Horizontal popmenu-pop-up menu (div + CSS + JS)

This popmenu is adapted based on the articles of alistapart , which is easier than the display and hide layers method in DW. Ie6.0 ie5.x Firefox NS can be correctly displayed. Only a few JavaScript codes are used, during use, you only need to

Submission information form with focus effect (div + CSS)

name: Tel: topic: content: & Nbsp; CSSCode FORM {margin: 0px auto; width: pixel PX; Border: solid 1px # cccccc ;}. bo {border-bottom: solid 1px # cccccc;} label {float: Left; padding: 10px 0px 4px 30px;} input

Common login forms (div + CSS)

Preview the final result> FORM {margin: 0px; padding: 4px;} # member {width: 170px; Background: # f1f1f1; text-align: center;} label {width: 40px; float: left; text-align: Right; padding: 3px 0px 1px; color: #666666;} input {border: 1px solid #

Three methods for creating fine lines in Div + CSS layout-for IE

More articles about CSS layout, obstacle-free Website access, and website affinity. If you want to create a line with a height smaller than 12 PX (approximately), it will be displayed higher than the actual height in IE.  . Line10 {Background: #

Horizontal navigation menu (div + CSS)

Menus made with Div + CSS are faster than those made with images. Preview the final result> # Nav {Height: 44px; width: pixel PX; Background: # ffffff ;}. vline {Background: #999999; width: 1px; Height: 20px; }# nav ul {margin: 0px; padding: 0px;

Mac style horizontal navigation bar (div + CSS)

1. A general navigation bar. The difference is that only one background image is used, such as the left image. 2. Initial status: the background is the upper half, the flip is the lower half, and the final result is previewed.>,CodeAs follows. #

Image Viewer built with CSS + JS

Image Viewer built with CSS + JS This is a simple image Viewer built with CSS + Js. You can click a thumbnail to view the large image. The description of each image is displayed. The position of the large image is fixed width and height, and the

Level 3 popmenu in the horizontal and vertical directions-pop-up menu (div + CSS + JS)

In fact, this menu should be called level-2, but many friends are used to calling it level-3. Let it go! Correctly displayed in ie6.0 ie5.x firefox1.x ns7.2 opera8.0, with only a few JSCode, You only need to insert the part into the desired

Two Methods for loading different CSS for different browsers: CSS browser Selector

Different browsers (ie, Gecko, opera...) have different rendering methods for CSS, resulting in different display effects,Therefore, we can solve this problem by loading different CSS. The following describes the two methods,It is not necessarily

Transparent CSS menu

This is a transparent CSS menu with compatibility: ie5.5 +, opera, frefox, and Netscape. CSSCode: Body {Font: 80% Arial, sans-serif; Background: #666 ;}# nav {width: 170px; Background: url(navbg.gif) Bottom; List-style-type: none; margin: 0;

Tree menu composed of Div and CSS

This is a tree menu consisting of Div + CSS + Js. It adopts a list and complies with web standards. In most win browsers, the compatibility is good. See the results page for XHTML, I am now working on two menus. If you need to add them, you can set

Equal height columns-Div + CSS layout self-adaptive Height Solution

This is a typical three-row and two-column layout. The height of each column (which column cannot be determined beforehand) is the same,It is the goal pursued by every designer. Generally, we use background image filling and JS scripts to make the

Cross browser tabbed pages with CSS

Author: Stu Nichols Translation: forestganInformation This is an adaptation of cssplay's webmaster based on its recently created dropdown and flyout menus,When you hover the mouse over the menu in sequence, different pages can be displayed at the

Self-Adaptive Height Solution in CSS layout

This is a basic problem that is often encountered in Div + CSS layout. I personally think it is relatively simple and practical to use the background image filling method. Final effect. CSS: Body {Background: # ededed; font-size: 70%; font-family:

Use the clip attribute of CSS to create multi-colored text)

Principle Combine two texts of the same color and different colors, and add the clip attribute to them respectively,The text above and below are cut at different locations, resulting in two different colors. Clip: From su Shen Xiaoyu CSS Manual

A hidden tab menu-completely CSS

Author's website: http://www.cssplay.co.uk For a simple and hidden menu, there is only one menu label for the indication at the beginning,When you move the cursor over the menu label, the complete menu is displayed. Javascript has many

Navigation menu in Chinese and English with CSS

This is a Chinese/English navigation menu fully implemented with CSS. It has no scripts or images. Initially, the menu language is English. When you hover your mouse over the menu, it becomes Chinese, of course, you can do it in turn.Implementation

Current page in CSS layout

Current page-for example, if the current page is a homepage, the color of the homepage on the navigation bar is different from that of other topics, which is used to give a clear indication to the viewer. Next, let's take a look at the specific

The use of Min-height in CSS layout

The minimum height can be set to the minimum height of a box. When the content of a box is small, the height of the box can be kept to a certain level, and the box will be automatically extended down until now, only supported by opera and Mozilla,

Image Viewer with Div + CSS layout

Recently in http://www.dynamicdrive.com We can see an image thumbnail viewer script with good results. It supports ff1 + ie5 + opr7 + and can pass the W3C test. In ie5.5 +, there are pictures to show the erased field effect. The DIV + CSS section is

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