IOS Statistics Project total number of lines _ios

If you want to count the iOS development code, including the header file, CD to the project directory, the commands are as follows ① list the number of rows per file Copy Code code as follows: Find. -name "*.M"-or-name "*.h"-or-name

How IOS Gets the network type Rollup _ios

The Reachability class can only differentiate between WiFi and Wwan types, but cannot differentiate between 2G and 3G networks. There are some methods on the Internet, but there are bugs. Through the Internet to find data and testing, basically

How to view IOS Crash logs _ios

When the application crashes in the device, iOS logs the error log and creates a crash report (Crash). The crash report contains versions of iOS, dates, exception types, stack traces, and other information. ① view crash report in Xcode When the

IOS Capture program crash log _ios

It is normal to encounter a program crash in iOS development, how to catch exception information when a program crashes and notify the developer? Here's how to implement this in iOS: 1. Add an exception capture listener at the start of the program

IOS Nil, Nil, NULL, Nsnull detailed _ios

OBJC inside a few empty value symbols will almost kill me, these basic things should be clear to the line, in order to improve the basic quality of agricultural code. Nil A nil is a literal null value for a OBJC object, an object that corresponds

Some text in IOS set up multiple font color codes _ios

Given range and the color you want to set, you can set several different font colors for a paragraph of text, using the following methods: Copy Code code as follows: [Self Fuwenbenlabel:contentlabel fontnumber:[uifont

Imitation IOS icon Jitter _ios

Imitation iOS icon jitter #import "LHViewController.h" #define Angeltorandian (x) ((x)/180.0*m_pi) @interface Lhviewcontroller () @property ( Strong, Nonatomic) Iboutlet Uiimageview *imageview; @end @implementation Lhviewcontroller-(void)

IOS change keyboard color code _ios

IOS changes the keyboard color code The iphone and ipod Touch's keyboard colors can actually be changed by code to better match the app's interface style, following the code that changes the iphone's keyboard color. 1, only number pad and phone

IOS localization ideas for multiple languages _ios

Multiple languages typically have two approaches in an application:One, the procedure provides to the user oneself choice opportunity;Second, according to the current user mobile device language automatically switch our app to the corresponding

IOS Touch-screen event guide _ios

Copy Code code as follows: Inside a function (initialization, etc.), add the scope to identify the touch event Infoview=[[uiview Alloc] Initwithframe:cgrectmake (20, 100,220, 280)];//range, out of this range will not detect the touch of

Keypad _ios When canceling text box input in IOS development

First in Interface Builder select Textfields, and then in the text Field attributes found text Input Traits, select Return key for done. Ok Defining methods -(Ibaction) textfielddoneediting: (ID) sender; Press the done key to close the keyboard

How IOS shuts down the keyboard _ios

First enter finish and press done on the keyboard to turn off the keyboard First in Interface Builder select Textfields, and then in the text Field attributes found text Input Traits, select Return key for done. Ok Defining methods Copy

The image compression method in IOS is summarized _ios

Method One: Copy Code code as follows: -(uiimage*) Scalefromimage: (uiimage*) Image scaledtosize: (cgsize) newsize { Cgsize imagesize = image.size; CGFloat width = imagesize.width; CGFloat height = imagesize.height; if (width

IOS dynamically sets the height of lbl text labels _ios

Copy Code code as follows: Txtlbl.font = [Uifont boldsystemfontofsize:14.0f]; Txtlbl.numberoflines = 0; NSString *str = @ "Albania decided to set up a network of science and technology to leave the TV show cent W amount of two mainland

A collection of time conversion methods in IOS development _ios

When developing an iOS program, sometimes you need to adjust the time format to the format that you want, and we can use the NSDateFormatter class to handle it.For example: Instantiate a NSDateFormatter objectNSDateFormatter *dateformatter =

The basic _ios of IOS system cache development

I. Multiple requests for the same URLSometimes, the same URL is requested many times, the returned data may be the same, such as a picture on the server, no matter how many times the download, the returned data are the same. The above situation will

Explain the basic positioning function implementation in IOS development _ios

One, simple explanation 1.CLLocationManagerCommon operations and properties for CllocationmanagerStart user positioning-(void) startupdatinglocation;Stop user positioning-(void) stopupdatinglocation;Note: When the Startupdatinglocation method is

Parsing the FirstResponder first Response object in IOS development _ios

1. Uiresonder All controls in C # (for example, a TextBox) inherit from the control class. The control class inherits relationships such asUnder Copy Code code as follows: System.Object System.MarshalByRefObject

Share _ios for some of the basics of camera usage in IOS development

In some applications, we need to use a camera for the iOS device to take pictures, videos. and choose the pictures or videos we need from the album.For iOS camera and photo album applications, you can use the Uiimagepickercontroller class to

Ways to add touch events using cocos2d in IOS development _ios

The Cclayer class is used to receive touch input. However, you must first enable this feature before you can use it. You let the layer receive the touch event by setting istouchenabled to Yes: Copy Code code as follows:

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