iOS Automated Packaging script

Each update SDK needs to be duplicated on the real machine, build in the emulator, and then merge the static library; to liberate both hands, try to write a script, one step to complete the above work. One, script file #!/bin/bash #要build的target名

IOS: When you cut back to the app, there will be flashes, flashes of the main screen phenomenon __ios

A particularly strange bug was found during the recent test, when the app returned to the background, the current app was not killed, and then the app was cut back, and the main screen flashed. Finally lock the culprit, when the settings return

iOS Development: Resolution Pixel How much do you know?

iPhone screen size and resolution of some small posture 20160303 IPhone devices now have multiple resolutions , as listed in the following table, Equipment Screen Size Resolution (PT) Reader Resolution (PX) after

IOS Unit Test Ocmock Introduction

Ocmock SummaryThe use of Ocmock is for certain objects that are not easily constructed or acquired, and are created for testing with a virtual object. The Cocoa programming test uses a system-led ocunit, or a third-party ghunit without a mock,

iOS development--dynamically set label size based on label content

Two methods: -(Cgsize) Sizewithattributes: (Nullable nsdictionary *) attrs ns_available (10_0, 7_0); -(CGRect) Boundingrectwithsize: (cgsize) Size options: (nsstringdrawingoptions) Options attributes: (Nullable Nsdictionary *) attributes Context:

Localization native development region in Info.plist files in iOS

1, call the system camera to take pictures, the bottom button is in English, here to switch to Chinese characters: in plist inside localization native development region Choose 2, use Mfmessagecomposeviewcontroller to write text messaging module

IOS Emulator shows incomplete problems __ios

I downloaded a demo on the Internet, IPhone4 and iphone4s to show that everything is OK. However, the use of iPhone5 and so on when the problem of display is not complete when I use IPhone5 and iphone5s real machine test, in the application of the

IOS: Fit (i)--universal Universal program IPhone, ipad Interface (method)

Preface A universal program is also an iphone and ipad version. Generic: Advantages: A package to facilitate management, distribution can share a set of logical code, data structureDisadvantages:The installation package will be large: the ipad

IOS prevents UIButton consecutive clicks causing multiple requests for problems!

In the project, many logic requests need to use the UIButton to do the click event to carry on the related jump or the data request and so on. Can be said to be the most commonly used in the project of a control, but some details of the processing

Several methods of iOS anti-repeated clicks

1. global variable flag method @property (nonatomic,assign) boolisclickedflag;//prevent repeated clicks #pragma mark--global variable flag method -(void) ljbtnclicked { if (Self.isclickedflag ==yes) { Self.isclickedflag =no;

IOS in real machine debugging can not be full screen, simulator normal __ios

Development environment: XCODE6, IOS SDK8.1 True machine debugging: IPhone5S, ios7.0 Problems encountered: The iphone simulator on the display of normal, and connect 5s true machine debugging, the application can not be full screen, the following

iOS using runtime resolution UIButton multiple clicks (repeat)

In actual development, when we click on a button button, we need to trigger an event to execute. When the user is under normal operation, the button will only respond to a single click when clicked. But if a user clicks a button more than once, it

IOS-use TestFlight to test beta versions of apps

TestFlight makes it easy to invite users to test our app and collect feedback before the app is officially released. To use TestFlight, simply upload the beta version of itunes Connect to the app and add the name and mailbox of the tester you want

Flash Builder 4.6 compiled iOS app uploaded to the App Store for three problems and solutions

1. The first letter of Apple's withdrawal is as follows: Dear Developer, We have discovered one or more issues with your recent delivery for "Online Chat". To process your delivery, the following issues must is corrected: iphone 5

IOS Audio Recording

New empty Applicaton, add Homeviewcontroller file. Just look at the code, it's too boring and the theory will be mentioned in the code.HomeViewController.h code: #import #import @interface Homeviewcontroller:uiviewcontroller {} @property

Some ways to use IOS---block (back-propagation)

A friend recently asked me how the block in iOS was used, I told him about some of the practical applications I had learned. Because I think this is mostly more practical, Well nonsense not much to say that directly on the actual ------ In fact,

iOS Development force individual Interface Vertical screen display

Method 1, through the Appdelegate-Application:supportedinterfaceorientationsforwindow: method to set This method is to do, explain this method is used to set the interface to support the direction of the screen, is not used to turn the screen, this

URL coding Problems in iOS


URL coding Problems in iOS Roche ( This article follows the authoring common agreement "signed-non-commercial-Consistent" NSString's stringbyaddingpercentescapesusingencoding can encode URL parameters, but there is a

Ios--storyboard use

First, Segue 1. IntroductionUsing storyboard can achieve jumps between multiple uiviewcontroller, the object that realizes jumps is Uistoryboardsegue object Each uistoryboardsegue has three important attributes 1) Unique logo @property

iOS Step by step learn to customize the map Blow box (Calloutview)--> (Baidu map, gold map, Google map)

iOS Step by step learn to customize the map Blow Box (Calloutview)--> (Baidu map, gold map, Google map)Gold map Google Map Baidu map blown out box custom Objective Students using the Map library on iOS must have encountered this problem: blown

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