iOS tagged pointer detailed

Objective In September 2013, Apple launched the iphone5s, while IPhone5S equipped with the first 64-bit architecture of the A7 dual-core processor, in order to save memory and improve execution efficiency, Apple proposed the concept of tagged

Unit testing in iOS development (III.) analysis of test cases in Urlmanager

Urlmanager is a navigation control based on Uinavigationcontroller and Uiviewcontroller, based on URL scheme, designed to achieve viewcontroller loose coupling without reliance. Prepare the framework, define the base class First, follow the

Build iOS Continuous Integration Platform (iii) CI Server and automated deployment

CI Server Written here, for iOS developers, need to be ready: A relatively easy to get source code warehouse (including source codes) A set of automated build scripts A series of executable tests around builds Next, a CI server is needed to

evasi0n 7 v1.0.6 Update to support iOS 7.0.6 perfect jailbreak

Yesterday Apple released iOS 7.0.6 updates for devices such as the iphone and ipad, correcting problems with SSL connectivity verification. The jailbreak team also followed, and now has a v1.0.6 version of jailbreak tool evasi0n 7, which supports a

Introduction to the iOS Sync Assistant

Apple is no longer a necessary symbol of tyrants, and now it has been popularized in the silent of hundreds of lives in the end of the street. The market is full of various types of iOS management software has emerged. Can be in iOS7.0 and tyrants

Google Maps for IOS 2.3.4 faster navigation and increased language support

Google has updated the iOS version of the map application, in addition to bringing new features in the new version, but also added to the Arabic and Hebrew language support. In addition, the biggest improvement is the access to navigation, which has

Add new wallpapers, ringtones, and beep tones to the IOS 7 GM version

As a synonym for the "final preview version" of the Apple family, we saw a series of new wallpapers, ringtones, and Golden in the Tuesday release of the iOS 7 master version. As usual, these images are still divided into natural scenes and

The more controversial features in IOS 7

IOS 7 is a raging one, and whether you upgrade or not, you must know something about it. The operating system can only be said to be mixed. Some of the changes in IOS 7 are well received, while others remain controversial. This article is mainly

IOS 7.1 New features detailed

The latest iOS7.1 new feature Rollup iOS 7.1 is an upgrade from a larger version of iOS 7.0.4, bringing many project optimizations and improvements. For many fruit powder users are more concerned about the iOS7.1 of new features and whether the

How to run code during the iOS development process specifically during debugging

During the development process, we often use NSLog to track debugging, but the products that are released may not want these debug code to be run. Here's a little tip to share. You can use the following methods when writing code: #ifdef debug

IOS 7.1 Beta 4 has a more gorgeous unlock animation

For Apple's iOS developers, the latest version of the iOS 7.1 system, beta 4, has been released. The release is not long before the launch of the last Beta 3 release earlier this month. Developers who have registered with Apple can view the update

IOS: Using UITableView to create a table application Walkthrough (4) Customizing a Cell

Today I'll show you how to use a custom cell in a table application and a simple action to select a cell. Objective of this article This article is based on the above, the application is extended to introduce the following content: Customize cell

IOS: Using UITableView to create a table application walkthrough (2) Loading and displaying data from a plist file

A very simple walkthrough of table loading and display is described above. Some friends may say, this also said is simple, can be a bit complicated? Don't worry, as a programmer, keep in mind that no matter how complex applications evolve from

iOS development: Using UITableView to create a table application Walkthrough (1) A simple table application

There are UITableView controls in many iOS apps. Let's start with a series of tutorials from UITableView. Goal Any great iOS apps come from a great idea. Although we just do the drill, the drill also needs a great idea! In this way we will have a

Design message notifications for iOS 5

As one of the major updates to the IOS5, the Notification Center can place all the alerts in a user's iOS device in one location, greatly facilitating user viewing and management. If a user receives a new e-mail message, a text message, or a request

The downloaded OTA upgrade file can be removed from IOS 7.1

Many people do not know that the iOS system settings in the application of the reminder number means that the current system has available upgrades, of course, many people do not like to upgrade to the latest system. When the iOS device is powered

IOS 7.0.3 Update enables iphone 5S performance to increase

Apple quietly pushed the iOS 7.0.3 update before the launch of the new ipad, bringing some hidden updates in addition to fixing the iphone 5s/5c sensor's insensitivity. Internet users found that the iphone 5S upgrade iOS 7.0.3 operating system after

iOS Development tools: Network packet analysis tools Charles detailed

Brief introduction Charles is a popular tool for intercepting network packets under Mac, and in the development of iOS, we often need to intercept network packets for the purpose of debugging the network communication protocol with the server side.

IOS 7 new Hidden app or folder features

Prior to iOS 7, iOS officials did not provide the ability to hide apps or folders, and if you wanted to do this, you had to jailbreak your iOS device and then install a third party app that was not officially licensed by Apple, and now Apple has

Building an iOS continuous Integration platform (i) Automated build and dependency management

2000 Matin Fowler published articles continuous integration "1"; 2007, Paul Duvall, Steve Matyas and Andrew Glover co-authored the continuous Integration:improving Software Quality and reducing Risk "2" published, the book won the 2008-year Turing

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