Resolve alerts and processes when IOS memory is low _ios

Memory warningThe available memory for each app under iOS is limited, and if an app uses more memory than this threshold, the system sends memory warning messages to the app. After receiving the message, the app must release as much unnecessary

Subview event response and methods to obtain Subview in IOS development _ios

Event response for SubviewIn the view hierarchy, Subview can be displayed outside of the frame area of its parent view by default, and you can restrict the display area of Subview by setting the ClipToBounds property to Yes. But when the touch is

A brief introduction to the application of category in IOS development _ios

To create a category file:Here, you must choose the class of base, as follows:No matter how perfect a class design is, it inevitably encounters an unpredictable demand, so how do you extend existing classes? Of course, inheritance is a good choice.

How to use the screen rotation function in IOS development _ios

The accelerometer is the basis for the entire iOS screen rotation, depending on the accelerometer, the device can determine the current device direction, the iOS system defines the following seven device orientations: Copy Code code as follows:

Examples of uitabbarcontroller used in IOS development _ios

First, let's take a look at its view level diagram: Copy Code code as follows: -(BOOL) Application: (UIApplication *) application didfinishlaunchingwithoptions: (nsdictionary *) launchOptions { Self.window = [[UIWindow alloc]

Ios-uibutton (uiedgeinsets)/Set the text and picture on the button to align vertically and horizontally between the top and bottom _ios

Uiedgeinsets typedef struct UIEDGEINSETS { cgfloat top, left, bottom, right;//Specify amount to inset (positive) for each of the Edges. Values can be negative to ' outset ' } uiedgeinsets; There are three sets of edgeinsets in

Realization of IOS Point-praise function based on Uicontrol control _ios

In development, there may be a lot of times need to do a bit of praise needs, if the button implementation, the button as a system composite control, external is a view--"Uicontrol container, the interior contains Uilabel and UIImage, as well as

Illustrate the sandbox mechanism and file _ios during IOS development

iOS sandbox mechanismiOS applications can only read files in the file system created for the change, not anywhere else, this area is sandboxed, so all of the non code files are saved here, such as images, icons, sounds, images, attribute lists, text

A simple example of email and SMS delivery in IOS development _ios

Send mail1. Import library file: Messageui.framework2. Introduction of header Files3. Implement Agent and code example: Copy Code code as follows: -(void) didclicksendemailbuttonaction{ if ([mfmailcomposeviewcontroller cansendmail] =

IOS native two-dimensional code scanning _ios

To do a two-dimensional code scan of iOS, there are two third-party libraries to choose from, Zbar and zxing. Today we are going to introduce the native two-dimensional code scan provided by the iOS7.0 avfoundation framework. First you need to add

IOS Development Third-party voice-micro-letter voice _ios

Micro-letter can only develop platform, which contains micro-letter voice and image, integration is very simple, download side demo will have a document, according to the process (because it only provides the real machine. A

IOS Development uses storyboard to preview how the UI works on different screens _ios

In the company to do projects have been using storyboard, although sometimes encounter a team cooperation storyboard conflict, but for the storyboard development efficiency is relatively cost-effective. As mentioned in previous blogs, when teams

Summarize Nil, Nil, NULL, and Nsnull differences _c languages in iOS

Null For a friend who has learned C + + language, must be familiar with NULL? This is the null pointer in C/s + +. In C, NULL is no type, just a macro, which represents the null. We don't study NULL in C + + because we have a new definition after

IOS cache file Cleanup implementation code _ios

Mobile Internet app development, must always pay attention to the user experience, so as to avoid the app or mobile phone and other mobile device card death, the following is the processing of cached files. Mobile applications in processing network

IOS Development UIButton (left side picture right text effect) _ios

In the use of UIButton, you need to implement UIButton to the left of the picture, the picture immediately following the text effect is more trouble, the simple implementation of the specific code is as follows: (void) Viewdidload {[Super

IOS Development Full Model adaptation solution _ios

The recent project, for the iphone model adaptation is very headache, so tidy up the online data, recorded, may be able to help you read the article, I'm going to talk to you today about the full model fit idea of the latest research. Currently,

Flexible scrolling solution for IOS _ios

The so-called elastic scrolling refers to the flip long page when the finger left, from slow to block, from fast to slow over. Most browsers on the Androping platform default to this behavior iOS currently has only the flexibility to overflow the

The implementation of the circular avatar with text with IOS _ios

Here's how it works. Drawing of circular heads Let's take a look at the effect chart Analyze: 1, first is the need to draw a round head with background color 2, then the need to draw text 3, text is a part of the intercepted string 4,

IOS uses Calayer to achieve the effect of animation loading _ios

First look at the effect chart The implementation process is as follows The controller calls on a code line: [Self showLoadingInView:self.view]; To facilitate the controller so called, you need to add a classification for the

Development of IOS adaptation iOS10 and Xcode8 attention points _ios

below to introduce you to the next iOS10 and Xcode8 use some attention points, together to see! First, certificate management After opening the project with Xcode8, it is obvious that the following figure, this is Apple's new features, can help us

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