Detailed IOS click on the blank space to hide the keyboard several ways to introduce _ios

IOS7 Click on the blanks to hide the keyboard in several ways, as follows: iOS development often use the input box, by default, click the input box will eject the keyboard, but must implement the input box return delegate method to cancel the

Similar to the micro-red dot display function in IOS _ios

Design idea: Add a category to the UIView all views can be displayed as needed for red dots #import @interface UIView (Chrreddot) @property (readonly, nonatomic) Calayer * chr_reddotlayer; /** the position of the center of the red Dot, and

Get local Address book contacts in IOS and alphabetical sort _ios

iOS to get contact information from the phone address book: /*** Load Local Contact */-(void) loadlocalcontacts {//Create a new Address Book class Abaddressbookref addressbooks = nil; if (Deviceversion By the way, also paste the

IOS Development ———— Detailed Zhei iOS10 problem _ios

September 7, 2016, Apple releases iOS 10. September 14, 2016, the new operating system iOS 10 will be officially online. As a developer, how to fit iOS10? 1.Notification (notice) Since the introduction of notification, Apple has been constantly

IOS load Instance code for bundle file _ios

Nonsense not to say, the following through a piece of code to introduce iOS load bundle file method, the specific code as follows: -(NSString *) Loadjsfile: (NSString *) fileName Type: (NSString *) type{nsstring = [[*path NSBundle]

Detailed IOS multi-thread lock mutex sync _ios

There are several ways to solve the problem of mutex synchronization for multithreaded access to the same memory address in iOS: Method One, @synchronized (ID anobject), (simplest method) Automatically locks the parameter object to ensure code

A summary of common property methods for IOS UIView _ios

The following example code gives you a detailed introduction to the common property methods for iOS UIView, as shown in the following code: Uiview:uiresponder/** Initializes a UI control/(ID) initWithFrame by a frame: (CGRect) frame; YES: Can

IOS to force individual pages to horizontal screen other page vertical screen _ios

Added in the AppDelegate.h inside @property(nonatomic,assign)NSInteger allowRotation ; Add in APPDELEGATE.M file -(Nsuinteger) Application: (UIApplication *) application Supportedinterfaceorientationsforwindow: (UIWindow *) window { if (

IOS verification of the phone number of the regular expression _ios

This example for you to share the iOS verified mobile phone number of code snippets for your reference, the specific content as follows Determine if the phone number format is correct + (BOOL) Valimobile: (NSString *) Mobile {mobile = Mobile

IOS Send Verification Code countdown application _ios

App registration, often encounter the function of sending verification code, when the click to send the verification code, the button began the countdown, when the timing is over can be resend, the effect is as follows: The specific code

IOS Countdown Set UIButton header title of jitter problem _ios

For example, after sending the verification code, the button state needs to be disable, displaying the countdown time every second, setting only Or is not enough, the button will flash a flicker of jitter. Needs to be set at the

Solutions for using Uitextfield to format bank card numbers in IOS _ios

Do format the bank card today, to avoid the repetition of the wheel, find the Niang check, see a good way to achieve, recorded, and with the implementation of ideas Call-(BOOL) TextField after #pragma mark-uitextfielddelegate Uitextfield type

Example code for fingerprint recognition in IOS applications _ios

After IOS8, Apple released the fingerprint recognition function, uses the Touch ID to identify the user, makes the user authorization, mainly relies on the Localauthentication library Fingerprint identification: One to determine whether the device

_ios background Gaussian blur effect in IOS

Nonsense not much said, to achieve simple Gaussian blur effect code: UIView *bgview= [[Uiviewalloc]initwithframe:self.view.frame]; Bgview.backgroundcolor = [Uicolor blackcolor]; bgview.alpha = 0.9; Bgview.tag =10086;

Detailed IOS application internal purchase/internal payment (i) _ios

A long time ago to come up with an iOS fee-paid tutorial, but a check on the online tutorial is too much, some write really pretty good, just think about it, and then saved in the draft box. As for why to write it out! It's a long story, and

The function _ios of IOS to realize fuzzy search

The idea of fuzzy search is to compare the text in the search box to the resources in the background when the search box is edited, including the display of the search text in the TableView. The key part of the code is as follows: -(void)

IOS constraint conflict How to solve _ios

iOS constraint conflicts generally fall into two categories: Margin constraint conflicts or dimension collisions, which can often be modified by modifying the constraint precedence of one of the controls, using the content hugging/content

Development of IOS bank card number identification _ios

IOS Open CV There's a big idea. 1. Capture bank card image, intercept to character area 2. The most captured image for processing, denoising, binary, 3. The bank card number area for cutting division, and then contrast characters OPENCV

IOS QQ Third party login Implementation _ios

This example for you to share the iOS QQ Third-party login Implementation code for your reference, the specific contents are as follows First, preparatory work 1, to QQ open platform ( registered as a developer, apply for

Uisearchbar and examples of IOS development _ios

IOS Uisearchbar Detailed The development of the iphone Uisearchbar learning is to learn the content of this article, mainly introduced the use of Uisearchbar, not to say, we first look at the detailed content. Some questions about the Uisearchbar.

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