Get common application and device information in iOS development

1. Get Version number: Version of the key in the plist file is "cfbundleshortversionstring", and on the App Store, the number is consistent, build in Plist key is "cfbundleversion", Represents the version number of the build, which should be

iOS Audio processing development (i) category configuration issues in iOS audiosession

How to choose the category of IOS Audiosession 1.kaudiosessioncategory_ambientsound or Avaudiosessioncategoryambient Applications using this category will mute with mute keys and screen shutdowns. And will not stop other applications play sound,

ios-Research Afnetworking (1)-afnetworkreachabilitymanager class

The Afnetworkreachabilitymanager class is provided in afnetworking to apply the monitoring of network state in the lifecycle. Afnetworkreachabilitymanager inherits from NSObject @interface Afnetworkreachabilitymanager:nsobject

iOS generates IPA files

1. No cocopod works, generate IPA documents -----------without Cocopod project, generate IPA documents----------------- echo "================= Xcode clean =================" xcodebuild-target "${app_name}.xcodeproj"-scheme "Demo"- Configuration '

Xamarion.ios UIImage pictures, such as cropping scaling __ios

Applications need to extract a part of the picture to display, the study of the night also did not get a clear miscellaneous, only recourse to Google, Xamain forum find someone to put the method posted. Mark, please. Reference:

IOS (number first, alphabetic order next) __ios

-(void) test1 { Nsmutablearray *_array = [[Nsmutablearray alloc] initwithobjects:@ "B1000", @ "AB100", @ "AA108", @ "009", @ "10000", @ "30000", nil]; _array = [[Nsmutablearray alloc] Initwitharray:[_array

A comparison of developer accounts with the classic iOS tutorial

Author: Lin Nuo Lin Reprint please indicate the Source: Developer Account Classification type features Limit Cost ($) Personal account For

"11/30" iOS Development Growth path, "Nstextfield style, UIButton content left"

Nstextfield Style Nstextalignmentleft = 0, //visually left aligned nstextalignmentcenter = 1, //visually centered nstextalignmentright = 2, Accessorytype typedef ns_enum (Nsinteger, Uitableviewcellaccessorytype)

iOS Classic explain the countdown button Jkcountdownbutton use

Author: Loving_ios Reprint please indicate the source: Download Countdown button Jkcountdownbutton Code transfer door Jkcountdownbutton, the implementation of the iOS Countdown button, often

iOS development: changing thread priority

Brief Introduction Each thread executes with a certain priority, with a priority of about 0.75 for the UI thread, a default priority of 0.5 for the newly created child thread, and a higher chance of execution for the higher priority, to show you

Reactnative manually embed an existing iOS project (nth)

pre-development must have (1 and 2) 1.MAC Operating System 2. Successfully run the Reactnative project 3. Create an iOS project project called Reactnativeios 4. Create a folder rnlibrary in the corresponding directory of the project (name can be

IOS Access AppID

Question title: How do you get the application AppID before uploading it? Question: In my application, the use of appirater, I need to set up appirater_app_id, in the development of the state how I can get appid. The answer: Roughly speaking, you

Reactnative Manual Integration Codepush-ios (part N-1) __ios

Before the integration of the MAC system must be able to run the Reactnative project, otherwise does not apply, for example, I created a project named ' Rn The following figure, the structure of the location needs to be consistent, all of the

Realization of the drawing effect view of Bubble dialog box in iOS

In iOS development, you will encounter a view with a bubble type to do the background, sometimes uiview and Uiimageview, sometimes a dialog button, If the bubble picture is set directly, the picture will also pull up the small mouth of the bubble

iOS dynamically alters the height of the UITableView tableviewheader

The development of these days, there is a need to dynamically change the Tableviewheader interface, was directly in the viewdidload inside set a bit of tableviewheader=viewheader; Now assume that ViewHeader is the TableView head view)Then after the

iOS Device direction judgment

Uideviceorientation is the current direction of rotation of the machine hardware. You can only take a value and not set Uiinterfaceorientation is the current rotation direction of your program interface this can be set Determine the current

The coordinate transformation in the iOS development note--uiview

[OBJC]View plain Copy//convert pixel point from view to Target view, return the pixel value in the view of the target views-(Cgpoint) Convertpoint: (cgpoint) point Toview: (UIV   Iew *) view;      Converts the pixel point from view to the current

Use of IOS clipstobounds properties

Clipstobounds Property Description: Value: BOOL (yes/no) Role: Determines the display scope of the child view. Specifically, when the value is yes, it trims the portion of the child view that is outside the parent view range, and when the value

IOS:SVN ignores Xcworkspace, xcuserdata files

Description: project.xcworkspace Description : is a directory of files describing the workspace or projects. Although some of the answers here indicate it are unnecessary and should are ignored for source control, I don ' t agree, but It's going to

IOS iPhone, ipad screen size __ios

Screen Size: Normal screen 320 pixel x 480 pixel IPhone 1, 3G, 3gs,ipod Touch 1, 2, 3 3:2 Retina 960 pixel x 640 pixel IPhone 4, 4s,ipod touch 4 16:9 Retina 1136 pixel x 640 pixel iPhone 5,iphone 5S, iphone5c, ipod touch 5 IpadNormal screen 1024

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