Database open error ORA-01555: snapshot too old

Original blog link address: Database open error ORA-01555: snapshot too old During his honeymoon in Dongguan today, a student said that the test library he managed had a problem and could not be opened. Let's first look at the problem:

REQIMPORT-procurement internal application (R12.2.3)

Internal procurement application (R12.2.3)-- USProgram: Requisition ImportShort Name: REQIMPORTApplication: PurchasingExecutable: POCIRM-- ZHS program: Import Application Abbreviation: REQIMPORT application product: procurement management system

OEOIMP-create a sales order (R12.2.3)

Creating a sales order (R12.2.3)-- USProgram: Order ImportShort Name: OEOIMPApplication: Order ManagementExecutable: Order Import-- ZHS program: Import Order for short: OEOIMP application product: Order Management executable name: Order ImportPLSQL

[MySQL Case] HA: GTID_MODE configuration inconsistent

1.1.1. HA: inconsistent GTID_MODE configurations [Environment description] Msyql5.6.14 [Error message] In the initial state, both the Master and Slave enforce-gtid-consistency and gtid-mode are enabled, and both of them are changed to off. In

Compile and install MySQL 5.6.16 in CentOS 6.4

1. Uninstall the old MySql version 1. rpm uninstall: 1> check the installation package: Rpm-qa | grep mysql 2> normal deletion: Rpm e mysql-5.6.16.rpm 3> force Delete. If you are prompted to have other dependent files when you use the preceding

[MySQL Case] Warning of error. log: If a crash happens thisconfiguration does not guarantee that the relay lo

1.1.1. If a crash happens thisconfiguration does not guarantee that the relay log info will be consistent [Environment description] Msyql5.6.14 [Error message] When mysql slave is started, the following Warning occurs in error. log: [Warning] Slave

WSHPSRS-generate the pick database selection list-SRS (R12.2.3)

Zookeeper picking database selection list generation-SRS (R12.2.3)-- USProgram: Pick Selection List Generation-SRSShort Name: WSHPSRSApplication: Shipping ExecutionExecutable: WSHPSRS-- ZHS program: generate the picking database selection list-SRS

How to create a logical standby database based on a physical standby database

The related steps about how to create a phisical standby database please refer:   /* How to create a logical standby database based on a physical standby database */ The following is the

Let you know software development in advance (33): data manipulation language (DML)

Part 1 Database SQL language Data manipulation language (DML)   Data Manipulation Language,DMLIncluding insert, delete, and update statements for adding, deleting, and modifying data. The following table tb_employeeinfo is used as an example: Create

[MySQL] automated installation and deployment of MySQL

Anyone who has been using MySQL O & M should be clear that online MySQL usually uses source code compilation, because this allows you to select the function to be compiled based on your own needs, although the MySQL source code compilation is quite

[MySQL Case] ERROR 1665 (HY000)

1.1.1. ERROR 1665 (HY000) [Environment description] Msyql5.6.14 [Error message] An error is reported when an SQL statement is executed: ERROR 1665 (HY000): Cannot executestatement: impossible to write to binary log since BINLOG_FORMAT =

Database migration problems

133 export the database elink: dbexport-o/home/ap/dcclink/. shan/194/elink; 132 import the database elink: dpimport-c-ddatadbs-I/home/ap/dcclink/. shan/elinkelink.   The problem is as follows: 1. The type of your terminal is unknownto the

Duplicate columns are not displayed in SQL.

In reports, duplicate data can be basically not displayed. How can we achieve the following in SQL? a10a20b30b40b50Shown: a1020b304050 The SQL statement is as follows: create table #a (part varchar(10),price int)goinsert into #a

Connection string mode when VC_ADO connects to SQLSERVER

1. The first connection string connecting to SQL SERVER: For the database Authentication Mode "SQL SERVER and windows, The connection string is: CString strConn; StrConn = "Provider = SQLOLEDB.1 ;\ Persist Security Info = true ;\ User ID = sa

MySQL installation failure Solution

1. When the MySQL installation package of the msi version is last executed, it will die in step 3 and no response will be returned directly. This is because MySQL has been installed on the local machine before and is not uninstalled cleanly,

After you forget the Mysql password

I recently forgot my mysql password. I learned four solutions online and recorded them. Method 1: use the set password commandMysql-u rootMysql> set password for 'root' @ 'localhost' = PASSWORD ('newpass ');Method 2: Use mysqladminMysqladmin-u root

Not exists case

Today, a developer asks a question about not exists. Let's make an experiment. Lab 1 SQL> select * from emp e1 where not exists (select 1 from emp e2 where e1.mgr = e2.empno );EMPNO ENAME JOB MGR HIREDATE SAL COMM DEPTNO------------------------------

Building oracle11G DG in linux (2): Building a master database

Building oracle11G DG in linux (2): Building a master database Environment Name Master Database Slave Database Host Name Bjsrv Shsrv Software Version RedHat performanise5.5, Oracle 11g RedHat

ORACLE error 1033 and ORA-00600 error Solution

This error often occurs in Oracle data after an illegal shutdown: EXP-00056: ORACLE error 1033 appearsORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progressUser:Password: This is obviously because the database cannot be started, but the database

Oracle odbc driver installation (oracle client not installed)

Recently, a project was created to access the oracle database through VC odbc. It can run normally on my computer and cannot run on other computers because the oracle odbc driver is not available and the oracle Data source cannot be configured. Most

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