Application of the appearance pattern in the example analytic design pattern in the development of IOS app _ios

Appearance mode (façade) provides a consistent interface for a set of interfaces in a subsystem that defines a high-level interface that makes this subsystem easier to use. Here to show you the structure of the class diagram, we must see that we

Application example of Memo mode in design pattern development in IOS applications development _ios

What is Memo mode? In response to certain events, the application needs to save its state, such as when the user saves the document or the program exits. For example, before the game exits, you may need to save the status of the current session,

The implementation example of the strategy mode in the development of IOS app design mode _ios

This is an introduction to the Strategy Model (strategy pattern), which is a relatively simple pattern. It is also called the policy model (Policy pattern). The strategy pattern uses the object-oriented inheritance and polymorphism mechanism, and

For example, the use of strategy patterns in design patterns in IOS application development _ios

The strategy pattern is a common software design pattern, here is a simple introduction to the strategy model and the simple implementation of iOS.The so-called strategy model, as the name implies is to adopt a different strategy. In general, in

The IOS app uses the template method pattern in design mode to develop sample _ios

The core idea of the template method pattern is to move the invariant behavior to the superclass and remove the duplicated code in the subclass to reflect its advantages. In fact, the template method pattern is to provide a good code reuse platform.

IOS Multi-threaded implementation of multiple picture download (i) _ios

Before entering the body of the text to show you the effect of the picture, if we feel very satisfied please continue to read the full text. We can see that this interface is very simple, in fact, is the layout of the UITableView, but the

IOS uses Uicollectionview to achieve infinite carousel effect _ios

First, the case demonstration This case demo demo is a home page carousel case, support manual carousel and automatic Carousel. Knowledge points are mainly concentrated in the use of Uicollectionview and Nstimer. Ii. Knowledge Reserves 2.1,

Ways to determine whether IOS applications open HTTP permissions _ios

From the IOS9, the new features require the APP to access the network request, using HTTPS protocol. But whether or not the developer will allow HTTP requests will not fail to eject the following message at the time the request is initiated: APP

How IOS uses Cashapelayer to implement complex view masking effects _ios

First, the case demonstrationRecently, when organizing a chat project, send a picture, there will be a triangular point of effect, point to the sender of this picture. The server returned to us is just a picture of a rectangle, how we put a

A case study on the application of command mode in the design pattern in IOS app development _ios

The command mode encapsulates a request or behavior as an object. Packaged requests are more flexible than the original, and can be passed, stored, dynamically modified, or placed in a queue between objects. So let's briefly describe the

Explain the basic methods of changing UIButton internal controls in IOS app development _ios

UIButton internal Default has a Uiimageview, Uilabel control, you can use the following properties to access: Copy Code code as follows: @property (Nonatomic,readonly,retain) Uiimageview *imageview; @property

IOS app design mode development of adapter mode using the actual combat walkthrough _ios

I believe that the students do app development, for some third-party statistical analysis, error collection, such as the SDK should be not unfamiliar. At present, there are many products of the same function in the market, dazzling, people can not

Application of Memento memo mode in design mode in IOS app development _ios

Memo mode. As the name suggests, the memo pattern is designed to return to the previous state. From the name looks at a glance, OK, or the same as the old, first given the definition. Memo (Memento): captures the internal state of an object without

Detailed explanation of the usage of autoresizing dimension Auto-adaptation in IOS application development _ios

Foreword: Now is not as before the only one size, now the least iphone development needs to fit at least three dimensions. So before we can use hard coordinates to set the position of each control, but now the words are no longer, we need to do a

IOS Implements crop box and picture clipping function _ios

Picture clipping, which is often used in picture processing, is the area where the picture is cropped by the trim box, then cut off the area of the picture, today to achieve a bit, in fact, the picture clipping itself is not difficult, the main trim

IOS custom Uicollectionviewflowlayout To achieve image browsing effect _ios

Before the waterfall used to use the Uicollectionview, but at that time using the system from the Uicollectionviewflowlayout layout, read the article today, see Uicollectionviewflowlayout Custom Related things, so hands-on wrote a simple picture

IOS realizes bidirectional slider effect _ios

Recently do the project, encountered a two-way slider, their realization a bit, casually write ideas, easy to develop later, to avoid duplication of code, paste on the line later. Encapsulated, the code is as follows: #import typedef

How IOS uses the font library you added _ios

Sometimes you might want to add a Third-party font library for the beauty of the interface. How does that work?1. Add a font library to your project.2. Add a new column to the Info.plist as shown below.If you need to add more than one font, then

The method of setting the full screen divider of uitableview in the development of IOS program (without drawing lines) _ios

Ableview is a commonly used control in app development and is powerful for data display. Here are two ways to set up a full screen divider for UITableView. The specific details are as follows: Add the following code as shown

IOS Development View Switch _ios

One, view switch Uitabbarcontroller (Paging Controller)-Parallel management view Uinavigationcontroller (navigation Controller)-pressure stack out stack management view Modal window Second, Uitabbarcontroller paging controller

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