Open source China iOS client Learning (12) User Login

Previous blog Open source China iOS Client Learning-(11) AES encryption refers to the user name and password saved in the local sandbox, read the user name and password from the local, this is a process? -(void) Saveusernameandpwd: (NSString *)

Open source China iOS client Learning (11) AES Encryption

Data encryption in the software development process plays a pivotal role, there may be some companies in the encryption has its own internal set of design algorithms, and in this respect do not want to waste too much energy to consider using

Open source China iOS client Learning (10) search function

Open source China Community team based on open source project Gitlab developed a and github the same online code hosting platform Git @ OSC. and open source client source code on the GitHub do not update, migrate to Git @OSC, for more information

IOS: Using UITableView to create a table application Walkthrough (4) Customizing a Cell

Today I'll show you how to use a custom cell in a table application and a simple action to select a cell. Objective of this article This article is based on the above, the application is extended to introduce the following content: Customize cell

IOS: Using UITableView to create a table application walkthrough (2) Loading and displaying data from a plist file

A very simple walkthrough of table loading and display is described above. Some friends may say, this also said is simple, can be a bit complicated? Don't worry, as a programmer, keep in mind that no matter how complex applications evolve from

iOS development: Using UITableView to create a table application Walkthrough (1) A simple table application

There are UITableView controls in many iOS apps. Let's start with a series of tutorials from UITableView. Goal Any great iOS apps come from a great idea. Although we just do the drill, the drill also needs a great idea! In this way we will have a

Design message notifications for iOS 5

As one of the major updates to the IOS5, the Notification Center can place all the alerts in a user's iOS device in one location, greatly facilitating user viewing and management. If a user receives a new e-mail message, a text message, or a request

The downloaded OTA upgrade file can be removed from IOS 7.1

Many people do not know that the iOS system settings in the application of the reminder number means that the current system has available upgrades, of course, many people do not like to upgrade to the latest system. When the iOS device is powered

IOS 7.0.3 Update enables iphone 5S performance to increase

Apple quietly pushed the iOS 7.0.3 update before the launch of the new ipad, bringing some hidden updates in addition to fixing the iphone 5s/5c sensor's insensitivity. Internet users found that the iphone 5S upgrade iOS 7.0.3 operating system after

Building an iOS continuous Integration platform (i) Automated build and dependency management

2000 Matin Fowler published articles continuous integration "1"; 2007, Paul Duvall, Steve Matyas and Andrew Glover co-authored the continuous Integration:improving Software Quality and reducing Risk "2" published, the book won the 2008-year Turing

Paging and scaling of Uiscrollview in iOS

The Uiscrollview class provides support for displaying the view size of content larger than the application window. It enables users to scroll through the content in a light sweep gesture, zooming in and out of the view by hand-pinching gestures.

Common settings for Uitabbar in iOS

Uitabbar is very common, it can achieve multiple pages of fast switching, and looks simple and practical. Suppose I have several initialized Viewcontroller, and then I need to add them to the Tabbarcontroller and set it to the root view Nsarray

Solution to keyboard masking input in iOS

Generally speaking, there are so many kinds of keyboard occlusion, one is to cover the Uitextview, there is to cover Uitextfield, in general, the comparison recommended in Uiscrollview or UITableView add TextField control. But sometimes it may be

iOS detailed TableView: Performance optimization and hand-drawn UITableViewCell

Improve the performance of table views UITableView as the most commonly used view in the application, its performance optimization problems are almost always mentioned. The following are some of the main explanations for the performance

iOS detailed TABLEVIEW:QQ buddy list implementation

Last blog wrote about performance optimization and hand-drawn custom cell content, which we use TableView's section header to achieve a similar QQ buddy list effect. TableView has an agent method This method returns a UIView object, where we can

iOS detailed TableView: The realization of dialogue chat layout

The previous blog introduced how to use UITableView to achieve a similar QQ friend interface layout. This article describes how to use a custom cell to implement the layout of the chat interface. Using cell to realize chat layout is not very

iOS detailed TableView: realize nine Sudoku effect

According to the demand nine Sudoku effect can have many kinds. Nine Sudoku Effect application is more extensive, realize also a variety of, such as the option drawer effect. Here is a demo that shows nine Sudoku effects on UITableView. Idea:

iOS detailed tableview: Built-in refresh, EGO, and search display controller

These days because of the network of the place to live a little problem, in addition to the Q, on the micro-blog other than the Web page can not be landed. Blogs are not followed up. Resumed today, so continue to update the blog. I also hope that

iOS detailed TableView: Options drawer (CAT merchandise list)

The previous article described the use of Headerview to write a table view similar to the QQ buddy list. This is written in the cat drawer can actually use this method to achieve, specific to the details of each person is also different. This is

Build iOS Continuous Integration Platform (ii) test framework

Test framework With automated build and dependency management, developers can easily build the entire project on the command line, but, as a continuous integration platform, the most important thing is testing, and the greatest benefit of

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