The importance of CSS style naming

The jquery blog thinks that CSS style naming is very important.In the project, if the team and style are named differently, it will be very difficult for others in the team to think about it.Common problems include hump, Pascal, and symbolic

I haven't used CSS hack for a long time. Let's review it.

Not used for a long timeCSS hackNow, in the new environment, some of them are not self-written. The above is just a life-saving attempt. There is no way to use CSS hack. NormalCSS hackUse less Look at people for speedCodeReally tangled Get

10 front-end CSS bugs slipped from www. jqueryba. Om)

CSS browsers are incompatible. Tianyao feixian fell down on other websites and read it again. It's really a thing. If you say it's pretty good, you can turn it around and take notes for yourself. As the saying goes, it's better to have a good memory

CSS document stream and block-level element (Block) inline elements (Inline)

Today, the jquery blog encounters the relationship between the CSS document stream and the block-level inline element (Inline). Recently, I have been working overtime, having poor sleep and getting confused. The simple problem is complicated.There

CSS-Free Image-free corner Frame

Recently, the jquery blog is on the homepage of a new company website, with a face from a leader. The style of the website has been changed one by one, so it is a waste of time.The new version has many backgrounds and many rounded corner boxes.Let's

Novice cainiao get the gospel pure CSS menu navigation

Recently, jquery blogs have been working overtime. Your sister needs to go back at nine o'clock.A piece of black pressure outside, the network speed is surprisingly slowBaidu and Google are not normalWhat's the matter?No worriesThe whole thing.When

Jquery blog pure CSS simulation Taobao detailed page bottom fixed

A friend from the jquery blog asked me how to fix the whole top two days ago?I have fixed the bottom before. In fact, the principle is the same.CodeChange bottom to top, is OK.This is mainly pure CSS, ie9, Firefox, and Google are all in a

CSS tutorial Part3 [list, table, outline] (Excerpted from W3C School)

ArticleDirectory CSS list CSS table CSS outlines CSS list The CSS list attribute allows you to place or change the list item flag, or use an image as the list item flag. List-style: Set all list attributes in a declaration.

About CSS weight

The birthday of the jquery family has finally been well done. after a busy day, I am very tired. Finally, you can sit down and stay idle. the CSS weight you pay attention to before the entire point. In CSS, a 4-digit number is used to represent

CSS-move the mouse up to display a large image

Final Effect -------------------------------------------------- CSS section ----------------------------------- # Demo {overflow: hidden; text-align: center; padding: 10px ;}# Demo IMG {border: none; Border: 5px solid # f4f4f4}#

CSS controls the height of a div adaptive Browser

CSS controls the height of a div adaptive Browser 1 Html > 2 Head > 3 Style > 4 # Mytable { Height : 100% ; Border : Solid 1px red ; Width : 100% ; } 5 # Top { Margin-top : 1px ; Height : 100px ; Border

Resources related to CSS learning and download

Recently, many of my friends asked about CSS learning. I have summarized some resources related to CSS learning and shared them with you. 1. Learning WebsitesWebpage designer: There are many documents and tutorials on CSS and webpage design

My diary-1 *** 000 (talking about CSS)

1. To minimize unnecessary elements, you should only use Div when there is no existing element to implement regional segmentation. For example: main navigation list You do not need to enclose it in the div.2. Div is used to group block-level

Add CSS dynamically

Not written for a long timeArticleToday's idea of dynamically adding CSS files Method 1: Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)>Document. getelementbyid ("Elementid"). Style.

Progressive enhancement: pure CSS chat bubbles [css3]

Chat bubbles are a form of UI representation that is favored by the masses of netizens. However, many tutorials always need to use non-semantic HTML or JavaScript to implement it. In this tutorial, you only need to use css2.1 to build various chat

Several small mistakes that CSS web page layout often makes:

Several small mistakes that CSS web page layout often makes:1. Check whether the HTML element has a spelling error and whether it has forgotten the ending mark.Even veteran engineers often mistake the DIV nesting relationship. You can use the

CSS properties to JavaScript reference Conversion

CSS Property Javascript reference Background Background Background-Attachment Backgroundattachment Background-color Backgroundcolor Background-Image Backgroundimage

CSS tutorial part5 [positioning] (Excerpted from W3C School)

ArticleDirectory CSS positioning) CSS relative positioning Absolute CSS positioning CSS float CSS positioning (positioning) CSS positioning and floating CSS provides some attributes for positioning and floating. With these

CSS hack browser compatibility

CSS hack has to be used in some projects. The jquery blog has also met. I want to write a 3D map for the second development. Code Compatibility. It is difficult to implement it in the short term. It is impossible to return to CSS hack.In order to

CSS tutorial part4 [Box Model] (Excerpted from W3C School)

ArticleDirectory CSS padding CSS border CSS margin CSS margin merge The CSS box model specifies how the element content, padding, border, and padding are processed by the element box. CSS box model Overview The inmost

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