CSS Trojan code that can be used and has some effect

Popular online: Body { Background-image: URL ('javascript: Document. Write (" ")') } // This method will make the Home Page abnormal. a blank page is returned. Use a pop-up window. Body { Background-image: URL ('javascript: open ("http: //

[HTML/CSS/JavaScript] wwtjs

Newly written JS client UI: using the idea of packaging mode, rich client UI is attached to common elements like a shell. Some UIS use two methods, one is to directly use HTML, CSS, and JS, and the other is to use JS directly (this method is used

Tips for CSS overall layout Declaration

We should develop good coding habits. The overall CSS layout is declared as ours. Code It provides a way to simplify and improve operation efficiency. Let's list common forms and add explanations. The purpose of the overall layout declaration is to

CSS writing method that allows users to control the font size of webpages by themselves

Currently, most sites in China use CSS to set the font size to 12 PX. Although the pixel is also relative to the size unit, it is only relative to the screen resolution. When the screen resolution is certain, if you feel that the word is too small

Div + CSS English naming rules

1. css id name Outer cover: Wrap Main navigation: mainnav Subnavigation: subnav Footer: footet Entire page: Content Webpage: Header Footer: footer Standard: Label Title: Title Main navigation: mainbav (globalnav) Top navigation: topnav

CSS webpage layout tutorial 10: Label-based horizontal navigation with the current logo

The current identifier indicates that the user clicks on the channel or column. The label of the column shows a different color from other labels to indicate the user's location. This design is quite simple in website design and a classic way to

CSS webpage layout tutorial 9: Design website navigation with CSS-horizontal navigation

As the most important element of a website, website navigation is the most direct and convenient tool for users to access website content. Website navigation consists of horizontal navigation, vertical navigation, drop-down, and multi-level menu

CSS web page layout tutorial 11: the label-based horizontal navigation image with the current logo

Although the label-based navigation is completed, the square-like navigation does not seem to be able to adapt to the current design trend. In fact, navigation can be defined by CSS colors, you can also use well-designed images or other elements to

CSS webpage layout tutorial 12: vertical navigation menu

Vertical navigation menus are also an important form of web applications. Vertical navigation menus are arranged from top to bottom on the left or right of a Web page. Let's take a look at the results first! For more information, seeCodeStructure:

CSS webpage layout tutorial 13: drop-down and multi-level pop-up menus

Drop-down and pop-up menus are commonly used in website design. This menu form can make full use of the current space of the page to hide and display more content, and properly classify and display the content, it is a very good form of

Create the if statement in the exclusive css ie of each IE version

Http://5key.net/blog/article.asp? Id = 309 Exclusive CSS under IE: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: IE 6 ONLY:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: IE 5 ONLY:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Internet Explorer 5.5 ONLY:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:

How to Learn CSS

Learning everything is the same. From elementary school, middle school, or university, apart from learning knowledge, you can also learn the methods! To master CSS, I must first learn HTML. I first learned HTML from scratch and spent a month

Articles on Float (Float) Related Techniques in CSS

Float is perhaps the most confusing concept in CSS. Float is often misunderstood, and the readability and availability problems caused by the floating of all context elements are highly blamed. However, the root cause of these problems is not the

Graphic demonstration of deep analysis of CSS margin boundary superposition

Border superposition is a simple concept. However, it may cause a lot of confusion when layout webpages in practice. Simply put, when two vertical boundaries meet, they form a boundary. The height of this boundary is equal to the greater of the two

Examples of CSS Tag switching code are quite elegant.

Our design is more and more pursuing a concise style, hoping to show more content in a limited space. At the same time, we found some problems. The simple arrangement of content always makes the page very long. Many scrolling screens can complete

Summary of CSS style sheet planning and management experience

It has been more than a year since I used xhtml + CSS to build a website. More than a year of practice has accumulated some experience. Now I will write this article to summarize it. There is a key issue in the process of using xhtml + CSS to build

CSS comments, naming, inheritance, style sorting, and other CSS skills

I. Comments Comments in CSS are very important when you create an xhtml + CSS website. When creating CSS Styles, you should keep comments on your own. In general, I am used to writing comments in the format of "/* Comment content */", because in

Four methods of using CSS style sheets on webpages are found.

How to insert CSS into a webpage We have learned the CSS syntax before, but to display the effect in the browser, we need the browser to identify and call it. When the browser reads a style sheet, it must read it in text format. Here we introduce

Learning new functions of dreamweaver cs3: directly generating div + css pages

Document directory Sidebar1 content Dreamweaver cs3 has changed a lot when creating a file than in earlier versions. It is divided into four columns, a little similar to the golive style. The biggest improvement is that it can automatically

CSS webpage layout tutorial 14: vertical drop-down and multi-level pop-up menus

After learning the previous tutorial, I think it is much easier to learn this lesson. The horizontal menu is implemented through div and JavaSprict drop-down control. What about the vertical menu? The answer is yes. What we need to do now is a

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