CSS knowledge point

Some trivial knowledge points in CSS 1: Order of adding the style of tag: A: link {color: #006600; font-size: 30px;}/* unaccessed link green */ A: visited {color: # ff0000; font-size: 30px; text-Decoration: underline;}/* accessed link red */

CSS attribute Selector

In addition to the common "type selector (E), wildcard selector (*), include selector (E1 E2), and Id selector (# ID), selector grouping (E1, E2, E3), class selector (E. class), pseudo class, and pseudo object selector (E: P), and "attribute

CSS failure Solution

If CSS is correct and the link does not go wrong, why does the CSS style not take effect? Doctype HTML public "-// W3C // dtd xhtml 1.0 transitional // en" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">Doctype HTML public "-// W3C //

CSS background transparency

I. First, let's talk about the background transparency of CSS. It is easier to achieve full transparency. Enter {Background:Transparent;} It works in IE, Firefox, and other browsers.Ii. Let's talk about how CSS achieves translucent background.

CSS selector priority

Today, I saw a blog post on Google Reader. After I asked several colleagues in the group, I found that I had always had a misunderstanding about CSS selector. It is said that foreignersArticleI mentioned very early that CSS selector is a

Border CSS settings

Border attributes (no style by default) Border-top: Set the attributes of the upper border Border-bottom: Set the bottom border attributes Border-Right: set the right border attributes. Border-left: Set the attribute of the Left Border

Summary of CSS invalidation: Chapter E of Mencius)

Some people often encounter CSS failures in ASP. NET 2.0 (ASP. NET 1.x may be valid). The main causes and solutions are listed as follows: 1. the CSS file path is incorrect.This problem is a basic problem in Web development. Generally, this

Css z-index cascade sequence

What is this? The Z-index attribute determines the level of HTML elements. The element level is relative to the position of the element on the Z axis (in contrast to the Y axis of the X axis. A higher Z-index value means that the element is closer

HTML5 practice-use CSS to decorate your image gallery

ArticleDirectory Benefits of this CSS technique Basic Concepts Ie png hack Appearance Jquery Solution #1. Simple Gallery # 1b. Mini icon #2. Images with text # 2B. Pop-up text #3. Mini paper clips #4. Cork

Jquery animation-7. The background will be moved to explain the principle of Div + CSS Animation

Today's course introduces the background of mobile. By the way, we will explain the principle of Div + CSS animation. First, we will introduce how to make the background Effects of moving. HtmlCodeIt is relatively simple. I will post it all. I

CSS selection operator and Priority Calculation

Inline style, such as ... ;Id selectors, for example, # myid;Class, attribute selector, pseudo class (classes, attributes and pseudo-classes), such as. Class {...}, [href $ = dudo.org],: hover;Type (elements), pseudo-type selector (pseudo-elements),

CSS overflow attributes

Document directory Description Script Syntax: Definition OverflowAttribute setting occurs when the content of an element overflows its region. Inheritance: NoDescription This attribute defines how the content of the overflow element

Turn: CSS selector notes

Suddenly I saw the strange CSS format written by others. I couldn't understand it. I checked it and found that there were many selector types, and I turned it over. Original article address Note is divided into two parts: Today is the CSS selector,

CSS Learning (1) (Web Programming)

1. CSS Definition Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is also called style sheet. It is used for webpage style design. You can set up a style sheet to control the display attributes of labels in hmtl. Cascading Style Sheets allow users to more effectively

Simple Web programming applications (easy to learn and test JavaScript, CSS, HTML)

Every time Visual Studio 2012 is enabled, disabled, or used, the computer will be very stuck, so it is inconvenient to program and test JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, so I wrote a small webpage myself, compile JavaScript, CSS, and HTML programs to help

HTML5 practice-use CSS to create a time icon

Recently I have re-designed my blog site and decided to display the time with a calendar icon. In the past, the solution generally used background images. Thanks to css3. Now we can use css3 to implement this function. I will use some

HTML5 practice-use CSS to decorate your image gallery-Part2

Document directory Html CSS Art border HTML5 Gallery CSS Css3 Transform Nth-of-type Reprinted please specify original address: http://www.cnblogs.com/softlover/archive/2012/11/20/2779893.html   In the previous lecture, our solution used

HTML5 practice-using CSS for Elastic video

Document directory Flexibility with fixed width Compatibility Reprinted please indicate the original address: http://www.cnblogs.com/softlover/archive/2012/11/25/2787558.html   When I code elemin theme (a responsive site I recently designed),

HTML5 practice-how to use CSS to create triangles and use css3 to create 3D triangles

Today I read an article about how to use css3 to create a 3D triangle. I think it is quite good. So I will share it with you. Original article address: http://www.paulrhayes.com/2010-10/css-tetrahedron /. Demo preview address:

The path of external JS and CSS files referenced in the master page

When the child pages of a nested master page are not in the same directory as the master page, the path referenced by external images, JS files, and CSS files is often involved. (The following describes how to reference others and organize them by

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