Two ways to achieve a circular picture effect in IOS _ios

Let's take a look at the effect chart ↓ There are many ways to display this effect: Method One: Use two pictures, as the background picture of the border and the picture in the middle, then use ImageView Cornerradius to do the circle, the

Use auto layout to implement custom cell and drag rebound in IOS applications _ios

Customizing the cell and using Auto LayoutCreate a fileWe can create code files for xib files and classes at once. New Cocoa Touch Class: The settings are the same as the following illustration: Inspection results Check the 1 and 22 of the

Auto layout is used in IOS application development to fit different screen sizes _ios

Brief introductionAuto Layout is the new layout of Apple in Xcode 5 (IOS 6) designed to address the adaptation of 3.5-inch and 4-inch screens. Screen adapters have become more important after the IPhone 6 and plus release, and the amount of "stupid"

A summary of code instances for monitoring keyboard events in IOS application development _ios

1. Register to monitor keyboard events notification Copy Code code as follows: [[Nsnotificationcenter Defaultcenter] Addobserver:selfSelector: @selector

How IOS sends notifications between host app and app Extension _ios

How do I send notifications from one app to another app? (Example: Sogou input method to download skin after the completion of the use of skin) Note: Sogou Input method is app, and keyboard is extension When you add app extension to your app, if

IOS Development album image multiple selection and deletion function _ios

As usual, the effect chart first This use of the third party framework to do this, but need to consider a lot of places, how to take photos and album selection combination, delete photos after adding new photo album status and so on, all changes

IOS get sample code for photos in system albums _ios

Let's take a look at the effect chart. The following words not much, we directly on the code: #import "ViewController.h" @interface Viewcontroller () @property (Weak, nonatomic) Iboutlet Uiimageview *iconview; @end @implementation

How the illegal network request address in IOS development solves _ios

NSString *const kwebsite = @ &lm=-1&st=-1&fr=&sf=1&fmq=1459502303089_R&pv=&ic=0&nc=1&z=&se=1& Showtab=0&fb=0&width=&height=&face=0&istype=2&ie=utf-8&word= scenery; This is a

Launch diagram _ios for IOS to achieve video animation effects

First on the effect chart Realize the idea The main idea is to use a controller to play the video carrier, and then let the controller as a root view, after the video playback is done then what to do. If you don't say more, let's put the code

IOS implementation up-slide hidden nvaigtionbar and Drop-down display effect _ios

First look at the effect of the original app Implementation process The main thing is to view add one to the scrolling view in to KVO monitor its slide, and then offset do the operation according to it, the following is the code

Analysis of IOS Development TouchID fingerprint unlocking function _ios

The effect chart is as follows Implementation process 1. First introduce fingerprint to unlock the necessary header file #import 2. Understand the main two methodsThis method is to determine whether the device supports TouchID.

Searchbar in IOS (search box) cursor initial position after moving _ios

Nonsense not to say more, directly to everyone to paste the key code, the specific code as follows: #import @interface Searchbar:uitextfield @property (nonatomic,strong) UIButton *button; + (instancetype) Searchbar; @end #import "SearchBar.h"

IOS micro-Credit Payment interaction graph Analysis _ios

Micro-Credit Payment interaction diagram (i) Micro-Credit Payment interaction Diagram (ii) With their own understanding of the description: (constantly updated ... ) Micro-Letter Payment Flow chart: 1, the completion of payment is mainly

Common processing methods for Nsarray arrays in IOS _ios

1. Common ways to handle arrays --------------------the//1 of an immutable group. Array creation NSString *S1 = @ "Zhangsan"; NSString *s2 = @ "Lisi"; NSString *S3 = @ "Wangwu"; (1) Nsarray *array1 = [[Nsarray alloc] initwithobjects:s1,s2,s3

IOS implementation of the Micro-Trust Circle album Review Interface rollover transition animation _ios

Let's take a look at the implementation of a similar effect chart: Click on the image screen in the bottom right corner of the view comments will be flipped to the comment interface, the comment interface click the return button in the upper left

IOS to achieve the effect of Baidu external head wave _ios

Effect Demo Baidu external selling Wave effect chart: You need to know. Cadisplaylink In short, it's a timer that uses the same brush frame and screen frequency to redraw the rendering page. How it is created: Cadisplaylink *timer =

An analysis of IOS Live app development process _ios

This article for everyone to share the iOS live Class app development process, for your reference, the specific content as follows One. The general process of audio and video processing: data collection → code → transmission (streaming media

IOS Runntime dynamically add class methods and Invoke-class_addmethod_ios

After the development of IOS for some time, I found that not only focus on the completion of the requirements, the use of spare time to explore other development skills, in order to improve their level in a limited period. Of course, the proposition

Uicollectionviewcell Custom Button_ios in IOS applications

Uicollectionviewcell Custom button Effect Characteristics 1. The ability to dynamically set the number of buttons displayed per line, and the placement of the control format 2. Implement the function of single or multiple selection, realize

IOS production framework Static library graphics and text tutorial _ios

This example for you to share the iOS production framework Static Library tutorial for your reference, the specific content as follows Environment: Hardware: MacBook Air System: OS X EI Capitan version: 10.11.3 Xcode:version 7.2.1 (7c1002) A

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