The use of vector graph in IOS application development and the method of modifying vector graph color _ios

Before doing a bit of something, to fit 6 and plus, do your own cut map to find it really annoying enough. The method of generating PNG graphics based on vector graph is also afterwards know, study, hope next can practice. Enter the translation

IOS draws exclusive program for the romantic love of apes _ios

Recently there is no matter, think how it should be able to highlight the romantic feelings, can not talk about it, the most important thing is to have a visual display of things to do ~ Don't say much nonsense, directly on demo HeartView.h

IOS implements code that takes color from the background image _ios

This article explains the iOS from the background Image color code, shared for everyone to refer to, the specific contents are as follows Implementation code: void *bitmapdata; A pointer to the memory space equal to the number of bytes used

IOS implementation code executes only once _ios

iOS implementation code allows only one execution -(void) viewdidload { [super viewdidload]; Do no additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib. [Self performselector: @selector (wangmumu:) withobject:@ "afterdelay:1]; }

IOS to achieve left and right two tableview linkage effect _ios

First, take a look at the effect of the map to achieve Second, small analysis, you can first look at the back! Third, the realization of tableview linkage is mainly divided into two situations 1, click on the left side of the cell to the

In IOS, Navigationcontroller removes the background image and removes the core code from the bottom line _ios

Nonsense not to say, directly to everyone posted in iOS navigationcontroller remove background pictures, remove the bottom line of the core code, the key code as follows: Remove background picture Copy Code code as follows:

Summary IOS Five ways to turn off keyboard/exit keyboard _ios

If you don't say more, then there are several ways to achieve it: 1, click outside the edit area (UIView) This is a very intuitive way, when no longer need to use the virtual keyboard, just click on the virtual keyboard and edit the area outside,

How to use Uisearchbar controls in IOS to limit the number of input words _ios

Nonsense not to say, directly to everyone on the key code, the specific code as described below: -(void) Searchbar: (Uisearchbar *) Searchbar textdidchange: (NSString *) SearchText//called when text changes (including CL Ear) { if

Compare four ways of switching between common views in IOS development _ios

In iOS development, the most common ways to switch views are as follows: 1. Push, pop Use examples (Viewcontroller is assumed to be a controller that requires a jump): [Self.navigationcontroller Pushviewcontroller:viewcontroller

Tabbar_ios for IOS to implement custom transparent backgrounds

Don't talk much, just look at the sample code '//Uiimageview *imageview = [[Uiimageview alloc]initwithframe:cgrectmake (0, 0, KSCREENW, Tabbarheight + 5)]; [ImageView setimage:[self Createimagewithcolor:[uicolor Clearcolor]]; [ImageView

A brief analysis of several schemes of video playback in IOS _ios

1, Avplayer (1) Advantages and disadvantages Advantages: You can customize the UI for control Disadvantages: Simple playback, no control UI (progress, pause, play, etc.), and if you want to display the playback interface, you need to use

IOS implementation expands level two list effect _ios

Let's take a look at the effect chart. Usage (similar to UITableView) Initialize Xdmulttableview #import "XDMultTableView.h" ... @property (nonatomic, ReadWrite, strong) Xdmulttableview *tableview; _tableview = [[Xdmulttableview alloc]

Get app startup page picture _ios with IOS code

Use code to get app startup page picture   Applesystemservice.swift//Swift-animations////Created by youxianming on 16/8/11. COPYRIGHT©2016 year youxianming. All rights reserved. Import Uikit class Applesystemservice:nsobject {/** get

An analysis of the integrated _ios of IOS Multi-view Sliding click Switching

Objective Multi-View Sliding Click Switch This view is useful in many apps, I encapsulate this view, the outside only need to call an interface, can achieve this effect, use method and system Tabbarcontroller very similar. The outside world only

The phonetic _ios of IOS Chinese characters

No more nonsense to say, directly to everyone to paste the key code. The specific code looks like this: #import @interface nsstring (Utils) /** * Pinyin of Chinese characters * * @return Pinyin * * -(NSString *) Pinyin; @end #import

IOS realizes horizontal waterfall flow _ios

Effect Source: Https:// GRIDFLOWLAYOUTVIEWCONTROLLER.M//animations////Created by youxianming on 16/5/5. COPYRIGHT©2016 year youxianming. All rights reserved. #import "GridFlowLayoutViewController.h" #import

IOS Implementation Sideslip Bar effect _ios

Effect Source: Https:// in the Sideviewcontroller VIEWCONTROLLER.M//Sideviewcontroller////Created by youxianming on 16/6/6. COPYRIGHT©2016 year youxianming. All rights reserved. #import

IOS Game Development Gobang OC Edition _ios

First on the effect chart -Function display -Initial Advanced Board switching effect Implementation of ideas and the main code detailed 1. Draw the Chessboard Use quartz2d to draw the chessboard. The code is as follows -(void)

IOS to achieve a simple version of the QQ Drop-down list _ios

Let's take a step-by-step look at how to implement through the example code, first set up two model classes, a friend, a Friendgroup class. A local plist file used by the data source. The plist file contains attributes such as the Friendgroup

A brief analysis on IOS's method of watermark to pictures _ios

Not much to say, directly on the code A new class of UIImage, declared in. h + (UIImage *) Imagewithimage: (uiimage *) image content: (NSString *) content frame: (cgrect) frame; . m below + (UIImage *) Imagewithimage: (uiimage *

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