The way IOS images are magnified (transform and frame) _ios

Examples of this article share the way iOS images are magnified, as follows The first way: Frame to change the x value Y value to enlarge the picture, starting from the left to enlarge. The frame changes the width of the control to enlarge the

IOS Custom Alertview Prompt box instance sharing _ios

This article examples for you to share the iOS custom Alertview prompt box, first above, the frame background color, the button background color, prompts the message the font color can change Using a single example to implement a rich custom

A detailed approach to switching views using the toolbar toolbar in IOS applications _ios

About UitoolbarThe toolbar toolbar is the view's property, and you can add toolbar buttons bar button Item to the toolbar (either custom, custom, or system-led Barbuttonsystemitem). The view controller can manipulate the contents of the views from

IOS Development UITableView and Uisearchcontroller implementation search and pull load, Drop-down Refresh instance code _ios

No more nonsense to say, directly to everyone paste code. The specific code looks like this: #import "ViewController.h" #import "TuanGouModel.h" #import "TuanGouTableViewCell.h" #define Kdevicewidth [UIScreen Mainscreen].bounds.size.width

The use instance of Uipickerview selection bar control in IOS app _ios

The Uipickerview control is a more common picker control than the Uidatepicker control, which can be understood as a specially made date-selected control that is processed from the Uipickerview control.The use of Uipickerview controls is a bit more

IOS Development Offline Map core code _ios

One, the effect chart. Second, engineering drawings. Three, code. ViewController.h #import #import #import "MapLocation.h" @ Interface Viewcontroller:uiviewcontroller { mkmapview *_mapview; NSString *addressstring; }

A tutorial on creating and reading plist files that store user settings in IOS applications _ios

When doing iOS development, often use to plist files, that plist file is what? It is the full name of the property list, which is a file for storing serialized objects. The property list file has a. plist extension, and is therefore often referred

Detailed IOS Tableviewcell Adaptive high Third class library _ios

In GitHub, there are many third-class libraries packaged by Daniel, which have a class library with adaptive cell heights. Download Address: Https:// Model class Commentsmodel #import "JSONModel.h" #import

IOS write Drop-down Refresh control _ios

Now there are a lot of mature drop-down refresh controls in iOS, such as Mjrefresh,svpulltorefresh I refer to the SV's writing here, but the return call is the agent, no block, personal feeling with the agent more concise The fundamentals of

IOS Implementation Verification Code countdown function (b) _ios

Verification Code Countdown button application is very common, the blog and you together to achieve the verification Code countdown effect, define a Send Verification Code button, add click event, specific content as follows Specific code:

IOS development TableView Click on the dropdown extension and inline CollectionView upload image effect _ios

Nonsense not much said, went straight to the subject. The desired effect 1. Set window's root view controller as a Uitableviewcontroller #import "AppDelegate.h" #import "YCTableViewController.h" @interface appdelegate () @end @

IOS Development Touch Event _ios

I. Event distribution processing "from outside to Inside" When a touch occurs in iOS, the event is added to the UIApplication event queue, and UIApplication takes the first event out of the event queue for distribution, which is usually distributed

How to set the title_javascript technique of micro-browser in iOS

When it comes to Web front-end, browser differences are an unavoidable problem, and this time the project encounters the following problems: The contents of the micro-beacon navigation bar are set by the title of the item directly taken. But now do

The implementation of the. NET Platform Push iOS messages _ practical Tips

The example in this article describes the implementation of the. NET Platform for pushing iOS messages. Share to everyone for your reference. The following steps are implemented: 1. Allow messages to be pushed to customers in iOS applications 2,

iOS gets AppIcon and Launchimage ' s name (app icon and startup picture name) _java

In some scenarios, maybe we need to get the name of the app icon and the startup picture. For example, when the app is in the foreground, received a remote notification but the notification bar will not have notification reminders, then I want to do

The Select Drop-down menu under Safari in iOS solution for the text to be too long to wrap _javascript tips

Today encountered the following figure this problem, the text is too long, the display is not complete. Toss for a long time, online search for half a day can not find a solution. So I asked my colleague, and my colleague mentioned , which was a

Ionic solution to keyboard blocking input box in developing iOS system micro-mail (keyboard eject problem) _javascript tips

When using ionic to develop iOS system micro-letter will have a problem, filling out the form when the keyboard will block the input box, in fact, is not a big problem, as long as the user input a word can immediately see the input box.

jquery based on Muipicker to implement the iOS time selection _jquery

First let's look at the original Muipicker example --> & lt;/a> picker (selector) Native select item-1 item-2 item-3 item-4 item-5 Native Select (selection box) on different devices, the UI may have differences, and

iOS Multithreading Introduction _java

I. Foreword part Recently in the interview, to review more than one thread, hope to deepen the understanding of multithreading. 1, what is the process? 1. To understand threads we must first understand the process, in layman's terms, the process

UIImagePickerController of iOS displays the Chinese interface and uiimagepicker Chinese

UIImagePickerController of iOS displays the Chinese interface and uiimagepicker Chinese During iOS development, we often encounter the function of obtaining photos and photos in albums, which means that UIImagePickerController is indispensable.

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