IOS project Development--similar to Taobao details page _ios

Some time ago the company in the development of a project, while now have time to put the knowledge point of the collation. Item Product Details page at that time is imitation Taobao, the use of Third-party Library is Mjrefresh, pull operation and

4 ways to compare and analyze IOS delayed execution _ios


Recently learned several methods of delaying execution, sharing: 1.performSelector (NSObject) method 2.NSTimer method 3.GCD method 4.sleep (Nsthread) method First, the Performselector method: Copy Code code as follows: [Self

IOS client menu features imitation Baidu glutinous rice/American Group II menu _ios

I just recently in the development of a mall project, the implementation of a simple control, and we share it. The effect of the control is similar to the Baidu glutinous rice or the United States Group level Two menu, I developed iOS client menu

IOS Development widget Construction and implementation code _ios

The widget implementation for iOS development Objective The advent of IOS extension makes it easier for users to view applications, such as users can view the application's brief information in today's widgets, and then click into the relevant

IOS UIWebView get 404, 504 Error Solutions _ios

UIWebView get 404, 504 Error codes Problem description When using WebView, there is a problem:If the access server returns an exception, such as 404, 504 error, you need to display a specific picture and copy on the native (404, 504 Purple error

A detailed introduction and application example of IOS mask Properties _ios

Objective: In the development process, a UI development approach like Android and other platforms requires a mask diagram to display part of the UI or icon resources. iOS controls have alpha values, but this value is transparent to the entire icon

IOS-GCD detailed and simple use _ios


IOS-GCD Introduction During the development process, we sometimes want to encapsulate some of the operations and delay them for a while. in iOS development, there are two common ways to implement deferred execution, one is to use GCD, and the other

IOS Fingerprint identification detailed and example code _ios

IOS fingerprint identification, here to organize the knowledge used in the project. IOS fingerprint recognition now, in the demand for security and efficiency, the common password can not meet our requirements, fingerprint recognition was born.

IOS Pull-down Select Menu Simple Package _ios

This example for you to share a simple package of iOS dropdown menu code for your reference, the specific content as follows //OrderListDownMenu.h #import @protocol orderlistdownmenudelegate -(void) Orderlistdownmenu:

IOS Development Table View detailed _ios

This article describes the use of table views in detail. Specifically as follows: Overview Table View composition The table view is the most important view in iOS development, and it presents the data as a list. Table view again part of the

IOS implements a transition animation similar to the Guevara movie _ios

As with Guevara movies, or other apps, you might know that a button-click animation that uses magnification to achieve transitions is now very popular, and the effect is generally as follows Custom Transitions Animation First, declare a

IOS URL Chinese garbled problem solution _ios

IOS Solution URL Chinese garbled problem solving When making an HTTPS connection, the client is to synthesize an HTTPS address If the address contains Chinese, the program will be crash, check found that the original is not the reason for the

IOS Touch Event distinguishes the method of clicking the double-click Response _ios

If you have a view in your IPhone application, there are both a click and a double-click operation. When a user double-clicks a view, it always performs a click action before double-clicking. Therefore, direct judgement will find that you can not

IOS basic animation, key frame animation, the use of easing functions to achieve physical animation effect _ios

iOS basic animation/Key frame animation/Physical animation effect with ease function First of all, the Basic animation section The basic animation part is simpler, but the animation effect that can achieve is also very limited The use method is

IOS to achieve a simple two-level menu effect _ios

First look at the effect diagram to be implemented The sample code is as follows Untitled.gif #import "ViewController.h" #import "CollectionViewCell.h" #import "CollectionSectionView.h" @interface Viewcontroller () @property

How IOS achieves simple drawer effects with 100 lines of code _ios

Objective The simple implementation of iOS drawer effect is now used in many applications, the Internet also has a lot of examples, this article is mainly through a number of simple code to achieve, there is a need to learn together. Here is the

The use of IOS Baidu Map (general positioning, anti-geo-coding) _ios

iOS Location-normal location (no map)-Anti-geocoding (get specific location), the following code to explain to everyone, the code is as follows: #import used header file to introduce corelocation this package use of the proxy name// 1. Use

The implementation of IOS wait time animation effect _ios

Query time or long or short, in order to enhance the user experience, the current use of more than one of the means of query waiting to add a dynamic wait effect. We have an action effect when we load the page while requesting the network, and the

IOS adds watermarks to pictures (two ways) _ios

In order to prevent their hard work to be stolen away by others, take pictures to add watermarks, this represents the unique picture. Add a watermark is not added a few labels above, but we put the calligraphy to the picture to become a whole, the

IOS 9 Update Safari AD Interceptor (Content blocker) development tutorial _ios

The following through the way to share the information in this area, the specific contents are as follows. Compared to Google's ban on advertising interception, Apple's attitude is diametrically opposed, following the Mac version of Safari to join

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