today, I have organized some exquisite and creative new WordPress Themes, which are basically integrated with the latest design concepts, from simplicity to responsiveness.Engo-Smart & Minimal WordPress Theme-MORE INFO Engo is a smart,Clean &

XML learning notes 3--XSD

If there is no such OO shadow in the current language, I am embarrassed to call it language. In terms of XML semantic constraints, DTD is simple, but not powerful enough. It is completely straightforward to describe, so it has replaced dtd xsd (XML

50 + responsive Prestashop e-commerce themes

PrestaShop is a full-featured, cross-platform free open-source e-commerce solution designed for web2.0. It has been developing rapidly since its release in version 1.0 in just two years, more than 40 thousand online stores around the world use

Syntax and attribute settings of the Embed label in html

The help house (www.bkjia.com) Tutorial recently recognized the embed label due to work requirements. I used to add a flash with him. I never thought about how to use the embed label? This tag is really useful for some video files. Friends who first

CSS makes the Textarea text box adaptive to the browser width

In the CSS tutorial of (www.bkjia.com), the CSS enables the Textarea text box to adapt the browser width. The CSS here is actually a disguised JavaScript, because the expression in CSS is changed only when JavaScript is called, the actual execution

CSS webpage Layout-webpage page structuring

Are you learning CSS layout? Isn't it possible to fully master the pure CSS layout? There are usually two ways to impede your learning:The first possibility is that you have not understood the principle of CSS processing pages. Before you consider

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