The implementation of the circular avatar with text with IOS _ios

Here's how it works. Drawing of circular heads Let's take a look at the effect chart Analyze: 1, first is the need to draw a round head with background color 2, then the need to draw text 3, text is a part of the intercepted string 4,

IOS uses Calayer to achieve the effect of animation loading _ios

First look at the effect chart The implementation process is as follows The controller calls on a code line: [Self showLoadingInView:self.view]; To facilitate the controller so called, you need to add a classification for the

Development of IOS adaptation iOS10 and Xcode8 attention points _ios

below to introduce you to the next iOS10 and Xcode8 use some attention points, together to see! First, certificate management After opening the project with Xcode8, it is obvious that the following figure, this is Apple's new features, can help us

IOS cache file size display and the implementation of one-click Cleaning function _ios

Cache occupies a lot of space in the system, how real-time dynamic display of the size of the cache, so that users clearly understand the accumulation of the cache, an effective key to clean up it?For the convenience of readers and the future

Learn about IOS global Racing lights _ios

The example of this article for everyone to share the iOS global horse lamp production methods for your reference, the specific contents are as follows Ideas: 1. Create a single case + (Instancetype) Sharemanager { static ccpaomaview

The number of code lines for the statistics Xcode Project for IOS development _ios

Say no more, the method is as follows: First, open the terminal, with the CD command to locate the project in the directory, and then call the following name can be the number of each source code file lines and the total count out: Find.

The switch between IOS implementation list and grid view _ios

The picture below is the screenshot of Jingdong Mall Many people see this, the first thought is to use TableView and CollectionView to do the switch, the author was just beginning to think so, and later found that there is a very simple method,

Solution for keyboard input screen up-shift in IOS development _ios

In the iOS open method often encounter the keyboard shielding screen things (such as the input account password verification code, etc.), so that the original is not a large screen directly accounted for more than half of the position, this does not

IOS Open Source A simple Ordering app UI Framework _ios

Objective We have been learning Swift for some time and have done some small demo. Always wanted to do a complete project, found that the school's takeout order has gradually become popular, unlike China has so many powerful take-away software, the

IOS Development Custom Bar Progressview instance _ios

IOS Custom progress bar Progressview, good progress bar, people pleasing, in the waiting time is not so irritable, but also to increase the user experience it! Progress bar is very common in the development of iOS, I also wrote a lot of progress in

IOS dynamically displays all text on a fixed label _ios

Look at the effect chart as usual: Ideas Creates a view parent control that acts as all content and adds it to the previous one label as a carrier for displaying text uilabel* Contentlabel = [[Uilabel alloc] init]; [Contentlabel

The method of realizing the effect of IOS imitation glass _ios

Look at the effect chart first. Realize the idea Before starting to think of the idea, that is, using the hen-said graffiti + set layer mask way, this can be said to be very simple. Then it took half the afternoon to write, the effect is

The method of realizing the fading effect of IOS text _ios

As usual, the text gradient effect chart Realize the following ideas Create a color gradient layer that is as large as a text control. Second, the use of text layers to crop the gradient layer, only retain the text part, will let the gradient

The method of implementing multi-agent IOS and the example code _ios

iOS implementation multi-agent What is multi-agent Use the Ring Letter SDK students should be more than a stranger to the agent, please see the following code: @method @brief Register a listener to the listening list @discussion Add the

IOS Graduate Design Weather forecast App_ios

September mid-June, began to do my graduation design, has been in the tangle to do what, and then think, since it is to do graduation design, then boldly do something you have not touched it. Then look up the data on the Internet to know that the

IOS implementation of the explosion particle effect sample code _ios

As usual, we'll look at the effect chart. What do you think? The effect is very good, let's look at the implementation of the process and code examples. Implementation principle As can be seen from the diagram, the explosion point is taken by

Off-screen rendering _ios in IOS performance optimization

GPU Screen rendering has the following two ways: On-Screen Rendering The current screen rendering means that the rendering of the GPU is performed in the screen buffer currently used for display. Off-screen Rendering Off-screen rendering means

IOS Gyroscope Development (Coremotion Framework) example detailed _ios

iOS Gyroscope parameter significance Self.mmanager = [[Cmmotionmanager alloc]init]; Self.mManager.deviceMotionUpdateInterval = 0.5; if (self.mManager.gyroAvailable) { [Self.mmanager

IOS to implement a rocking operation _ios

To achieve the function of shaking, similar to the micro-letter shake Shake Method 1: By analyzing the accelerometer data to determine whether the shaking operation (more complex) Method 2:ios the Shake Monitoring API (very simple) This article

IOS fast implementation of circular gradient progress bar _ios

Objective Progress bar believe that we are not unfamiliar, often we need to use a circular progress bar. This article gives you a quick look at how to use iOS to quickly implement a circular progress bar. First, make a progress bar with no color

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