Use iOS Simulator to detect and debug air applications

Adobe AIR 3.3 includes support for native iOS emulators and provides a quick way to detect and debug iOS applications. The iOS simulator is part of the Apple Xcode IDE, designed to create applications for Mac,iphone and the ipad. For more

Remove spaces and line breaks in iOS string

In iOS, remove the space in the string and line breaks in two cases, the first one is to remove the end of the string of spaces and line breaks, the second is to remove the occurrence of space and line breaks in the string. The code is as follows;

Installation and use of various iOS version simulator Xcode

the following Xcode versions correspond only to the most appropriate versions of the simulator, and may differ from individual versions If you need to perform a low version adaptation test, install the corresponding Xcode version and the

iOS development adds a project to another project

Reproduced from: The methods and steps to add the engineering owncloud IOS Library.xcodeproj to the engineering salesnote.xcodeproj are as follows: 1. Create a folder frameworks instead of a folder

IOS NSString Remove other characters (space carriage return)

There are times when you need to process strings. Now let's summarize the process of deleting special characters from a string . 1.stringByTrimmingCharactersInSet This method can only handle the special characters in the two parts before and after

iOS development icon and load map of various sizes

proportions 2x = @2xRetina 4 = 568h@2xRetina HD 4.7 = @2xRetina HD 5.5 = @3x iOS icon iphone 6 Plus @3x 180 x 180 iphone 6 && 5 @2x x 4s @2x 11/>ipad && mini2+ @2x 152 x 152 ipad 2

Each version of the IOS development notes icon and launch image size __ios

The size and use of various icon and launch image of app ios7,8 Asset IPhone 6 Plus (@3x) iphone 6 and iphone 5 (@2x) IPhone 4s (@2x) ipad and ipad mini (@2x) ipad 2 and ipad mini (@1x) APP icon 18

iOS Development icon size finishing

About iOS program settings splash screen and icon device is currently mainly: iphone devices and ipad devices iphone splash screen and icon settings The current iphone resolution is: 320X480, 640x960, 640x1136. Default.png 320X480 iPhone 320X480

iOS Development phone Size

1.iPhone Dimension Specification EquipmentIPhone WideWidth HighHeight DiagonalDiagonal logical Resolution (point) Scale Factor device Resolution (pixel) PPI 3GS 2.4 inches (62.1 mm) 4.5

A summary of some of the problems with iOS development

iphone Development Navbar+tarbar 1 Change navbar color: Select the Tint property of navigation Bar. Select the color. 2 Hide "Back" button: Self.navigationItem.hidesBackButton = YES; 3 Hide "NavBar": Self.navigationController.navigationBarHidden =

iOS development 13-bit timestamp conversion time

First type: NSString * timestampstring = @ "1423189125874";NSDate *date = [nsdate datewithtimeintervalsince1970:[timestampstring Doublevalue]/1000];NSLog (@ "%f", ([Date timeIntervalSince1970] * 1000.0)); The second type: NSString * timestampstring

iOS Issue certificate request

First, preparatory work1.1. Ready to pack the serverPackaging Server Setup See 1.2. Prepare Apple accountFirst you need to have an Apple Personal/company developer account. If no account can open

iOS crash log symbology

/applications/ Symbolicatecrash Appname.crash > AppName.log need to place the same directory as Appname.crash Xcode 7.3

iOS learning to create multiple sub projects

Keep growing. Daily one creation application Engineering contains multiple static engineering As shown in an application project, we created a static sub-engineering ProjectoneWhen we use a subproject header file, we find that the file cannot find

iOS a project to implement multiple target

Our company's project needs to involve many cities, most functions are the same, but each city has its own characteristics, the most basic is the app icon and launchimage different, so we should understand ... Use multiple target In fact, there are

IOS Learning Cocoapods using __ios

Stick to the growth of a daily articleNote: The installation of Cocoapods, the use of the process is done under the Mac terminal. For the introduction of cocoapods here on the omission, there are a lot of introduction Cocoapods Bowen, we can own

Ios--nsstring---Filter for line breaks and white space characters

Reference article: NSString * Headerdata = model.content;Headerdata = [Headerdata stringbytrimmingcharactersinset:[nscharacterset Whitespaceandnewlinecharacterset]]; Get rid of the blank and newline

iOS Small Demo The judge whether the string has spaces and removes the spaces in the string

To determine whether a string has spaces -(BOOL) ishaveemptystring: (NSString *) string { Nsrange range = [str rangeofstring:@ "]; if (range.location!= nsnotfound) { return YES; } else { return NO; } } To determine whether a string is a full space -

ios-remove spaces, special symbols from strings

In iOS, you can use the Stringbytrimmingcharactersinset function to filter special symbols in strings. 1, First you define a Nscharacterset, which contains special symbols that need to be removed. Nscharacterset *set1 = [Nscharacterset

iOS ScrollView to add animation effects, automatic scrolling uiscrollview, using the Nstimer

Reproduced from: In accordance with the general requirements of Zhao, the top of the front page need to add ads, originally thought quite complex, it is very simple Add a statement to the page

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