Get common application and device information in iOS development

1. Get Version number: Version of the key in the plist file is "cfbundleshortversionstring", and on the App Store, the number is consistent, build in Plist key is "cfbundleversion", Represents the version number of the build, which should be

iOS Audio processing development (i) category configuration issues in iOS audiosession

How to choose the category of IOS Audiosession 1.kaudiosessioncategory_ambientsound or Avaudiosessioncategoryambient Applications using this category will mute with mute keys and screen shutdowns. And will not stop other applications play sound,

ios-Research Afnetworking (1)-afnetworkreachabilitymanager class

The Afnetworkreachabilitymanager class is provided in afnetworking to apply the monitoring of network state in the lifecycle. Afnetworkreachabilitymanager inherits from NSObject @interface Afnetworkreachabilitymanager:nsobject

The value of iOS transfer values (i)

the value of iOS transfer values (i)   ios4.0 System has started to support block, in the programming process, blocks is obj-c as an object, it encapsulates a piece of code, this code can be executed at any time. Blocks can be the return value of a

OC iOS How to convert BCD code to iOS acsii code __ios

Author: Zhu Ke Email: Reprint please indicate the source: HTTP://BLOG.CSDN.NET/LINUX_ZKF nsstring* ASCIICONVERTFROMBCD (NSString *bcdstring) { int len = bcdstring.length; Char pdupack[len/2+1], *pdustr; Bzero (Pdupack, len/2+1

Send string issue when Ios-post request

The JSON format is no longer in detail when the iOS post request is made, as is the normal way Send string requires special handling, the code is as follows: 1, note the content-type,2, the character encoding, 3, after the completion of the code,

Ios-watchdog watchdog mechanism

background Application 100% Loss completely failed to start and crashed. Completely cut off the network connection normal boot, debugging mode state of waiting time is very long, but can be started, and with the UI micro-card. A strong feeling that

iOS Development Provisioning Profile "iOS team provisioning profile:xxx" doesn ' t include signing certificate

When connecting the real machine equipment burst red (because the blogger forgot the screenshot has been processed) The questions are as follows: Provisioning profile "IOS team provisioning" doesn ' t include signing

iOS: Select video from the system album and get a thumbnail of the video

function in Uiimagepickercontrollerdelegate-(void) Imagepickercontroller: (Uiimagepickercontroller *) picker Didfinishpickingmediawithinfo: (nsdictionary *) Info implementation: -(void) Imagepickercontroller: (Uiimagepickercontroller *) Picker

Implementing the IOS Memory Detection Tool

Memory leaks are a common problem in iOS development, where common memory detection methods are sorted out. a static detection method Using the Xcode analysis feature, Product->analyze Using static detection, you can check out some obvious memory

iOS Reverse tool article

First, install Monkeydev (not jailbreak debugging): Non-jailbreak machines or use Xcode to debug third-party applications There are many integration steps, injection dylib, integrated reveal (UI analysis tools), Class-dump (view header file tool),

iOS development-Bluetooth background receive data (BLE4.0)

A moment of relaxation Http:// Recently in doing a Bluetooth related project, need to be in the background of the application, or the phone belongs to the lock screen state, still keep the Bluetooth connection, and can normally receive

IOS call camera, photo album get picture and crop to square

First, using the Uiimagepickercontroller protocol, -(void) Actionsheet: (Uiactionsheet *) Actionsheet Clickedbuttonatindex: (Nsinteger) Buttonindex { if (Buttonindex = = 0) { Uiimagepickercontroller *picker = [[Uiimagepickercontrolleralloc]

[IOS Diary] about Uiviewcontroller the location of his own view and the relationship between Navigationbar and StatusBar

Uiviewcontroller.view is initialized and assigned by Uiviewcontroller, and some special changes have been made to this view. Wantfullscreenlayout = False by default in iOS6; So, he would put this view.origin.y = Statusbar.height +

iOS TableView TableHeader highly incorrect

Today, we created a uiviewcontroller with xib, then changed it to Uitableviewcontroller, and then I created a tableheader with xib, and then there was a problem, The TableHeader height with the code is not a problem, and then various changes, all

IOS UITableView dynamically changing the height of Tableheaderview

Project needs to display some content at the top of the TableView, we can easily use Tableheaderview to achieve, but sometimes need to dynamically adjust the height of tableheaderview, we will find that even if the height of the header reset, frame,

iOS dynamically alters the height of the UITableView tableviewheader

The development of these days, there is a need to dynamically change the Tableviewheader interface, was directly in the viewdidload inside set a bit of tableviewheader=viewheader; Now assume that ViewHeader is the TableView head view)Then after the

iOS Device direction judgment

Uideviceorientation is the current direction of rotation of the machine hardware. You can only take a value and not set Uiinterfaceorientation is the current rotation direction of your program interface this can be set Determine the current

The coordinate transformation in the iOS development note--uiview

[OBJC]View plain Copy//convert pixel point from view to Target view, return the pixel value in the view of the target views-(Cgpoint) Convertpoint: (cgpoint) point Toview: (UIV   Iew *) view;      Converts the pixel point from view to the current

IOS:SVN ignores Xcworkspace, xcuserdata files

Description: project.xcworkspace Description : is a directory of files describing the workspace or projects. Although some of the answers here indicate it are unnecessary and should are ignored for source control, I don ' t agree, but It's going to

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