A solution to the inability to move the accordion table in IOS _ios

I have an accordion table with all the devices and browsers working properly, but not at all moving in iOS. I found the solution also for Div only and use href, but for me, I really need to use a few columns of the table. Here, you have the

Cocoapods installation and use tutorial for IOS development _ios

It's just a simple process to write about. First step: Install Cocoapods sudo gem install Cocoapods If this is not successful, perform the following actions Gem Sources--remove https://rubygems.org/ Gem Sources-a http://ruby.taobao.org/ Gem

IOS Development code sharing settings Uisearchbar background color _ios

Used today to Uisearchbar, the method provided on the Internet has not been effective to remove its background color, modify the background color method is as follows: Mysearchbar.backgroundcolor = Rgbacolor

IOS development code sharing get start picture String_ios

This code supports the iphone 6 below. Support iphone and IPad + (nsstring*) getlaunchimagename {          nsarray* images= @[@ " Launchimage.png ", @" LaunchImage@2x.png ", @" LaunchImage-700@2x.png ", @" LaunchImage-568h@2x.png ", @"

The path of IOS development--The new feature page of Weibo _ios

BEYONDAPPDELEGATE.M BEYONDAPPDELEGATE.M//20_ handsome no Weibo////Created by Beyond on 14-8-3. Copyright (c) 2014 Com.beyond. All rights reserved. #import "BeyondAppDelegate.h" #import "BeyondViewController.h" #import

IOS Development Road--imitation netease drawer effect _ios

Final Effect Diagram: Mainstoryboard schematic: BeyondViewController.h //BeyondViewController.h //19_ Drawer Effect _ imitation netease//// Created by Beyond on 14-8-1. Copyright (c) 2014 Com.beyond. All rights reserved. #import

iOS Custom prompt pop-up box to achieve similar uialertview effect _php instance

First look at the implementation of the effect diagram Below is a few words to say, the following is the implementation of the sample code #import typedef void (^alertresult) (Nsinteger index); @interface Xlalertview:uiview @property (

90034 code Error Problem resolution _ios after IOS shelves

iOS Shelves 90034 problem solving Development of the completed app, of course, we have to upload inside the App Store, which is the crystallization of our efforts. However, when we were excited, we found that our app could not be uploaded to the

An instance code of an adaptive distribution button in IOS based on screen width _ios

Download Demo Link: https://github.com/MinLee6/buttonShow.git There are two ways to display controls on a screen, one that varies according to the content, and one that varies according to the screen width. I will present the following two ways,

The basic data type of IOS learning notes conversion _ios

Objective A few days ago in doing some small functions, suddenly found that some basic data conversion have forgotten, so hurriedly sorted down to write down! To facilitate their own later inspection, but also to some friends need some reference,

IOS High Imitation micro-letter expression Input function code sharing _ios

Recent project needs, to achieve a similar micro-letter expression input, so the micro-letter expression push lightly out, to achieve a. You can download the source code from here. Looks like the expression input does not have how many things, is

IOS swift3.0 closed-pack grammar collation _ios

IOS swift3.0 closed-pack grammar collation First, the concept of closure There are OC basis know that the closure is actually OC inside the block, grammatical format is not the same, but the role is the same. It is used primarily for callback

IOS Packaging Static Library detailed introduction _ios

--> IOS Packaging Static Library detailed introduction First, the preface A book I read a while ago said: "At a distance, a lot of interesting knowledge seems to be bluffing." "For example, I would like to summarize the" Static library

IOS project Development--similar to Taobao details page _ios

Some time ago the company in the development of a project, while now have time to put the knowledge point of the collation. Item Product Details page at that time is imitation Taobao, the use of Third-party Library is Mjrefresh, pull operation and

4 ways to compare and analyze IOS delayed execution _ios


Recently learned several methods of delaying execution, sharing: 1.performSelector (NSObject) method 2.NSTimer method 3.GCD method 4.sleep (Nsthread) method First, the Performselector method: Copy Code code as follows: [Self

IOS client menu features imitation Baidu glutinous rice/American Group II menu _ios

I just recently in the development of a mall project, the implementation of a simple control, and we share it. The effect of the control is similar to the Baidu glutinous rice or the United States Group level Two menu, I developed iOS client menu

IOS Development widget Construction and implementation code _ios

The widget implementation for iOS development Objective The advent of IOS extension makes it easier for users to view applications, such as users can view the application's brief information in today's widgets, and then click into the relevant

IOS UIWebView get 404, 504 Error Solutions _ios

UIWebView get 404, 504 Error codes Problem description When using WebView, there is a problem:If the access server returns an exception, such as 404, 504 error, you need to display a specific picture and copy on the native (404, 504 Purple error

A detailed introduction and application example of IOS mask Properties _ios

Objective: In the development process, a UI development approach like Android and other platforms requires a mask diagram to display part of the UI or icon resources. iOS controls have alpha values, but this value is transparent to the entire icon

IOS-GCD detailed and simple use _ios


IOS-GCD Introduction During the development process, we sometimes want to encapsulate some of the operations and delay them for a while. in iOS development, there are two common ways to implement deferred execution, one is to use GCD, and the other

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