Parsing a selector name in a CSS

The original name can be like this Some time ago, at a site to see this content: "Is that okay?" Is my first impression of this. However, a little investigation to know, this writing is indeed effective. In addition, the sign

A summary of some notable places in CSS programming

CSS is a cascading style sheet, so a layer of overlay is actually its essential feature. The real problem is maintenance, many people think that CSS is only style, not code, no maintenance, so arbitrary writing, as long as the style of their own

Css-sprite Use detailed

Perhaps the best use of sprite tools, well, at least I used the best use. First install Css-sprite, install here is very pit, wait for me to finally say. The code is as follows: NPM Install Css-sprite I use gulp to build the front-end code, so I

Css:div to realize long English letter word wrap CSS

Automatic line-wrapping problem, the normal character of the line is more reasonable, and continuous numbers and English characters will often be large containers, quite a headache, the following is a CSS how to implement the method of line-wrapping

Efficient Neat CSS Code

CSS is not difficult to learn, but in large projects, it becomes difficult to manage, especially the different people in the CSS writing style slightly different, the team is more difficult to communicate, this summed up some how to achieve

Server-side merging and compressing JS and CSS files

One of the most important of the best practices in Web performance optimization is to reduce HTTP requests, which is also the largest rule in YSlow. The main scenarios for reducing HTTP requests include merging JavaScript and CSS files, CSS sprites,

How CSS controls the background of a Web page

We often worry about some pictures that are more suitable for their own backgrounds, because these pictures are not too big or too small, or too messy, when it comes to backgrounds, there are only background colors and color pictures, and both of us

Summary CSS Shorthand method

One of the   efficient CSS notation is to use shorthand. You can make your CSS file smaller and easier to read by shorthand. and understanding CSS attributes shorthand is also one of the basic skills of front-end development engineers. Today we

JS code Example: implementation of random loading of different CSS styles

Random load CSS style JS effect is actually very good implementation, the code of this article is as follows, the specific idea is to use a default CSS style: Default.css. Another css:skin1.css,skin2.css,skin3.css with three other names. Of course

IE restrictions on the introduction of CSS style sheets to web pages

1. Use link tag 2. Use the STYLE element 3. Use @import instruction 4, using the Style property inline style (inline style) It's a red word. In practice, inline styles using the style attribute are deprecated, and XHTML1.1 has set its standard

CSS Tip: Use Calc () to do arithmetic

Let's talk about the Calc () feature. This function allows you to perform simple arithmetic calculations, such as calculating the length of the elements, and eliminates the ability to write JavaScript code that is not easy to maintain. This function

CSS Floating (float,clear) Popular explanation

have been exposed to CSS a long time ago, but for the floating is always very confusing, may be the ability to understand their own poor, or may not have encountered a popular tutorial. Some days ago the vegetable finally understand the basic

Css/js text overflow automatically add ellipses ellipsis

CSS text overflow ellipsis Text-overflow:ellipsis Ext-overflow is a special attribute that is in the previous document (the current document does not contain the Text-overflow attribute, fml!) The definition of this is: Name:text-overflow-mode

How do I use CSS to display a picture as rounded corners

Use CSS to display the picture as a rounded angle. See it, this is the use of pure CSS to achieve the rounded image, in order to see the effect of transparency, I deliberately applied a background image, you can download this model to

Considerations for Dreamweaver using CSS

A lot of csser is from the previous page production began to learn CSS page layout, perhaps there is a certain DW habits. I hope this article will help you to understand and correct some bad habits. Because of "visualization" and easy to operate,

The application of CSS in positioning grammar

One, CSS positioning: position Grammar: position:static | Absolute | Fixed | Relative Take value: Static: Default value. No special positioning, the object follows the HTML positioning rules. Absolute: Drag objects out of the document stream,

10 tips for creating a CSS style sheet

If you want to be a CSS expert, it's not enough to recite a bunch of selectors, but also to improve the readability, efficiency, and maintainability of CSS stylesheets. Here, Jina Bolton will share her 10 tips on how to create a sexy CSS style sheet.

How to improve the rendering efficiency of CSS Web pages

How to improve the rendering efficiency of CSS Web pages? CSS learning process need to pay attention to the details of the very many, and these details are also affecting the CSS Web page rendering efficiency of the important factors, black cat

About CSS Syntax basics

1. Basic grammar The definition of CSS is composed of three parts: selectors (selector), attributes (properties), and values (value). The basic format is as follows: selector {Property:value} (Selector {property: value}) A selector can be a variety

CSS and Sass (SCSS) Development specifications

This article mainly introduces the front-end Coding Specification (4)--css and Sass (SCSS) Development specifications, the need for friends can refer to the following ID and class namingThe ID and Class (class) names always use names that can

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