Explain how to create a navigation controller using storyboard in IOS development _ios

About Storyboard After IOS5, Apple offers a new way to make the UI, which is storyboard. In simple terms, storyboard can be seen as a set of Viewcontroller corresponding Xib, and the way they are converted. In storyboard, you can see not only the

An implementation code instance that enables app to obtain native address Book in IOS development _ios

First, add addressbook.framework and addressbookui.framework to the project Second, access to the Address Book 1. Define the array in Infterface and initialize it in the Init method Copy Code code as follows: Nsmutablearray

Fast Integrated SMS SDK Verification Development in iOS (SMSSDK), how to set up SMS authentication code in IOS development _ios

Hey.. SDK is someone else's, I just download to integrate. SMSSDK download site: http://www.mob.com/(there are many other sites have similar SDK, such as https://www.juhe.cn/, etc., you can own Baidu, I am here to demonstrate the Mob official

IOS program development of the jump SMS send interface to achieve the function of sending SMS _ios

Project requirements: In the program development, we need to send some SMS validation in a program (not to receive SMS verification, SMS verification, transmission door: http://www.cnblogs.com/wolfhous/p/5096774.html Project implementation: New

Null,nil,nsnumber solution for JSON parsing in IOS _ios

In the iOS development process, often need to communicate with the server data, JSON is a commonly used efficient and concise data format. There are two structures of JSON construction: JSON is simply a set of objects and arrays in JavaScript, so

Event delivery response chain _ios for IOS development

When we use micro-letters and other tools, click Sweep, you can open two-dimensional Code scan view. When we clicked on the screen, the iphone OS captured the user's "click" Behavior, and the operating system packaged the information that contained

Common operations for Uiimageview controls in IOS development _ios

Uiimageview, as the name suggests, is used to place pictures. When you design an interface using Interface Builder, you can of course drag the control directly in and set the related properties, which is not to say, it's about using code. 1. Create

IOS generate and read two-dimensional code card _ios

I. Overview1, through a certain geometry of a certain pattern in the plane (two-dimensional direction) distribution of Black-and-white graphics record data symbol information2, two-dimensional code can usually contain the following content

IOS Implementation Manual screenshot and save _ios

This article introduces the iOS manual clipping pictures and save to the album details of the code, share for everyone to refer to, the specific content as follows First, the realization effect 1. Operation steps Draws a rectangular box,

IOS Customized personal Avatar _ios

This article introduces the iOS customization of their own personality head method, share for everyone to reference, the specific content as follows One, the effect chart1. Cut a picture into a circle2, around the picture to display the specified

Tips for using Uilabel to set fonts in IOS development _ios

First, initialization Copy Code code as follows: Uilabel *mylabel = [[Uilabel alloc] Initwithframe:cgrectmake (40, 40, 120, 44)]; [Self.view Addsubview:mylabel]; Second, set the text 1, set the default text Copy

Imitation IOS effect with spring animation Listview_ios

The recent project intends to do an interface, similar to the DayOne home page interface effect, DayOne is a paid application, currently only iOS side. As a senior lazy programmer, the aim is to never repeat the creation of a wheel. So, go to the

An example to analyze the basic points of application development of music player in IOS _ios

First, adjust the structure of the project, import the necessary materialThe restructured project structure is as follows: Two, new two controller(1) Create a new controller to display the music file list interface, which inherits from

An example of a custom nsoperation class in IOS multi-threaded application development _ios

First, to achieve a simple tableview display effect Implementation results show: code example (using the previous business process in the host controller) 1. Create a new project and let the controller inherit from Uitableviewcontroller.

Detailed IOS layer Transitions animation _ios

A subclass of Caanimation that is used to animate transitions, providing layers with animations to move out of the screen and move into the screen. iOS has less effect than Mac OS x transitionsUinavigationcontroller is the animation effect of

IOS hands-on animation of custom transitions _ios

Transitions animation This thing, say simple also simple, can pass presentViewController:animated:completion: and dismissviewcontrolleranimated:completion: This set of functions shows up in a modal view and hides the view. If you use the

IOS Development uses Gdataxml framework to parse network data _ios

Preface: Gdataxml is Google based on the C language of the third party framework, the source file on a class, look at its source code, the basic use of the C language at the bottom of many Lib compilation library codes, so just import use, will be

IOS development uses XML to parse network data _ios

Foreword: This essay is about XML parsing. Body: 1, the XML parsing method has 22 kinds: DOM: A one-time load of XML data into memory for parsing, more suitable for parsing small files sax: Starting from the root element, in order an element of

The effect of _ios on the implementation of dynamic elements in IOS

Objective Recently more and more apps, has abandoned the first entry into the 3-4 page of the Import page, but also took the function page to suspend a dynamic effect to show the corresponding function points. This module is mainly to achieve the

Easy fix IOS local message push _ios

First, we need to understand a concept, where local notification is the Uilocalnotification class, and the system's Nsnotificationcenter Notification Center is a completely different concept. What we can do by local notice notifications, in fact,

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