Example explains the creation of the basic animation for IOS application UI Development _ios

First, a brief introduction Capropertyanimation of the child class Attribute resolution: Fromvalue:keypath the corresponding property's initial value Tovalue:keypath the end value of the corresponding property As the animation progresses, the

IOS 10 bug fixes using camera photo Flash _ios

IOS 10 new regulations, in the pickup camera, photo albums, contact information, the microphone needs to add the specified key in the Info.plist, otherwise flash-back: Info.plist NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription Use of photo albums requires

The use of the carrier pigeon push in IOS detailed demo _ios

Recently in the knowledge of the push, using the carrier pigeon is mainly because the backstage with a homing pigeon Push with a third party push, that is, to build a broadcast receiver on the client, when the server sends messages to the carrier

Learn about IOS custom navigation controller Uinavigationcontroller_ios

Custom navigation Controller: Bring the common parts of the navigation controller to the unified setting 1, the general navigation bar title font settitletextattribute and background color setbackgroundimage are unified, you can use the Load method

The realization method of IOS image Blur effect _ios

This article for everyone to share the iOS image blur effect of three ways to achieve, for your reference, the specific content as follows 1. Realize the effect in order as follows: Original picture, iOS8 effect, Core image effect, vimage effect -

Step by step to achieve IOS theme skin switching effect _ios

This example for you to share the iOS theme skin Switch code for your reference, the specific contents are as follows 1. Introduction to Theme Skin function switchingThe theme switch is to dynamically change the user's interface according to the

IOS App Guide page development tutorial _ios

Introduction to guide page features Mode one:Determines whether a program starts for the first time, if it is the Guidepageviewcontroller as the root view controller for the window. Guidepageviewcontroller has three child controls: a Uiscrollview,

The simple implementation process of the IOS custom Calendar control _ios

Because the program requires a calendar control to be inserted, the requirement for that space is the calendar from the beginning of the day and the next six months. Access to the Internet basically said that as long as the acquisition of two

The Uipickerview of IOS Development realizes the steps of City selector _ios

Objective Uipickerview is a selector control that generates a Single-column selector or a multiple-column selector, and the developer can fully customize the appearance of the selection, so the usage is flexible. Uipickerview directly inherits

IOS Development Uiscrollview Control detailed _ios

What is a Uiscrollview control? (1) Mobile device screen ⼤ large ⼩ Small is extremely limited, so direct ⽰ show in the ⽤ user's immediate content is also very limited (2) When the exhibition ⽰ show more content, than ⼀ a screen, ⽤ users can scroll

IOS Imitation Hot Topic hot wheel-Seeding interface Tableview_ios

Nonsense not much to say directly on the code: This feature should be quite common, a tableview to another tableview, something like segment, which I encapsulated: VIEWCONTROLLER.M///////Created by elegant scented on 16/6/3. COPYRIGHT©2016

The method of output log log shutdown after IOS Xcode8 update _ios

Just to update the Xcode to the latest 8, a run found a lot of log output, according to the following operation can be turned off these log logs, click the item edit scheme-run-arguments-environment variables add: Name:os_ Activity_mode

Xcode 8th Log Output garbled problem solution in IOS _ios

Updated to Xcode 8 students should have encountered this problem: run the project with Xcode 8, the log will be crazy brush, like the following figure: Log output So, a simple search, "crooked nuts" gives the following solutions: Edit scheme->

Explain the transition animation and group animation in IOS development and UIView package animation _ios

I. Animation of the Transitions A subclass of Caanimation that is used to animate transitions, providing layers with animations to move out of the screen and move into the screen. iOS has less effect than Mac OS x transitions

IOS implementation Picture Click Full Screen preview _ios

If you feel tired, that's right because you're going uphill. This sentence seems to have a sense of appearance, often remind yourself no matter where you go, don't forget why you started. Sometimes think about feeling something that can be recorded,

Explain the simple implementation of audio and music playback in IOS development _ios

Playback of sound effects First, a brief introduction In simple terms, audio can be divided into 2 kinds (1) Sound effects Also known as "short audio", usually plays in the program 1-2 seconds long Play a decorative effect in your application

Introduction to the basic usage of webview in IOS development _ios

1. Use UIWebView to load Web pagesrun Xcode 4.3 and create a new single View application named Webviewdemo. 2, loading WebViewAdd WebView member variable in VIEWCONTROLLER.H and add implementation in VIEWCONTROLLER.M Copy Code code as

Introduction to the use of Uiswitch buttons in IOS development _ios

The first way to create a Uiswitch control is to create it dynamically in your code.1, open Xcode 4.3.2, new project switch, select Single View application.2, open the viewcontroller.m file in the Viewdidload method to add code: Copy Code code

The basic writing method of button in IOS UI development _ios

One, simple explanation In general, when you click on a control, the corresponding response is a button The function of the button is more, can display the text, also can display the picture, but also can adjust the interior picture and the

Share a simple way to implement basic drawing board functionality under IOS _ios

Code sectionTouchView.h Copy Code code as follows: #import @interface Touchview:uiview { Nsmutablearray *points; Nsarray *points_all; Cgcontextref context; Uicolor *paint_clr; } @property (strong,nonatomic)

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