IOS Add custom Font method detailed _ios

1: Get the font file Download font files from a variety of sources TTF, website or from other IPA. (Take Fzltxh.ttf as an example) 2: Copy the Fzltxh.ttf file to the project 3: Add items to Info.plist: Fonts provided by Application (uiappfonts)

Jump and data transfer between IOS applications _ios

Description: This article describes how the app opens another app and delivers data. One, simple explanation New two applications, respectively applying a and applying B.Implementation requirements: Click on the corresponding button in the Appa

IOS Animation--The Fireworks effect example detailed _ios

Caemitterlayer provides a Core Animation particle launch System that enables a variety of particle animation effects. The effect of the fireworks here is based on Caemitterlayer. Fire.gif -(void) viewdidload {[Super viewdidload]; [Self

IOS particle System (Caemitterlayer) example detailed _ios

First, the system analysis In Uikit, the particle system consists of two parts: · One or more caemittercells: The transmitter battery can be viewed as a prototype of a single particle (e.g., a single puff in a cloud of smoke). When a particle is

IOS screen unlock text animation effect _ios

Cagradientlayer believe that we are more familiar with the use of it, I am not here nonsense, there are many online introduction, want to learn more about the words, you can go to see. I simply say how to use cagradientlayer to make screen unlock

IOS Ripple Progress (waveprogress) animation implementation _ios

LxwaveprogressA Simple Wave Components A simple wave progress animation, highly customizable. See Demo for concrete effect. How to use Lxwaveprogressview *progressview1 = [[Lxwaveprogressview alloc] Initwithframe:cgrectmake (0, 0, MB)];

IOS uses animation and Bezier to achieve _ios effect

First up Effect chart: Circular Square Thinking Analysis: These four styles are actually two kinds, one is the animation effect in view of the interior, the other is outside the view! We can try to encapsulate the custom View settings related

IOS Gradient Ring rotation animation Cashapelayer Cagradientlayer_ios

iOS gradient ring rotation animation Cashapelayer Cagradientlayer Shape.gif Demo.png -(void) viewdidload {[Super viewdidload]; Do no additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib. Calayer *layer = [Calayer layer]; Layer.

The IOS orb is animated along the elliptical trajectory _ios

Foreword: Recent company Project has a demand, need to realize let a view follow ellipse trajectory to do animation, effect realizes, on own encapsulation made a small demo, use more convenient. First look at the effect: Oval. gif The white oval

IOS Radar Effect Example detailed _ios

iOS Radar effect This time the new app begins, and a product requirement is to do a radar chart similar to the following: The middle picture is the user avatar and then needs to show a radar scan effect. Analysis of the general composition of

An example of the hollowing out effect of the IOS boot page _ios

Original intention Recent project new function changes larger, product children's shoes requirements to join the new function guide, so a breath spent two days to do a guide page, of course, plus the back of tinkering time, more than two days, but

IOS Imitation Jane Book, Taobao and other app view pop-up effect _ios

With the simple book app, I think this view pop-up effect is particularly good, and very smooth, so I tried to write a, and Jane book app on the effect of basically the same: Here's how to start: 1. First we need to know how many view this page

IOS Development Common Macro Summary _ios

We all know that using macros is not only convenient, but also can improve development efficiency. Here's a summary of some of the common macros in the iOS development process that will continue to be added. Objective-c Whether the string is

IOS Development UITableView custom features such as left-slip deletion _ios

Objective I believe every iOS developer knows that UITableView's left-sliding feature is cool, and sometimes left-sliding features are more than just deleting one, sometimes with other functions like the top, which requires a custom left-slip

IOS cocoapods Details of the production article _ios

After learning to use someone else's pods dependency library, you must be tempted to create your own dependency library today to uncover the mystery of the pods-dependent library creation process. The entire creation process is an example of a view

IOS cocoapods Details of the Advanced chapter _ios

One, podfile.lock file generates a Podfile.lock file after you start using Cocoapods and after you perform pod install. This file does not seem to have much to do with us, and it should never be overlooked. The file is used to save the version of

IOS micro-letter after sharing shutdown send success prompt and return to application _ios

IOS shares to the micro-mail after the return application to turn off send a successful prompt, and customize the prompts, specific content as follows 1. Close the prompt to send success Just call the code when you share it: Copy Code code

Only a few lines of IOS code limit textfield input Length _ios

There are a lot of restrictions on the Internet TextField input length method, but I do not think it is perfect, accurate to say is not in line with the actual development requirements, so here to tidy up the TextField limit the length of the input

IOS realizes text animation effects with _ios navigation bar gradients

The effect chart is as follows The analysis is as follows: 1. The navigation bar is hidden at the beginning, and the gradient is scrollview as the scroll 2. The navigationitem on both sides of the navigation bar is always displayed 3.

IOS Animation teaches you to write slack loading animation step _ios

A few days ago to read a blog about animation to hand-touch hand to teach you to write slack Loading animation, looking quite flashy, but is an Android version of The imitation of the copy to write an iOS version, the following is I write this

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