IOS Development uses Gdataxml framework to parse network data _ios

Preface: Gdataxml is Google based on the C language of the third party framework, the source file on a class, look at its source code, the basic use of the C language at the bottom of many Lib compilation library codes, so just import use, will be

IOS development uses XML to parse network data _ios

Foreword: This essay is about XML parsing. Body: 1, the XML parsing method has 22 kinds: DOM: A one-time load of XML data into memory for parsing, more suitable for parsing small files sax: Starting from the root element, in order an element of

Graphics stretching problem solutions for IOS application development _ios

Looking at the mobile market, a mobile app, to long-term in the mobile market foothold, at least to include the following elements: Practical features, a strong user experience, gorgeous and concise appearance. Behind the gorgeous appearance, the

A simple way to implement page jumps in IOS application development Note _ios

As a new handwritten note, it is convenient for you to remember: From Android to the iOS, for the page jump, looking for a lot of information, now record the page jump method. 1. With Navigationcontroller 2. Jump directly (just found on the

Use of IOS UIWebView (basic knowledge) _ios

Just contact with the development of iOS for more than 1 years, now for the hybrid mobile end of the development of more and more popular, because the development cost, speed is better than the traditional app development, hybrid development is the

Examples of IOS development Uiwebview_ios

The UIWebView of iOS development is what this article is about, UIWebView is one of the most commonly used controls in the iOS SDK. is a built-in browser control that we can use to browse Web pages, open documents, and so on. In this article I will

WebView loading Html_ios in IOS

In the daily development, we will use a lot of webview for efficiency, for example, when we do a detail page, we return to you may be an HTML string, we need to display the current string to WebView above, so we need to have a certain understanding

Infinite scrolling ScrollView effect in IOS _ios

This article examples of iOS unlimited scrolling effect, share for everyone to refer to, the specific contents are as follows Slide to the current position to request, local content is directly displayed (since Sdwebimage,uiview+ext)HZScrollView.h

UIView adding border colors and setting rounded corners for IOS application development _ios

UIView plus border and border color Reference Library: Copy Code code as follows: #import Use: Copy Code code as follows: Add borders and Hints CGRect framerect = CGRectMake (M, self.window.frame.size.width-

IOS Imitation today's headline slide navigation bar _ios

Before the cloud Habitat Community Platform for you to share the home page navigation package NetEase, NetEase home navigation package optimization, today on the basis of the top two to imitate today's headlines. 1. NetEase Homepage Navigation

IOS simple to implement waterfall flow Uicollectionview_ios

Uicollectionview is more flexible than TableView and has a powerful function. The system realizes the flow layout, but there are many limitations to its usefulness. To achieve a more flexible layout, bite and rewrite the

Guidelines for using Font and button controls in IOS Application UI development _ios

The use of UilabelFirst, initialization Copy Code code as follows: Uilabel *mylabel = [[Uilabel alloc] Initwithframe:cgrectmake (40, 40, 120, 44)]; [Self.view Addsubview:mylabel]; Second, set the text ①, setting

Problems encountered by the IOS development User Login Registration module _ios

Recently and another colleague responsible for the company login and User Center module development work, development cycle plan two weeks, minus the coordination time with the product and interface, minus the problem of the prototype diagram and

Easy to master the use of sandbox sandbox in IOS application development _ios

I. iOS sandbox mechanism iOS applications can only access the area created for the application, inaccessible to other areas, the application of other non-code files exist in this directory, including pictures, attributes file plist,bundle,nib files,

IOS Baidu glutinous rice Client Login Bug_ios

Environment Equipment: iphone5s Network: WIFI App version: Operation Steps 1. Enter the Login interface2. Enter mobile number3. Click [Get Verification code], wait to receive the verification code4. Click [X] to exit the login interface5.

IOS Add custom Font method detailed _ios

1: Get the font file Download font files from a variety of sources TTF, website or from other IPA. (Take Fzltxh.ttf as an example) 2: Copy the Fzltxh.ttf file to the project 3: Add items to Info.plist: Fonts provided by Application (uiappfonts)

Jump and data transfer between IOS applications _ios

Description: This article describes how the app opens another app and delivers data. One, simple explanation New two applications, respectively applying a and applying B.Implementation requirements: Click on the corresponding button in the Appa

IOS Animation--The Fireworks effect example detailed _ios

Caemitterlayer provides a Core Animation particle launch System that enables a variety of particle animation effects. The effect of the fireworks here is based on Caemitterlayer. Fire.gif -(void) viewdidload {[Super viewdidload]; [Self

IOS particle System (Caemitterlayer) example detailed _ios

First, the system analysis In Uikit, the particle system consists of two parts: · One or more caemittercells: The transmitter battery can be viewed as a prototype of a single particle (e.g., a single puff in a cloud of smoke). When a particle is

IOS screen unlock text animation effect _ios

Cagradientlayer believe that we are more familiar with the use of it, I am not here nonsense, there are many online introduction, want to learn more about the words, you can go to see. I simply say how to use cagradientlayer to make screen unlock

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