ios-oc-Gold map draws routes based on two coordinate points __ios

Since the start of the project to use the high-German map, but two items of the gold map of the map have been used, the basic process is the same. 1. Import the required SDK configuration ... 2. Agent Property Map related @property (Strong,

IOS Alipay Payment Success/cancellation can not jump to the original app-I pro-Test solution __ios

We have been using the ping++ payment, and then integrated the original Alipay payment, there has been a problem, is to pay regardless of success or cancellation can not jump to the old app Baidu for a long time also did not see, and then finally

Ios-appstore Shelves Audit Push issue upload binary file rejected __ios

We are making a net about the car, the passenger side and the driver side. The passenger side submission can immediately build the version, is the first audit day audit passed. When the driver side submits the binary file to the App Store, How to

Ios-appstore Shelves Audit Each screen capture size __ios

The screenshots are fine when Xcode7. Upgrade to Xcode8 the screenshot has crashed There's no way to use the cell phone screenshots. But the screen size needs to be on the shelves. I saw the Apple development document sorted out. In fact, we just

Ios-oc 16 into the 10 OK version __ios

Bluetooth project encountered, the Bluetooth device sent over the data need to handle their own 16-in-turn 10-in-system + (NSNumber *) numberhexstring: (NSString *) ahexstring { is empty and returns directly. if (nil = = ahexstring) {

ios-through Nscalendar to get the year, month, day, time, minute, and second of the current time

void GetDate () { //nsdate Gets the current time nsdate *now = [NSDate date]; NSLog (@ "Now date are:%@", now); Filter the current time by Nscalendar Nscalendar *calendar = [Nscalendar Currentcalendar]; Nsuinteger

[IOS] Use Symbolicatecrash to analyze crash files

Time 2014-12-0323:39:00 Blog Park-Original essence Area Original Theme iOS APP iOS development The saddest thing for our iOS developers is that Apple audited the App store one weeks later and reported

iOS Development using Dyci Live debugging UI

If your project is the use of code layout, in the code in the face of the layout of the control to make some adjustments, you can not see the effect of changes in real time, each change requires a rerun of the project. By using the Dyci tool, it can

iOS development of the production of Jailbreak iOS device IPA package

Making jailbreak iOS Device IPA kits 1. Select the running target as iOS Device; 2.xcode->product->edit scheme->run>build Configuration is set to release; 3.xcode->product->archive, at this time Project->build Settings->code sign need

DJI IOS Development IV: The end of the __ios

In the beginning, I was very excited to see my first blog about DJI's SDK. Unfortunately, after I studied the SDK in depth, I found the following unforgivable restrictions: 1 Not enough GPs can not use the ground station and flight control

IOS Development Beginner: Introduction to Multimedia development

This article and the next series of articles will introduce the use of multimedia, or multimedia, in iOS development. Multimedia multimedia includes three parts of audio audio, video and image images. In iOS there is a special layer, media layer,

iOS zooms in or out of pictures with gestures

1. Add a variable in the. h file to record the current scale value and let this viewcontroller follow Uigesturerecognizerdelegate Agent. and add the following variable to. h CGFloat Lastscale; 2. Add the following statement to the

IOS Development Beginner: Implementation of application settings setting

There are a number of applications in iOS settings related to the settings, as shown in the following figure: This setting makes it easy to make changes to some of the basic settings that are applied. To fully implement this setup function, there

Unity Export iOS Project how to reduce running memory, installation package (IPA), and post-installation size

Unity Export iOS Project how to reduce running memory, installation package (IPA), and post-installation size (introduction) Recently, the project encountered some problems, because the project has more color picture material, size is also

Unity3d Access IOS Internal purchase __ios

The use of Unity3d produced game released to the App Store, and sometimes do the game to buy virtual goods, that is, internal purchase. In the development of iOS is called: in APP Purchase, abbreviation IAP So how to embed IPA in Unity3d. After a

Static IOS Framework VS Cocoa Touch Framework

Down vote accepted Cocoa Touch Framework support is added in Xcode 6 primarily to support APP Extensions in IOS 8 and Mac OS 10.10. APP extensions have to is built as Cocoa touch frameworks.Frameworks also require less manual work to set up in a

What to do with Apple's compulsive ipv6-only network iOS application compatibility IPv6

Apple's new policy is already known What we are most concerned about, then, is what we need to do as developers of apps. What is ipv6-only In the past, everyone was using IPv4, that is, the address looks

Request main thread Refresh UI in iOS

Only the main thread in iOS can immediately refresh the UI. If you are listening for asynchronous messages, triggering a callback function, or calling an asynchronous method, requesting that the UI be refreshed creates a problem with thread blocking

UE4 iOS Packaging

First use UE4 to create a simple example of what you like to project, official, and then start your packing trip. The way to iOS As we all know, we have itunes installed. After the installation is successful, there are optional devices.

IOS Basics: Retain,copy,assign and Autorelease__ios

Http:// Oneretain, copy, assign difference1. Suppose you allocate a chunk of memory with malloc and assign it to pointer a, and then you want pointer b to share that memory, so you assign a

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