EBS-PAC cost update Transaction Processing

 PAC cost update Transaction ProcessingDECLARE l_itfs_rec mtl_transactions_interface % ROWTYPE; BEGIN-- Insert interface tableSELECT mtl_material_transactions_s.nextval INTO l_txn_header_id FROM dual;V_date: = p_end_date-1 | '06:00:00 '; l_end_date:

Functions of using USE_SHARED_SOCKET in Oracle on Windows

A friend asked a question in the QQ group two days ago. The background is as follows: After continuing to ask, I have the following reply: 1. The connection to the other server is normal. 2. The slave client can telnet port 1521 of the server. 3.

Building oracle11G DG in linux (III): Building a slave Database

Building oracle11G DG in linux (III): Building a slave Database Environment Name Master Database Slave Database Host Name Bjsrv Shsrv Software Version RedHat performanise5.5, Oracle 11g RedHat

MySQL restores a database in Windows and Linux

Restore database code in Linux: 1. Create an empty database cddlMysql> create database cddl;Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec) 2. Restore the database[Root @ chicago mysqlsoftware] # cd/etc/rc. d/init. d[Root @ chicago mysqlsoftware] # cd/etc/rc.

MySQL database makes a field that is not the primary key unique

In the process of using MySQL DATA, sometimes we need a field that is not the primary key and does not repeat it. In this case, we need to use the SQL UNIQUE constraint. The following is an introduction from w3school: The UNIQUE constraint

Dataguard disaster recovery database operation manual

Database: Oracle11gr2 Master DatabaseAlter database force logging;Alter system set db_unique_name = 'erpdb' scope = spfile; -- let's make the master database db_name = db_unique_nameAlter system set REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE = EXCLUSIVE scope =

How to obtain the oracle RAC 11g asm spfile location

Zookeeper Method 1:[Root @ vmrac1 ~] # Su-grid[Grid @ vmrac1 ~] $ Sqlplus/as sysasmSQL * Plus: Release Production on Thu Jul 3 09:36:27 2014Copyright (c) 1982,201 1, Oracle. All rights reserved.Connected:Oracle Database 11g Enterprise

Oracle trunc Function

Select to_char (sysdate, 'yyyy-mm-dd hh24: mi: ss'), to_char (trunc (sysdate), 'yyyy-mm-dd hh24: mi: ss ') from dual t; -- sysdate and trunc (sysdate) are different. sysdate at 00:00:00 of the current day is equal to trunc (sysdate) select trunc

Building oracle11G DG in linux (4): subsequent verification

Building oracle11G DG in linux (4): subsequent verification Environment Name Master Database Slave Database Host Name Bjsrv Shsrv Software Version RedHat performanise5.5, Oracle 11g RedHat

Use monk in nodejs to access mongodb

Mongodb Install mongodb I think mannual install is a little more reliable: http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/tutorial/install-mongodb-on-os-x/ Start mongodb $ Mongod Connect to mogodb $ Mongo Mongo> use monk-app Mongo> db. products. insert ({"name":

OCP-1Z0-051-Question Analysis-33rd question

33.You want to create an ORD_DETAIL table to store details for an order placed having the following business requirement:1) The order ID will be unique and cannot have null values.2) The order date cannot have null values and the default shocould be

Row_number () OVER (partition by COL1 order by COL2)

Row_number () OVER (partition by COL1 order by COL2)-- Indicates grouping by COL1 and sorting by COL2 within the group, and the value returned by this function indicates the sequential number after sorting within each group (the continuous and

Basic Oracle Data Operations

1. What is Oracle Before learning the DRP system, I have mentioned Oracle many times and learned about it. What is Oracle? Today, I finally unveil its secrets. Oracle: A company. Of course, I am talking about Oracle databases here. Like SQL server,

OCP-1Z0-051-Question Analysis-50th question

50. SLS is a private synonym for the SH. SALES table.The user SH issues the following command:Drop synonym sls;Which statement is true regarding the above SQL statement?A. Only the synonym wocould be dropped.B. The synonym wocould be dropped and the

Improving system performance-Thoughts on SQL statement Optimization

In the process of software development, the scalability of the system has been noticed from beginning to end, but at the same time, the system performance is also concerned. As a part of the system performance, SQL statements cannot be ignored,

OCP-1Z0-051-Question Analysis-32nd question

32. Which create table statement is valid?A. create table ord_details(Ord_no NUMBER (2) primary key,Item_no NUMBER (3) primary key,Ord_date date not null ); B. CREATE TABLE ord_details(Ord_no NUMBER (2) UNIQUE, not null,Item_no NUMBER (3 ),Ord_date

Rowid High-Speed Paging resolution

-- Select t. rowid rid, t. lastdate from t_test t order by t. lastdate desc; -- obtain the maximum number of pages by page in step 2. select rownum rn, rid from (select t. rowid rid, t. lastdate from t_test t order by t. lastdate desc) where rownum

A transmission error occurs when sending a request to the server. (Provider: Shared Memory provider, error: 0

Author: Qing Dujun Address: http://blog.csdn.net/qingdujun/article/details/36425825 When SQL Server 2008 + VS2010 uses code written in C # To restore the database, an error occurs: Error message: A transmission error occurs when sending a request

[MySQL Case] ERROR 1786 (HY000)

1.1.1. ERROR 1786 (HY000) [Environment description] Msyql5.6.14 [Error message] An error occurred while executing create table... select: Db1 [test] [23:01:58]> create tablelgmnr_bak select * from lgmnr; ERROR 1786 (HY000): create table... SELECTis

The time field type is timestamp integer or time type.

No matter what the project is, you have to contact the time type. Currently, using timestamps to store date data (for integer storage) is already a common practice in the industry. Various online game companies and major open-source companies use

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