IOS Line chart Implementation, dashed, gradient filled, line animation

Effect Diagram Demo address demo mainly implemented a few functions 1. Line chart + Stroke Animation + can scroll around 2. Dotted line Marking 3. Gradient Mask Fill 4. Small dot Show + click to enlarge animation If the above effect has met your

"Machine learning" tensorflow use cases on the IOS side

Support original, more content Welcome to the author blog: Machine learning This method of calculation has been known to the world in the last century, but it has not been developed because of the computer-limited

IOS Cgaffinetransform Properties

Transform we are generally called deformation properties, whose essence is to change the size, position, and angle of the control through matrix changes, here we look at the specific operation by an example, and in the following example we see the

IOS Search keyword highlighting

/** Regular matching keyword highlighting Keyword is the key word that needs to be highlighted. Options:nsregularexpressioncaseinsensitive is case insensitive */ nsmutableattributedstring* newstring = [[Nsmutableattributedstring alloc]

IOS jump to App store for application ratings

Method One: Jump directly to the store nsstring *str = [NSString stringwithformat:@ "itms-apps://"]; [[UIApplication sharedapplication] Openurl:[nsurl Urlwithstring:str]]; Method Two: Load a store

Warning:automatic preferred Max Layout Width before IOS 8.0

Solution Address: Automatic-preferred-max-layout-width-is-not-available-on-ios-versions-prior-to-8 Here's an excerpt of a few good answers to the solution Update 3:This warning can also being triggered

iOS Development-Apple Developer account registration, application renewal of the entire process

First, registered Apple ID Note: When you apply for the Apple ID, the name of the name and the file, please fill in the personal data, do not fill in the company's names, be sure to fill out the correct Personal Information The Name:san Last Name:li

iOS build toolbar Uitoolbar

Use macros to define text entries, image entries, system entries, and custom view entries, which provide an automatic release uibarbuttonitem that can be placed into the uitoolbar. #define Cookbook_purple_color [Uicolor colorwithred:0.20392f green:0.

IOS "Wild path" accurate access to webview content height, adaptive height

[New Address of my Jane book, Welcome to click to view Oh ~] ( about the WebView content height, I believe many people have stepped on the pit, can not get to accurate height, resulting in page layout error,

IOS Unit Test Xctest detailed

Original blog, reprint please indicate the pay attention to my ios-sdk detailed columnHttp:// Test is an indispensable part of a good app. Each app is grouped

iOS talking about nil and nil differences and related issues

1, nil and null literal meaning is simpler, nil is an object, and null is a value, my understanding is nil is to set the object to NULL, and NULL is to set the basic type to empty, the individual feels a bit like the attribute, the basic type is

IOS One Uiscrollview offset

First, translucent /* New behavior on IOS 7. The Default is YES. You may force a opaque background by setting. If the navigation bar has a custom background image, the default is inferred from the alpha values of the Image-yes if It has any

IOS 11 navigation bar changes

First, Preferslargetitles properties IOS11 Uinavigationbar Newly added Preferslargetitles property 1, Preferslargetitles When set to YES, the navigation bar would use a larger Out-of-line title view while requested by the current navigation Item.

Results of IOS sending messages to objects that have been released

NSObject *object = [[NSObject alloc] init]; NSLog (@ "release before = = =%lu", [object Retaincount]); [Object release]; NSLog (@ "after release = = =%lu", [object Retaincount]); Print results in two cases /* 1. Direct crash:

Basic use of IOS block and block pass value

Block provides us with a very convenient way to implement various values and callbacks Reasonable use of block reduces the amount of code and more elegant implementation capabilities Now do a small collation as follows: #pragma mark about

iOS development-several applications of block

About block, Bo is not, simple divided into three kinds to use: like functions as defined and used, different from the function is can be defined in the method can also be defined in the methods defined as property to use as modifiers Next to the

The block of iOS multiple parameters

Block FIRSTPAGEVIEWCONTROLLER.M of multiple arguments 1. Declare the block function _pickerviewcontroller = [[Tfpickerviewcontroller Alloc]init] when the first page initializes the page; [_pickerviewcontroller loadtfblock:^ (NSString *parameter1,

Flash Builder 4.6 compiled iOS app uploaded to the App Store for three problems and solutions

1. The first letter of Apple's withdrawal is as follows: Dear Developer, We have discovered one or more issues with your recent delivery for "Online Chat". To process your delivery, the following issues must is corrected: iphone 5

IOS Audio Recording

New empty Applicaton, add Homeviewcontroller file. Just look at the code, it's too boring and the theory will be mentioned in the code.HomeViewController.h code: #import #import @interface Homeviewcontroller:uiviewcontroller {} @property

Some ways to use IOS---block (back-propagation)

A friend recently asked me how the block in iOS was used, I told him about some of the practical applications I had learned. Because I think this is mostly more practical, Well nonsense not much to say that directly on the actual ------ In fact,

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