CSS Web page making practical Tips 9

A. Use CSS abbreviations Using abbreviations can help reduce the size of your CSS files and make it easier to read. The main rules for CSS abbreviations refer to the CSS basic syntax. Two. Define units clearly, unless the value is 0 Forgetting to

Improve the Web page rendering efficiency of CSS 11 points note

The more in-depth CSS learning, we need to focus on the details of the more, today we use 11 points to improve the CSS Web page rendering efficiency. 1, hexadecimal color value pairs of digits and case When you write hexadecimal color values, you

CSS drop-caps: First-letter usage

See some of the beginning of a paragraph of the text of the site is very large, looks very special, this is called the first word sinking effect, CSS has ready-made grammar can be used, that is: First-letter, we first to understand: First-letter

CSS text color invariant underline color of the implementation

Here we have 3 sets of text set three different color underline, respectively, CSS named ". Divcss5-f00", ". divcss5-00f", ". divcss5-333" Second, the use of CSS border to achieve font underline is solid line or dashed-top 1, font underline color

CSS selector category, priority and matching principle

As a web developer, it is also important to have the necessary foreground technology, especially when encountering some practical problems. Here's an example: Adds a class to a P tag, but some properties in that class do not work after execution.

em px difference in CSS you really know that?

The font unit in the production of the site should use EM instead of PX, the reason is simply to support the IE6 under the font scaling, in the page Ctrl + Wheel, font to PX as the unit of the site does not respond, in this article will be detailed

CSS Application Basics Tutorial: How to Apply

The way C S is declared This chapter will begin to introduce you to the application of CSS. Of course, the first thing to introduce is how to build a stylesheet (style Sheets), including the way you declare it and how you apply it on a Web page,

CSS Basics Tutorial: Horizontal alignment (Text-align)

Horizontal alignment (Text-align) that is used to set the horizontal alignment of text within an element. 1. Grammar Text-align specific parameters are as follows: Syntax: Text-align:left | Right | Center | Justify Description: Sets the

Css/js/jquery three ways to get rid of linked dotted boxes

CSS: Very poor compatibility. The code is as follows A:focus,input:focus {outline:none;} In Firefox can use-moz-outline:none; or Outline:none; To remove it. So we can write this: The code is as

CSS hack and backward compatibility FAQ

Once you get used to something, it's hard to change it, and for all sorts of reasons, there's more and more new browsers, and the old ones can't be eliminated. Growth is always faster than extinction, which makes browser compatibility a topic of

Dynamically loaded JS, CSS and other files across the IFRAME implementation

  This article mainly introduces the dynamic loading of JS, CSS and other documents across the implementation of the method of IFRAME, the need for friends can refer to the following 1. Dynamically loading Js,css files (with native JS and jquery)

CSS and JavaScript cross-browser compatibility summary

First, CSS style compatibility 1. Float Closure (clearing float) Web pages in some browsers display the dislocation is often because of the use of float and not really closed, this is a div can not adapt to the height of a reason. If the parent

jquery implements different CSS style sheets for different sizes of browsers

  This article mainly introduces jquery to achieve different size browser using different CSS style sheet method, the need for friends can refer to the following This method supports IE browsers and other browsers. 1, first define two link, of

CSS3 's Flexbox dice layout implementation and problem example explanation

This article is only familiar with the use of basic attributes, and complete a set of dice each side of the production. In the following I will not involve flexbox some of the more difficult issues, such as the old version of the syntax, vendor

Use CSS's @supports tags to detect browser compatibility analysis

@supports can be used to check if a CSS property is supported by the browser and can be controlled via JavaScript, here's a detailed explanation of how to use CSS's @supports markup to detect browser compatibility CSS @supports tags are similar to

Easy to Master CSS3 Shadows, reflections, gradient tips

The following small series for everyone to bring a 5 minutes to let you master CSS3 Shadow, reflection, gradient tips (small recommended). Small series feel very good, now share to everyone, also for everyone to make a reference. Let's take a look

CSS3 fillet border and border picture effect instance sharing

The main points of this study are as follows: • Rounded Corners Border-radius• Box Shadow Box-shadow• Border Picture Border-image1. Fillet Border-radius The border-radius property allows you to add rounded borders to elements! Div { width:

Solution of adaptive height in div+css layout

Code equal height (workaround for Adaptive Heights in Div+css layout) sideleft to be from a fixed, pixel-based design partyIt is not easy to move to a flexible, relative design method. But if used properly, it can be a natural

CSS in the Zoom property or the Overflow:auto property clears the float

Preface In fact, the CSS in the Zoom this property is generally unknown, and even some CSS manuals can not be queried. In fact, the Zoom property is the exclusive properties of IE browser, Firefox and other browsers do not support. It can set or

A detailed introduction to the newly added features of the property selector in CSS3

0. Overview CSS2 supported property selectors with an expression [{Property | Property {= | |= | ~=} value}]1.[class= "A"] can only match elements of class= "a"2.[class~= "A"] can match elements of class= "a", class= "a B"3.[lang|=en] can match

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