iOS string processing notes (regular expression, Nsscanner Scan, Coreparse parser)

Turn from: Search searching for substrings in a string The most flexible approach 1 -(Nsrange) rangeofstring: (NSString *) astring options: (nsstringcompareoptions) Mask range: (nsrange) searchrange locale :(Nslocale *) locale

Use of iOS local alerts (nslocalnotification)

Effect Chart: Figure I: Core code: JLVIEWCONTROLLER.M//local notification///Created by xinyou on 15-5-15. Copyright (c) 2015 vxinyou. All rights reserved. #import "JLViewController.h" @interface Jlviewcontroller ()-(ibaction)

iOS detects version updates via itunes search and prompts users to update!

Original address: iOS via itunes Search detects version updates, and prompts the user to update. If we want to detect updates to the app version, we have to get information about the version of the currently running app version and the latest

iOS simulator running normally, real machine test crashes directly

Recently encountered a very problem, the simulator is no problem, the phone ran directly crashes, the corresponding library files did not load, crash reason as follows Read some documents, mostly say will Xcode,clean, recompile, but still did not

[iOS] Automatic layout on the UITableView header

turn from: I've been looking for a clear answer to how to add an automatic layout to UITableView. So far, my code looks as follows: -(UIView *) TableView: (UITableView *)

How to transfer iOS apps from the App Store to the Enterprise version

Well, in fact, at the beginning of our application is the version of the App Store, because the App Store audit time is too long (3-14 days, iOS8 out, obviously audit time into two weeks), resulting in our application is always updated not timely,

Use Xcode to modify the iOS project project name and path name


My cargo 876 is this to change the success, because it is in the dare to eat the basis of the change of La La (My practice is to follow the steps below to change the name of the project successfully, directly modify the Xcode home page bundle

iOS implementation "Shake and Sweep" function sample code

Turn from: The implementation of "Shake Shake" function: The iphone has good support for "rocking", which is generally two steps: Open the Accept "shake" switch in the view controller;? 1 2 3

IOS growth Path-use system default sound, vibrate __ios

turn from: To import a frame: Code: [CPP] View plain copy #import #import @interface Msgpla Ysound:nsobject {Systemsoundid sound;//system sound ID range is: 1000-2000}-(ID)

Manually install the iOS 9.3 emulator under Xcode8.0

A few days ago upgraded Xcode 8, after installation, by default Xcode will only integrate a latest version of iOS, due to bugs in the project, the test needs to use a lower version of the simulator, and then go to Xcode preference to install more

[IOS Diary] Cabasicanimation KeyPath Encyclopedia and Use cases

Reprinted from Http:// Mark Cabasicanimation own only three property Fromvalue Tovalue Byvalue When you create a cabasicanimation, you need to specify a start and end value

[IOS DIARY]IOS6 style compatible Navigationbar and Tabbar style flat compatible iOS7 style global implementation

A good article with iOS6 style flat: [[Uitabbar appearance] Setbackgroundimage:[[uiimage alloc] init]; Remove the black background from the back or [[[Uitabbar appearance] Settintcolor:[uicolor Clearcolor]];

IOS Integrated TensorFlow

Integrated TensorFlow TensorFlow is Google's Open framework for machine learning, the latest official version 1.0 released, the author played a bit, about the pit has the following: When the entire package is loaded in the GitHub, we need to enter

iOS bluetooth Development (ii): iOS Bluetooth 4.0 Center mode Code implementation

A brief introduction of Bluetooth part of the basic knowledge, detailed things we can go to GitHub search Babybluetooth, there are some learning data iOS Connection peripheral procedures to establish central managers scan Peripherals

iOS development local notification (send a message on a daily basis)

NSDate now = [NSDate Date]; //Get system time Nscalendar calendar = [[Nscalendar alloc] Initwithcalendaridentifier:nscalendaridentifiergregorian] ; Nsdatecomponents *components = [[Nsdatecomponents alloc] init]; Nsinteger unitflags =

iOS self-scanning and two-dimensional code generation

Original address: iOS self-scanning and generating two-dimensional code 1. Two d code generation Libqrencode Introduction: Is a C language used to parse two-dimensional barcode (QRCode) of the program library, Libqrencode through the phone's CCD

Top IOS about canceling deferred execution functions. Performselector and Cancelpreviousperformrequestswithtarget

[CPP]View Plain copy @interface NSObject (nsdelayedperforming)-(void) Performselector: (SEL) Aselector withobject: (ID) anarg   Ument Afterdelay: (nstimeinterval) Delay inmodes: (Nsarray *) modes;   -(void) Performselector: (SEL) Aselector

IOS 7 Slide back to those things

Original address: With the increasing popularity of smartphones, the larger the screen, the sliding back gesture has become the standard feature of an application, and it can even be said that not sliding

iOS Learning Notes-view up and keyboard bounce back

Original address: In the process of learning iOS development, always meet the keyboard appears, obscuring the output port Uitextfield, can not see the user's own output content. Then you need to move up

IOS implementation Shake source code __ios

. h Files @interface shakeviewcontroller:uiviewcontroller { uiaccelerationvalue myaccelerometer[3]; Whether to respond to a shake of the flag BOOL _canshake; In the. m file #define KFILTERINGFACTOR 0.1 #define

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