How to write control screen rotation in IOS development summary _ios

In iOS5.1 and previous versions, we used shouldautorotatetointerfaceorientation: to individually control the direction of a Uiviewcontroller's spin-screen support, such as: Copy Code code as follows: -(BOOL)

Illustrate the implementation of drag view in IOS development _ios

Preliminary knowledgeiOS handles touch actions on the screen, mainly involving the following methods: Copy Code code as follows: Touchesbegan:withevent://Touch screen at the beginning of the call Touchesmoved:withevent://During

An in-depth analysis of Uicontrol_ios in IOS

Uievent is a collection of uitouch that is responsible for responding to touch events in iOS. The concept of a responder chain is also mentioned, in which all events have a first responder, and events can be passed down the responder chain. Next is

Methods of using Corelocation framework to process geocoding in IOS development _ios

First, Introduction 1. In the mobile internet age, mobile apps can solve many of the user's life trivia, such as (1) Navigation: Go to any strange place (2) Around: Find a restaurant, find a hotel, find a bank, find a movie theater 2. In the

Uidynamic is used to capture the gravitational behavior of animation components in IOS development _ios

Basic knowledge of UidynamicFirst, a brief introduction 1. What is Uidynamic Uidynamic is a new technology introduced from iOS 7, attached to the Uikit framework Can be considered as a physical engine that simulates and emulates physical

The status _ios of the threads of IOS multithreaded development

As we all know, in the development process should be as much as possible to reduce the user waiting time, so that the program as quickly as possible to complete the operation. However, no matter what language development program is eventually

IOS alerts users to re-authorize open positioning function _ios

One of the least known features of IOS 8 and above is a deep link to application settings that enable users to activate locations, notifications, contacts, cameras, calendars, and health settings based on the needs of the app. Most applications

Uiscrollview controls are used in IOS application development to achieve picture scaling _ios

A brief introduction of Knowledge point What is a 1.UIScrollView control? (1) Mobile device screen ⼤ large ⼩ Small is extremely limited, so direct ⽰ show in the ⽤ user's immediate content is also very limited (2) When the exhibition ⽰ show more

Uitabbarcontrolle Basic Use tutorials in IOS UI development _ios

Basic use of Uitabbarcontroller First, a brief introduction Uitabbarcontroller and Uinavigationcontroller similar, Uitabbarcontroller can easily manage multiple controllers, easy to complete the switch between the controller, the typical example

quartz2d controls the circle scaling and the implementation of the brush frame effect in IOS development _ios

A brief review of quartz2dOne, what is quartz2d Quartz 2D is a two-dimensional graphics engine that supports both iOS and Mac systems ⼀ Quartz 2D can complete the work: Drawing graphics: line \ triangle \ Rectangle \ Circle Arc etc. Draw text

Image clipping and screenshots are implemented in the quartz2d use of IOS development _ios

Picture cutOne, use quartz2d to finish the picture cut1. Display the picture in a custom viewFirst draw the picture to the view. Draw the picture to a point according to the original size.Code: Copy Code code as follows: -(void)

How to draw context stacks and matrices using quartz2d in IOS development _ios

Context Stacks How does qurza2d draw the drawing information and drawing properties into the graphics context? Description Creates a new project, customizes a view class and storyboard association, and overrides the Drowrect method in the

The attributes of the Calayer layer in IOS development and the method of customizing the layer _ios

Properties of the Calayer layerI. Position and Anchorpoint 1. Brief introduction Calayer has 2 very important properties: position and Anchorpoint @property cgpoint position; Used to set the position of Calayer in the parent layer In the

Basic tutorials for Calayer use in IOS development _ios

First, a brief introductionwhat you can see in iOS is basically uiview, such as a button, a text label, a text entry box, an icon, and so on, all of which are uiview. In fact, UIView can be displayed on the screen, because it is a layer inside,

Detailed explanation of keychain related use in IOS development _ios

First, Keychain Foundation According to Apple, keychain in iOS devices is a secure storage container that can be used to store sensitive information such as user name, password, network password, and authentication token for different applications.

Several jump situations between IOS applications _ios

Objective In the process of developing iOS, we often encounter scenarios such as the need to jump from one application A to another B. This requires us to have knowledge of the jump between iOS applications. Below we are commonly used in several

UITableView Scroll to the specified location in IOS _ios

The method is simple: -(void) Scrolltorowatindexpath: (Nsindexpath *) Indexpath atscrollposition: (uitableviewscrollposition) Scrollposition animated: (BOOL) animated There are some places to look for: If you need to get tableview cell,

IOS Set the UIButton text display position and font size, color method _ios

Objective As we all know, the UIButton button is the most commonly used control in iOS development, and as a basic learning tutorial for iOS, beginners need to understand their basic definitions and common settings to be proficient in development.

Deep understanding of IOS status bar _ios

One, the status bar of the hidden There are two main ways to hide the status bar, let's look at it together. Method one: Through code control @interface uiapplication (uiapplicationdeprecated) //Setting Statusbarhidden does nothing if

IOS sets shadow effects for UIView _ios

UIViewThe shadow settings are mainly passed by the UIView layer related properties to set the The color of the shadow ImgView.layer.shadowColor = [Uicolor blackcolor]. Cgcolor; Transparency of Shadows

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