CSS multi-class selector

WrittenCodeMore, you will find that you are getting increasingly ignorant, always think that html css is very simple, has mastered very skilled, in fact, I am still a lot worse. I have never used CSS in this way.. A. B {display: block ;}You only

For more information about CSS optimization, see

I went there a few days ago.NeteaseParticipate in a social recruitment in Guangzhou. The position isFront-end engineers (restructuring)The interviewer asked me a question about CSS optimization. First, the interviewer asked me about CSS selector

[CSS] There is a gap bug below the picture inserted by Li in IE6.

There is a gap bug below the picture inserted by Li in IE6, which is a classic bug in IE6. There are many ways to solve this bug. Today I have sorted out four methods in total and I will share them with you. AttachCode: Doctype html > Html

A 15-point CSS question

Question: There are three blocks on the page. The width and height of the left and right blocks are fixed, and the width of the middle block is full between the left and right blocks. Then the width of the middle block can change with the browser.

CSS drop-down menu

new document menu 1 menu 2 sub-menu 1 sub-Menu 2 sub-menu 3 menu 3 menu 4 sub-menu 1 sub-Menu 2 sub-menu 3 menu 5 11 22 11 22 11 22

[CSS] text box input long English string support large container Problems

[CSS] text box input long English string support large container problem http://tech.ddvip.com/2007-09/119070262735449.html  Word-wrap controls line breaks.Break-word is to force line feed. There is no problem with Chinese and no problem with

20 classic Ajax + CSS tables

Not all web developers are interested in beautifying table data. Today, we have collected 20 powerful and beautiful tables based on AJAX + CSS, you can learn from these examples how to use the sorting and filtering functions provided by these tables

. Net Program CSS style loss in IE6-site original

Today netProgramSet the CSS page. There is no problem in the style of the debug page under IE8 IE7 fire 3 opear safair browser, but the style under IE6 is lost. I searched for related problems online and found similar situations, but I didn't see

[Daily] detailed explanation of CSS positioning

CSS position: absolute and relative Position: absolute Drag an object out of the Document Stream and use the left, right, top, bottom, and other attributes to absolutely locate the parent object with the most specific positioning settings relative

Css framework 960 grid system (accept)

ArticleDirectory Containers (container) Grids (GRID)/columns (column) Margins Styling (add style) Css framework: 960 grid system official website:Http://960.gs/ What is a framework? A framework is a conceptual structure

Div + CSS classic ?? Three-column layout (left and right fixed center adaptive)

  From http://www.zendstudio.net/post/52/   Some people have been asking: "I want to use Div + CSS to implement three-column layout, and I need to fix the left and right width and adapt to the middle. What should I do ?"I usually reply like

【Css】my cssframework --base.css

Today, my new cssframework, base.css, is used to reset the default browser style and provide generic atomic classes. @ Charset "UTF-8 "; /* @ Name: Base @ function: reset the default browser Style */ /* Prevents the impact of custom

Experience Sharing: CSS float (clear)

I have been familiar with CSS for a long time, but I am always confused about float. It may be because I have poor understanding ability, or I have never encountered a popular tutorial. A few days ago, I finally understood the basic principles of

Three major webpage problems resolved by webpage download programs (perfect download of images, JS, CSS, and webpage modification)

I took the time to write this article.ProgramThe function is to perfectly save the entire webpage, including: images, JS scripts, CSS styles, and modify the webpage source code for "localization ". Because I am from Mars, I don't even know that the

Div + CSS + JS Multiple display/hide content Blocks

Related styles: Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/--> . Mainbox h3 { Margin-bottom : 0px ; Line-height : 32px ; Height : 32px ; Padding-left : 1em ; Background :

CSS implementation boundary concave state

The method for implementing the boundary concave state in CSS is: Set the Left and Right Border of the control (basically black and white) For example (adjust the color ): Border-left: 1px solid # e4e4e4; Border-Right: 1px solid red;   Under

Naming rules in Div + CSS

The last time I showed the DIV effect to someone else, I wrote a CSS style but couldn't render it. Finally, I accidentally found that when I wrote a CSS style, I named a classStart with a numberThis problem also occurred when I learned the style

I have summarized some CSS debugging experience!

The last time an artist worked on a project, he found that his style sheet could not be used. After a whole day, he could only write it in the style of tags. Later I found out that I was online and asked why. In fact, I have encountered such a

[CSS] solves browser compatibility-CSS hack

We will inevitably encounter browser compatibility problems when making pages, especially IE6. How can we be compatible with all browsers? The answer is CSS hack. The followingCodeIt is some common CSS hack I have compiled myself. I hope it will

Create a triangle with pure CSS (Border)

I wrote one beforeCreate a border with a triangle with pure CSS, That articleArticleIt uses special HTML characters to create triangles. Today we will introduce how to use border to create triangles. HtmlCodeAs follows: Div Class = "Arrow-up"

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